Why I Am a TWRA

I am a TWRA, a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist, because I strongly believe that women should be granted the rights and privileges of the Traditional Woman; the rights and privileges that women were commonly granted traditionally, before feminism came on the scene. I will further add that the rights of Traditional Women should be granted to women generally simply on the basis of their being women whether a particular woman identifies as being a “Traditional Woman” or not.

I am opposed to “women’s rights” in the modern feminist sense. “Women’s rights” as the phrase is typically used today is a manipulative and misleading term implying that women have the “right” to do whatever they want regardless of how it harms others and regardless of how it undermines women’s rightful and traditional role in society. “Women’s rights” in the feminist sense is abusive and selfish as such “rights” are disconnected from any moral obligations or higher duty of the woman to her family and to society at large. The rights of the Traditional Woman however are honorable and noble and must be supported by men since the rights of the Traditional Woman are necessary for the woman to be able to fulfill her traditional role in society.

Men owe women chivalry; the ethic that men should provide for and protect women. Creating a secure environment for women comes first. Men have to signal their trustworthiness before women can be expected to give men trust. Granting to women the rights of the Traditional Woman is the primary way that men signal to women that they are trustworthy. Only after men signal their trustworthiness will women trust men and only after there is mutual trust between men and women can a healthy and stable foundation for family life be established. Men must be the first ones to take the risk of abuse and harm in order to establish trust between the sexes. In other words in a situation where men don’t trust women and women don’t trust men men must be the first to offer trust and vulnerability to establish trustworthiness in women’s eyes and break the cycle of mutual hostility and distrust between men and women. The reason why men must go first is because it is the man’s role to provide for and protect women, not the other way around. Men are the ones who must take risks so that the environment for women is secure and predictable. The role of a woman requires safety and predictability. The role of the man confronts danger head on and creates for the woman the safety and predictability that she needs. In the context of mutual distrust between the sexes that feminism has created where neither side feels it can trust the other it is the man who has to face the danger of betrayal in order to reestablish the mutual trust that has been lost.

So I as a man support chivalry and the rights of the Traditional Woman because it is my duty as a man to create a secure environment for women and to support women in their traditional role and to signal to women that men are trustworthy.

One of the most basic and fundamental rights of the Traditional Woman is the right to be financially provided for by one’s husband. Married women should not work. Working to earn money is a specifically male role; it is a specifically masculine activity. It is not a general activity everyone should participate in, it is something that particularly fits with the strengths and the role of men. A woman being forced into the workforce is being displaced from her domestic role where she has the highest value to her family and to society and put into a situation where she is naturally disadvantaged compared to the man, where her family related duties will necessarily be harmed, and where she will create a disruption to the work environment she has been forced into that will harm others. Looking at historical statistics only 2.2% of white married women worked in the United States in 1890. The earnings of men were far lower in 1890 than they are today but such a high priority was placed on protecting married women from having to work that even in such an overall materially deprived environment white married women were successfully protected from the necessity of paid work 98% of the time.

I said at the beginning that women in general should be granted the rights of the Traditional Woman simply because they are women regardless of how a particular woman identifies herself. This is because the virtue and desirability of the Traditional Woman is universal and because women in general need to be able to trust men in general. A woman has the duties of a Traditional Woman whether a woman sees herself as a Traditional Woman or not. In the same way a man has the duties of a Traditional Man whether a man sees himself as a Traditional Man or not. This then means that women should be granted the rights and privileges of the Traditional Woman regardless of the details of their self-identification because all women share a role and a purpose in common whether women accept this reality or not. Since the standard operating assumption of society should be to favor and promote the virtues of the Traditional Woman for this reason society should grant to women the rights and privileges of the Traditional Woman on principle universally.

So I encourage all the men out there to step up to their manly duties as men and support the cause of Traditional Women’s Rights.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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6 Responses to Why I Am a TWRA

  1. mamaziller says:

    I just want to say that out of all the people in the gender debates a man who can advocate for the traditional rights of a women is truly the most selfless. I am a TWRA, but I am a female so it is clear why I want traditional rights for women. I want to be protected and provided for in such a way that enables me to raise my kids in a way that I can be proud of. I want to not be stressed out about picking them up on time (when they reach that stage), and to have enough time to focus on all of their needs. That is what I want out of life, that will make me happy. Female TWRAs are self-seeking in the same way that some male feminists (or MRAs) are self-seeking. One particular male feminists who I have debated with is self-seeking in the sense that he wants women to be independent so that he does not have to take care of women. He wants to be free of the burden of family. He said that most men resent being in the position of breadwinner and that it is unfair to men. In that sense female TWRAs and male feminists have something in common.. we are self-seeking. Not all but many. The odd balls are the feminists because I get the feeling that they think they are seeking their best interest when they really are not, men have more to gain from what they have done than women. And then there is the male traditionalist; probably the only pure hearted bunch out there. So thank you to all the male traditionalist out there and thank you Jesse Powell! You have a good heart!

  2. jawara says:

    Just for the record, I want it known that I guess I fit the mold of a “traditional man”. I have a wife and kids and my wife is a stay at home, homeschooling mom. Now, I consider myself to be more of an anti feminist than an MRA/MRM because I acknowledge the natural order of things and I recognize that women are the weaker sex. However, we have a problem. Why should a man in this day and age in America (or most western countries) get married? No matter how much a man is supposed to “man-up”, why should he take the risk of getting married when it’s already been proven that he’s taking great risk at getting screwed. Women are not being asked to take back any of the “rights” that they have earned, and see that as being unfair. We (men) are supposed to just basically put our heads on the chopping block and HOPE that the woman in question won’t let the guillotine fall when it’s already been proven that more than likely it will.

  3. First of all I want to congratulate you for the success you are having in your family life. You should be proud of the contribution you are making to the well being of your wife and most importantly the well being of your children.

    The question you bring up is a good question, an important question to address. I have decided to make a new post based on the response I came up with in answering your question. If you want me to address the issue further you are welcome to comment under the new post I will be making.

    • jawara says:

      I can agree with you on that, but until these anti male laws are changed men in droves are going to refuse marriage. This is why I think the MGTOW movement is gaining so much steam. If any men DO get married I think it will be with women from other countries.

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  5. I hate to pour cold water on your “marriage strike” idea but I think the MGTOW movement doesn’t pose that much of a threat to society. Yes, marriage rates are hitting new lows but looking at things from the point of view of fertility and out-of-wedlock births we (in America) are pretty close to the bottom I think. In other words I expect a rebound in births within marriage and later fertility even with the laws staying as they are. I guess most importantly I don’t like the idea of changing marriage laws to satisfy the MGTOW crowd. I don’t trust the demands of the MGTOWs; they are too male centric. I advocate changing marriage laws to make them more family friendly, not necessarily more male friendly. The family, the overall family unit, comes first. Also marriage laws should favor those acting according to traditional male and female roles and it should favor those seeking to preserve marriage rather than break up marriage.

    In looking through your videos on your Youtube channel (linked to in the Contact page of this website) to see how well what you said fits with the TWRA ideology I didn’t find much “men’s rights” talk I would object to. I did however find some libertarian stuff I think is problematic.

    You said in your “No Gay Pride Parade for me . . .” video on June 30, 2013:

    “As far as gay marriage is concerned, I think the government has no business at all being involved in anyone’s marriage whether you’re gay or straight. And I don’t think that someone deserves any special privileges because they are married to someone else, no matter who they are.”

    TWRAs are in favor of Traditional Women’s Rights; the rights women had before feminism. These “Traditional Women’s Rights” would definitely involve the state being involved in marriage; for example they would impose upon men the duty to financially support their wives. Also “special privileges” are a part of marriage precisely because marriage is a societal good; marriage is not something morally neutral that the wider society is indifferent to.

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