Feminism’s Hatred of Femininity

At the same time masculinity is hated by feminist culture, it is also worshipped and fetishized; it is treated as if it is the only source of value and worth that exists to be pursued in this world. Masculinity is treated as if it is the end all and be all of human existence, that only what takes place in the masculine sphere matters. There is this idea that masculine power and male superiority in male strengths is bad; when possessed by men; but that masculine accomplishment and achievement is the ultimate total and only good. When men achieve more than women in the masculine sphere this then is seen as a great injustice against women as only the masculine has any value in the first place and since men have no inherent advantage in the masculine sphere if women achieve less in the masculine sphere than men do it must be due to “discrimination” and “the oppression of women.”

According to feminist culture masculinity is evil to the extent that it represents male advantages over women, in other words to the extent that men are better at masculinity than women are, to the extent that masculinity is associated with those biologically male; and at the same time masculinity is good and is indeed the only good and the ultimate good to the extent that women to can participate in and achieve masculine associated rewards and contributions. In other words the masculine is the only arena of life that is important and matters and women should be able to participate in the masculine and succeed in the masculine just as much as men do or else the woman is being victimized by “male oppression.”

This then leads to the hatred of femininity in feminist culture. According to feminism femininity has no value; it may not even exist and be merely a “social construct.” The hatred of femininity then equates to the hatred of women or femicadism.

Betty Friedan with her book “The Feminine Mystique” pioneered the feminist idea that femininity or as she phrased it “The Feminine Mystique” was fraudulent and in reality was inferior and had no value. It certainly wasn’t anything that women should dedicate themselves to or show pride in.

In Chapter Two of “The Feminine Mystique,” The Happy Housewife Heroine chapter, Friedan opines:

“A baked potato is not as big as the world, and vacuuming the living room floor– with or without makeup–is not work that takes enough thought or energy to challenge any woman’s full capacity. Women are human beings, not stuffed dolls, not animals. Down through the ages man has known that he was set apart from other animals by his mind’s power to have an idea, a vision, and shape the future to it. He shares a need for food and sex with other animals, but when he loves, he loves as a man, and when he discovers and creates and shapes a future different from his past, he is a man, a human being.”

It is very interesting that Friedan equates being a “man” to being a “human being.” She is not just using the term “man” as a substitute for “human” linguistically; she is equating the masculine sphere to what is quintessentially “human” while at the same time mocking the feminine sphere by saying “a baked potato is not as big as the world.”

Also in “The Happy Housewife Heroine” chapter of The Feminine Mystique Friedan lays out quite well what the importance of femininity actually is. As she states:

“The feminine mystique says that the highest value and the only commitment for women is the fulfillment of their own femininity. It says that the great mistake of Western culture, through most of its history, has been the undervaluation of this femininity. It says this femininity is so mysterious and intuitive and close to the creation and origin of life that man-made science may never be able to understand it. But however special and different, it is in no way inferior to the nature of man; it may even in certain respects be superior. The mistake, says the mystique, the root of women’s troubles in the past is that women envied men, women tried to be like men, instead of accepting their own nature, which can find fulfillment only in sexual passivity, male domination, and nurturing maternal love.”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. The Feminine Mystique that is based on women’s femininity is the true source of women’s virtue, women’s desirability, women’s value and contribution to society, and women’s power. The devaluation and destruction of femininity under the feminist regime has caused huge damage to Western society. In the United States divorce skyrocketed from 1960 to 1975 and has stayed at a high level ever since, out-of-wedlock births that are very damaging to children have increased from 2.3% to 29.0% among whites and from 23.3% to 72.1% among blacks from 1960 to 2010. Fertility has also declined greatly to below replacement levels. Even in the area of the economy there is no evidence that the entry of women into the workforce has improved the economy overall. In the United States per capita income did not accelerate with greater numbers of women entering the workforce, it instead increased at the same rate it did before. Productivity per worker increased by 2% a year from 1947 to 1973 and by 1% a year after 1973. Women’s great increase in participation in the labor force after 1973 coincided with a sharp slowdown in productivity growth. After 1980 income inequality started to grow rapidly and debt started to rise. Today the United States has huge government deficits and Europe is in economic crisis. Even in the economy, the masculine sphere, women’s greater participation may be hindering things and destabilizing things rather than helping things.

The feminine sphere is just as foundational to human life as the masculine sphere. The human capacity has to be developed and nurtured and cared for and tended to; it does not “just happen” on its own. Before a person can perform well as an adult they need to be cared for and invested in as a child. The feminine sphere is foundational to psychological health, healthy social interactions and attachments to others, feeling a part of the community and society around you as opposed to feeling alienated from others and hostile towards others.

So why does feminism devalue and ignore and insult the feminine sphere? What is the source of hostility to femininity? The reason why the feminine is devalued is because femininity needs to have a masculine created structure around it for the feminine to operate within and because femininity needs to be supported by masculinity to function. In other words femininity operates within a protected and supported sphere that masculinity creates; femininity is therefore subordinate to and dependent upon the masculine sphere. Femininity needs to be shielded from the harsh unpredictable external world as it is inherently fragile and needs to be guarded; this is the purpose that masculinity serves.

For women to honor their femininity they need to become dependent upon and submissive towards men because femininity is by its nature dependent upon masculine support and guidance. For men to honor the femininity of women they need to make themselves emotionally vulnerable to and dependent upon women and to support women in material ways and to guard women from threats to their well being. Femininity therefore requires sacrifices and humility on the part of both genders just like masculinity does. For those unable to trust the opposite sex and unwilling to generously and self-sacrificially serve the opposite sex both femininity and masculinity must be rejected, devalued, minimized, and shunned.

It is the destruction of both masculinity and femininity that is feminism’s great dream. As this dream of “gender equality” comes closer and closer to realization the destruction of society comes closer and closer as well. The destruction of masculinity and femininity is ultimately the destruction of what makes us human.

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4 Responses to Feminism’s Hatred of Femininity

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  3. Xena says:

    What about strong women? Sensitive men? Do they not exist in your black and white thinking process?

    • Red says:

      I agree. This was not an intelligent piece on the cruelty of femininity-hating. Both feminists and MRA types seem to equate femininity with submissiveness and lack of backbone, and I think that’s a mistake.

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