The Unearned Gift of Chivalry

Men are bigger and stronger and more powerful than women. Why is this? Because women made it so, because women wished it. I am approaching this subject from the point of view of evolution. Women throughout time have wished for male partners who could provide for them and protect them. The reason why a woman would want this is obvious. Provision and protection are benefits the woman wants more of. These things are not only beneficial to herself they are also beneficial to her children. When the father is a better provider and protector the child is more likely to survive and prosper and therefore pass on the father’s genes. Women who preferred men who were better providers and protectors survived and the woman’s children survived therefore passing on the mother’s genes. So men who themselves were better providers and protectors passed on their genes and women who preferred better providers and protectors passed on their genes.

In order for a man to be a good provider and protector what does the man need? The man needs power! He needs to have the ability to create a surplus to allow him to provide and he needs to be able to ward off attack and danger to allow him to protect. The first thing the man needs to provide for and protect is the ability to provide for and protect or in other words the power to provide for and protect. Power is the key attribute the man must cultivate in order to provide the woman a sufficient benefit so that she will chose him.

In this way the man becomes dominant and the woman desires being dominated as the dominate man is the one who can provide for and protect the best and the dominated woman is the one who is provided for and protected the best.

So, through this process the man becomes more powerful than the woman. The sources of the man’s superior power are numerous; the competitive drive in men to dominate, intellectual abstract skills that fit well with designing and administering rules based systems, the fact that the woman will tend to be dependent based on her need to be provided for while she cares for children, the woman’s romantic desire for dominance behaviors in men, etc. All of these power advantages that the man has have one thing in common; they are all inherited. In other words all of these power advantages that the man has the man never earned and the man never had to go through any judgment process to receive these power advantages; he was simply born with them due to his sex.

There is another thing that should be kept in mind here; these power advantages that the man has are meant for the benefit of women as it was women’s preference for powerful dominant men that lead men to become powerful and dominant in the first place.

The power advantage that the man has is what is used to provide women with chivalry. The resources the man uses to provide the chivalrous benefit are precisely the resources derived from the power advantage men are born with. In other words superior power and authority is a gift given to men with no effort on the man’s part and no judgment being rendered before the gift of power and authority is bestowed upon the man. In likewise manner men then use the gift of power and authority that they were given to bestow upon the woman chivalry that the woman has no duty to earn and that cannot rightfully be denied to the woman regardless of the woman’s character or acts.

In this way unconditional chivalry provided to women by men is what is fair, is what is equal, is what is just. Any burden imposed upon the woman for the chivalrous benefit is abusive, it is a form of theft against the woman, it is a violation of the woman’s natural rights as a woman, it is an abuse of the power granted to the man as the man is not using the power he is given for the purpose the power is meant to serve. When the man denies the woman chivalry he is using a power entrusted to him on behalf of the woman for his own benefit. This is outright theft.

Chivalry is a collection of powers and advantages first granted to men through inheritance. The man then creates and controls chivalry in order to then give it to the woman. Chivalry is something that men create and men control but it is something that the woman rightfully possesses.

Chivalry is like a trust fund. Think of the chivalrous benefit as something concrete such as money. Here is how a trust fund works:

What is a Trust Fund?

“A trust fund is a financial tool that holds and administers assets for the benefit of another person or organization, called a beneficiary. The initial assets for the fund are provided by a grantor or donor, and a trustee or team of trustees manages the funds according to that person’s instructions. The beneficiary receives payment from the fund as a lump sum or in periodic installments, according to the terms of the trust.”

Applying the trust fund concept to chivalry the beneficiary is the woman, the initial assets for the fund are the power advantages the man inherited to better serve women, the grantor or donor is God, the trustee is the man. The assets of the chivalry trust fund are first given to the man by God through the inherited power advantages the man receives based on being born male. The man then manages the chivalry trust fund assets and donates the trust fund assets to the woman as the woman is the beneficiary of the chivalry trust fund God established in the first place by granting superior power to the man. The man then has the duty to manage and disburse all of the trust fund’s assets according to God’s instructions as laid out in the chivalrous code. Any diversion of the chivalry trust fund’s assets away from the woman’s benefit towards the man’s benefit is theft of the woman’s chivalry trust fund property. Therefore any condition that a man imposes on a woman in order for the woman to receive the chivalrous benefit is a theft of the woman’s chivalrous property.

Chivalry is the powers of dominance granted to men that the man in turn gives to and owes to the woman as the woman is the intended beneficiary of the man’s dominance. The man is the caretaker of the dominance granted to him; the benefits from the powers of the man’s dominance are then to be granted to the woman. Just as dominance is men’s unearned gift so to is chivalry women’s unearned gift; the source of both gifts is God.

Dominance belongs to men and chivalry belongs to women. Just as nature imposes no conditions upon the man’s superior power men must not impose any conditions upon women before women receive the rightful gift of chivalry that they are entitled to.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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