Chivalry Has Always Existed; Response to Common MRA Arguments against Chivalry

When I talk about Chivalry I am referring to all male behaviors directed towards women meant to provide for and protect women that are based on the man reacting to the woman as a woman. Chivalry is an entirely male behavior; there is no female component. Women’s submission is not part of Chivalry or required for Chivalry; a man’s assertiveness and attempt to impose submission on the woman is part of Chivalry but the woman’s actual choice to submit is not part of Chivalry, it is the woman’s reaction to Chivalry. There is a male duty to be Chivalrous regardless but the female duty to submit only exists after Chivalry on the man’s part has been established and demonstrated. This is because male Chivalry comes before female submission; male Chivalry is above female submission hierarchically. If a woman is not submissive her choice of behavior undermines the effectiveness of the man’s Chivalry but the man’s Chivalry exists and is to be maintained regardless.

Another thing is that Chivalry does not contradict shunning a woman’s behaviors or punishing a woman’s behaviors. Chivalry does not mean always being nice or always approving of women or not holding women responsible for their actions; it means there is a male duty to be protective of women as a kind of first principle, as a starting point and underlying assumption of the man’s relationship with the woman.

A man’s Chivalry is activated when a man sees a woman; the mere fact that a woman is a woman tells the man that he has a particular kind of relationship with the woman which entails his responsibility to be protective and considerate towards the woman. He will naturally take on an authoritative posture and a protective and generous intent towards the woman simply because that is the nature of the man’s relationship to the woman. From the woman’s point of view the desire to submit is not triggered merely because a man is a man; instead the desire to submit is triggered by the woman’s recognition and trust in the man’s Chivalry. Men are Chivalrous simply in reaction to a woman being a woman; women’s submission is a reaction to signals of Chivalry from the man. That is the difference between male Chivalry and female submission; the Chivalry part is automatic but the submission part requires the Chivalrous signal to be activated.

The part of Chivalry that is probably the hardest to understand is that Chivalry is not based on man’s relationship to woman; it is instead based on man’s relationship to God. The man does not owe the woman Chivalry, the man owes to God Chivalry towards women. The woman does not have the right to Chivalry because she has earned it; she instead has the right to Chivalry because God has granted Chivalry to her. This is why Chivalry is an unconditional duty of men; because man’s duty to God is unconditional. The woman’s behavior is irrelevant because Chivalry is not between the man and the woman in the first place; it is instead between the man and God.

If one does not believe in or understand God or the Superior Power or the externally imposed moral order, all of these concepts being equivalent to each other, then Chivalry makes no sense; Chivalry then disappears in a puff of smoke as a causative agent. In such a circumstance, without a belief in a Superior Power, the effects of Chivalry have to be attributed to something besides Chivalry. Chivalry doesn’t disappear however because Chivalry is a reality regardless of whether one understands the origins of Chivalry; the origin of Chivalry being the will of the Superior Power. Chivalry then creates and establishes Traditional Women’s Rights; in this way Traditional Women’s Rights themselves are based on the will of the Superior Power.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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