The Paradox of Selfishness

When I think of feminism I usually think of female selfishness or female narcissism, that the point of feminism is to elevate women above men; that only women matter. The theme of the Traditional Women’s Rights Activists is “Give us back our privileges!” The privileges that patriarchy granted to women and that feminism has taken away or made unworkable. Both feminists and TWRAs want what is best for women; the difference is that feminists want what’s best for women in a greedy and abusive way while TWRAs support women’s interests in a natural positive way that is part of the overall greater good. Feminists want to steal from men while TWRAs want to earn men’s generosity.

Both feminists and TWRAs are self-interested and seek to advance their own interests and seek to benefit themselves but I wouldn’t call TWRAs “selfish,” I would only call feminists selfish. In fact I view the TWRA women as being generous and altruistic and noble; the opposite of my reaction to feminists. I am fully aware that TWRAs seek to benefit women but that doesn’t detract from their positive qualities in the slightest, indeed it is part of their virtue. The difference between feminism and Traditional Women’s Rights is not their orientation towards the needs and interests of women since they both seek to advance the interests of women; the difference is the approach taken to advance women’s interests. The orientation of the feminist is to steal that which does not rightfully belong to her; the orientation of the TWRA is to earn what is rightfully hers. The difference is not self-interest, the difference is whether self-interest is gained by harming others or whether self-interest is advanced by supporting those one is in relationship with.

Men’s Rights Activists respond to feminist selfishness in completely the wrong way by becoming selfish themselves. The abuses of feminism are used as excuses to legitimize men’s abusive behaviors towards women. The MRA is oriented towards stealing from women that which is rightfully the woman’s in exactly the same way that feminists seek to steal from men that which is rightfully the man’s. This is why feminists and MRAs have so much in common in terms of their rhetoric and even their policy positions in many cases; it is because they both have a selfish orientation. Men’s selfishness and women’s selfishness are not mutually contradictory, indeed they are often complementary. Feminist relationships are based on women abusing men and men abusing women; this is where the “reciprocity” and “equality” of feminism comes from.

The reason why selfishness in women leads to an enormous amount of harm to women’s relationships and women’s lives in general is because a selfish woman will only be tolerated by a selfish man. A selfish woman will only gain admiration and approval from selfish men who seek to use the woman’s own selfishness against her to satisfy their own selfish interests as men. Women’s empowerment and women’s abandonment are two sides of the same coin; you never get one without the other. This is because an empowered woman will necessarily drive a man away since a man cannot contribute to a woman safely or effectively when the woman is “in charge.” There are men however who will be attracted to an empowered woman and these are the men who want to abandon women, who don’t want to provide for and protect women. These men will prefer an empowered woman so that they will be “off the hook” in terms of their duties as men.

A society ruled by female narcissism or feminism is in real trouble. If feminists are malcontents on the side lines society overall can still function reasonably well but when feminism becomes mainstream and even written into the law and public policy then you’ve got real problems. In a world where selfishness rules the good must be vilified and the evil must be glorified and normalized so that selfishness will appear as virtue and moral values will appear as “oppression” and “discrimination.” The past must be made to look bad since the functional moral values of the past undermine the selfish orientation of the present. Things that are inherently virtuous and healthy such as femininity in a woman and masculinity in a man must be condemned and ridiculed as the recognition of such virtues as virtues exposes the lie at the foundation of gender fungibility and so called “gender equality.” When the law is used to enforce feminist selfishness then people are actually punished for doing what is right and the law then actually takes the side of evil over good.

The difference between TWRAs and feminists is that TWRAs promote women’s interests in a way that is compatible with men’s interests and children’s interests and the well being of society overall. TWRAs do not place women above others; they instead value women as part of the circle of life, as part of the greater whole. The TWRA’s orientation is service to others as the fulfillment of the true meaning and purpose of being a woman. This then is highly beneficial to women as a society where women’s service to others is honored and encouraged will also be a society where men’s service to others will be honored and encouraged. In other words a society that honors women’s generosity towards men will also honor men’s generosity towards women. In addition a society where men honor women and women honor men is also a society where adults honor children and don’t put their children in daycare so that the mother can work so that the man can be lazy.

There is great joy in being heroic, in being admirable, in earning the love and admiration of others. Altruism and orientation towards service to others is actually very rewarding in its own right. Selfishness only leads to misery and mutual self-destruction as both the man and the woman compete in who can get the “better end of the deal” in the process of both seeking to harm the other.

The key difference between TWRAs and feminists is that Traditional Women’s Rights are in harmony with the natural order and sustainable positive relationships between men and women while “women’s rights” in the feminist sense are not tied to any female responsibility or higher purpose for women at all and so are in conflict against the natural order and sustainable relationships between men and women. Traditional Women’s Rights build men up while feminist defined “women’s rights” tear men down; this is the key difference.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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3 Responses to The Paradox of Selfishness

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  2. Xena says:

    Blaming feminism for your inadequancys and inability to find a suitable mate. Reminds me why I stay single!

  3. Crystal says:


    Do you understand that feminism only came around because men were not treating women with kindness and respect, as people, as equals? Divorce laws, marital rape, chattel laws, custody laws. That’s why we need history. If men had been doing the right thing by women in the first place none of this would have happened. We would have needed no feminist movement but would have been quite content to be led by our men, and to lead them.

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