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Feminism’s Hatred of Femininity

At the same time masculinity is hated by feminist culture, it is also worshipped and fetishized; it is treated as if it is the only source of value and worth that exists to be pursued in this world. Masculinity is … Continue reading

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Masculinity and Man’s Purpose as a Man

Are you a man, are you a woman, or are you a person? Myself, I am a man. Yes, I am also a person, men are a subset of the larger category of “persons,” but I never think of myself … Continue reading

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Rebecca Watson Seeing the Decline of Patriarchy

Rebecca Watson posted an article which she called “Seeing the Patriarchy” where she describes the casual sexualization of women in TV advertising and how any woman who is attractive who joins the atheist community through a public internet forum will be … Continue reading

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Why Gynocentrism is Good

The below are Fidelbogen’s definitions of gynocentrism and gynonormativism: Counter Snippets By Fidelbogen January 23, 2013 “Gynocentrism is the practice of placing women’s safety, comfort and general well-being at the center of social or political concern, and structuring life in … Continue reading

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The Unearned Gift of Chivalry

Men are bigger and stronger and more powerful than women. Why is this? Because women made it so, because women wished it. I am approaching this subject from the point of view of evolution.

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Chivalry Explained

Chivalry is men’s duty under patriarchy. Chivalry is the male side of the patriarchal social order. Patriarchy itself is an overall social system, it provides direction and a role to both men and women and it is meant to benefit … Continue reading

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