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Is Chivalry Fair?

Chivalry is good, to me that is justification enough, but many people have been bringing up the question of whether Chivalry is fair. So, is Chivalry fair?

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The Wisdom and Madness of Bernice Sandler

Bernice Sandler was born on March 3, 1928. She studied psychology at Brooklyn College and the City College of New York. From 1951 to 1952 she was a research fellow in clinical psychology at City College. She got married in … Continue reading

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Guys, don’t do that.

These famous words were spoken by Rebecca Watson on June 20, 2011 thus igniting Elevatorgate and the epic split within the atheist community that is the basis of the current political configuration of different blogger networks and forums.

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In Praise of the Chivalry Honoring Woman

A Chivalrous man needs a Chivalry honoring woman. A Chivalrous man is Chivalrous as his duty to God to please God and to serve God but the part of a Chivalrous man that is a man most definitely wants to … Continue reading

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Why the Chivalrous Male Duty Extends to the Sinking Ship

Men owe women Chivalry unconditionally because society works better under that principle. I tend to phrase things saying Chivalry is “God’s will” or a “God imposed duty upon men on behalf of women” but what this really boils down to … Continue reading

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A Truly Virtuous Woman Obeys God

I must respectfully disagree with Edita. A woman is ultimately bound to obey God, not her husband. Her husband cannot be God and he cannot assume the place of God; he is only a human being, a mere mortal. A … Continue reading

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