Why Be a Traditional Man?

Because I love women? Because it feels like a natural and right way to be as a man? To be heroic? These reasons seem to be good enough reasons to me.

A traditional man is a man acting like a man is supposed to act; acting like men did traditionally, in the past, before feminism. The modern “equal” feminist man is an anomaly; it is something unnatural foisted upon men by modern feminist culture and law. Being traditional is natural; at least it is what is right and healthy and functional. To say being traditional is “natural” for a man might be a bit of an overstatement. Men are not “traditional” spontaneously based on their own free will in isolation from others; it is definitely true that for man to be “traditional” he needs to be part of a wider community that has already established a “traditional” role for the man to fit into and conform to. Men simply left to their own devices are not going to fall into a socially productive role simply by chance or by choice; a man will only predictably take on a productive role in his wider community if the wider community has preordained what the role of the man is and designed the role of the man specifically for the purpose of imposing upon the man a productive role in the community. Freedom does not work as social policy.

All that being said being a traditional man is natural, it is what a man is born to be. I say this because the traditional masculine role caters to a man’s strengths and a man’s desires and accesses a man’s most powerful reward centers and sense of purpose. In other words the traditional masculine role is tailor made for who a man is; it “fits” with a man even though it is not what a man would self-assign entirely left to his own devices.

All this I am saying about the traditional role of the man is also true for the traditional role of the woman. A woman left entirely to her own devices would not predictably chose the role of the traditional woman even though the role of the traditional woman is natural for a woman and is tailor made for a woman’s strengths and desires.

So why be a traditional man? Because it is right and natural and good. This is the most important reason for being a traditional man; simply because it is good. This leads into the role of God or the Superior Power; to “be good” means to “obey the Superior Power” because by definition the Superior Power is good. Obeying the Superior Power is equivalent to obeying the good which is equivalent to being good. The role of the traditional man is necessarily tied to God or a God concept. Traditional society was based on religious tradition and religious teachings; we should not forget that. It is not necessary to be religious to have a sense of higher purpose or a sense of owing allegiance to the greater good but for most people historically religion was the means by which higher purpose and allegiance to the greater good was established. This is why I place emphasis on the need to obey the Superior Power as part of my overall moral philosophy; because as an atheist obedience to the Superior Power is the best mechanism I have for connecting to that sense of higher purpose that is necessary for playing my role in the wider community I am a part of.

When I think of what it means to be a “traditional man” what comes first to my mind is obedience to God; being a traditional man is the outcome of obedience to God, it is what God wants me to be as a man. That by itself is sufficient reason for me to seek to be a traditional man; no other motivation is necessary. Not only is no other motivation necessary but no counter motivation or punishment can displace me from the role of the traditional man because what God wants God gets.

Of course, not everybody views the role of the traditional man in the way I view the role of the traditional man. The MRA or Men’s Rights Activist first and foremost asks “what’s in it for me?” with the implied assumption being that if the role of “traditional man” doesn’t “pay” and they can find some other route to take that pleases them more then they will simply ditch traditional masculine duties regardless of the “shaming tactics” used against them and plough forward doing whatever maximizes their hedonic pleasure.

My response to such men is that they are not welcome in my community. If they are unwilling to take on the burdens of a REAL MAN then they are not REAL MEN and I therefore do not want to be associated with them. Social ostracization tends to be quite effective in bringing people into line and for particularly egregious anti-social behavior punishment is appropriate. If an MRA is truly dedicated to a selfishly oriented anti-social posture there is not much I can do about that; I will admit. Fortunately the anti-social tendencies many MRAs exhibit will probably not spread too far before a positive reversal in the overall culture comes about.

Pro-Male / Anti-Feminist Technology (PM/AFT) has just written an article about me in particular and the TWRAs in general with the provocative headline “Can Nazbol Misandrists Really Be This Stupid?” ridiculing me for my blatant and open statements regarding men’s duties towards women and the fact that it is a man’s purpose in large part to serve women. What PM/AFT doesn’t seem to understand is that I am not trying to appeal to men’s narrow self-interest to attract them to the TWRA cause or to try to get them to support what I say in general; quite to the contrary; I intend to appeal to men’s idealism, not their selfishness. I don’t want men supporting what I say for strictly selfish reasons because I don’t want to be associated with such men in the first place and in my opinion such men would not be doing any favors to the TWRA cause if for some strange reason they did decide to support the TWRAs. Self interest is what feminism caters to; I don’t want to be a part of any political movement that is just about some group’s self-interest.

As a man it is my purpose in large part to serve women; that is just a plain fact. It is also a large part of the purpose of women to serve men though women’s service to men is often done indirectly such as the woman being a good mother to the man’s children. I believe in male authority and female submission; the purpose of male authority though is to serve the woman, not the man. Authority used for selfish gain is simply abuse. Men are to be leaders and providers and protectors of women; to lead, to provide, and to protect are all part of the same package however. All three aspects are meant to serve the same purpose; to serve the woman, to create for the woman the best environment for her to give to others based on her feminine strengths. A dichotomy is often set up between providing and protecting on the one hand and leading on the other hand. The man providing for and protecting the woman is presented as the man’s gift to the woman. The woman obeying the man is then presented as the woman’s reciprocal gift to the man; the man’s reward for giving provision and protection to the woman. This is wrong however. Male authority is not a reward for the man; male authority is a means to give to the woman.

The fundamental purpose for being a traditional man is to be good, is as a duty in obedience to God. There are of course though many other rewards to being a traditional man. The rewards of family, love and respect from your wife and children, being respected and admired in the community, knowing that you are a part of the greater good of your community, knowing that you are “doing your part” to make the world a better place. Of course all these rewards for virtue only function at their best in a well ordered society. The society we live in however is not well ordered so many of these rewards for being a traditional man will be harder to come by and be associated with greater risk or danger than they should be. Regardless of these “realities on the ground” however the most fundamental reason for being a traditional man is still fully intact and fully operational; that is to be good and as ones duty to God. Traditional masculinity as duty to God will always be in force no matter what and it will always be sufficient reason to embrace ones traditional role as a man no matter what. God is eternal so ones duties as a man are eternal. Ultimately whether one is rewarded for being a traditional man in terms of societal benefits is irrelevant.

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Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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8 Responses to Why Be a Traditional Man?

  1. mamaziller says:

    It is funny that by calling you a misandrists and trying to shame you out of your decisions they are displaying “misandry”. They say men should be able to go their own way and do their own thing, unless of course men are not doing it the MRA way. They are simply replacing one notion of manliness with another and the new version leads to far less purpose and overall productivity from my point of view. I wish them the best, but I wish they could be more open-minded.

  2. Judithann Campbell says:

    Reblogged this on Why I Am Not A Feminist.

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  4. Dennis Stewart says:

    Hey great post but you have to have a healthy boy-girl society to execerise this view and If I were seeing this 50 years ago I would agree with you. However in this gynocentric Feminist man-hating society you gotta be nuts to think women will respect you if you hold this ideal, too many female abusers, too many whores out there who would just love you to put your white knight attitude on them so they can whore and fuck you out of everything, even your life if they can. Some honest women (few) even admit women love to chew up and spit out guys like this, and are doing it. Woman proves she is no friend to man, hell fella, don’t you know there are tens of thousands of men out there raising children who are not their own? They whore on you and figure you are the dumb ass who will support the child. Women have to PROVE their worthiness to men for the privaledge you so freely give away. Great if this was the 1950’s when I was a boy, women then respected a good man and deserved what you describe but today we NEED MGTOW and MRA activism to protect men from horrible draconian laws and devious lying whores who pray on guys just like you and me. I thought like you did once and paid royally for it. Hope you survive, I did, but only by the skin of my teeth and God’s grace.

    • mhornbeam says:

      Okay, you were screwed over by a woman. Ergo, all women are whores. Chris Brown beat his girlfriend, ergo all men are monsters.

      Perhaps men and women should just be segregated on separate halves of the world and we can just let this benighted species go extinct./frustration

    • Austin H. says:

      Most of what you say is true. This society is being royally fucked on the daily. However, there are still some good women out there. Though rare, some of us are lucky enough to have found one. The main problem is that we are a dying breed…we are not, and can not possibly reproduce at the same rate as the rest of the dysfunctional, degenerate misandrist population can. Eventually, we will be wiped out unfortunately. But it’s still worth fighting for to save our species…there is still hope I think. A return to a more traditional, self-sufficient, healthy existence.

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