The Meaning of Being a Traditional Family Activist

I am a Traditional Family Activist or TFA. This means I support Traditional Women’s Rights, the rights women had before feminism. The rights of women I am talking about that feminism took away both through legal changes to make men and women “equal” and through cultural changes where the idea of “gender equality” has been embedded in people’s minds as a virtue is the right of women to be provided for and protected by men. This is the underlying theme of Traditional Women’s Rights. Traditionally, before feminism, the ethic that men’s job was to provide for and protect women was very strong both culturally and legally. The restoration of Traditional Women’s Rights is about re-instilling in the culture the Chivalrous ethic and sense of duty among men that it is their job and their duty as men to watch out for, guard, protect, and support women. This should not only be a strong cultural ethic but this fundamental duty of men towards women should also be reflected in the law.

There are three main requirements to being a TFA:

First, support for Traditional Women’s Rights within an overall patriarchal culture.

Second, support for unconditional Chivalry by men on behalf of women. Chivalry is under male control for the benefit of women with men acting in a guardianship capacity in relation to women. Men collectively impose Chivalry upon each man individually. The duty of Chivalry is unconditional in the sense that a woman has a right to Chivalry whether she deserves Chivalry or has earned Chivalry or not. Chivalry is a male duty to God on behalf of the woman.

Third is acceptance of ones duty to obey the Superior Power or God. Along with an individual duty to obey God or the Superior Power there is additionally a collective duty to obey God or the Superior Power. The Superior Power is not just above and superior to the individual; He (or it) is also superior to society as a whole. It is not just you that has a duty to obey the Superior Power, everyone has an obligation to obey the Superior Power because the Superior Power is above all; this being due to the very nature of what the Superior Power is. In simplified terms the Superior Power can be thought of as objective truth or objective reality.

Here are some formal definitions for the terms Chivalry and Superior Power consistent with how I am using these terms here. These definitions were written by me and come from the “TFAs” page of this website:

“Chivalry is defined as the duty of a man to provide for and protect women. The man’s duty to assert leadership within his family and in society overall is a part of Chivalry as masculine leadership is a part of protecting women. The Chivalrous duty is owed to all women by all men due to the gender status of being a man or a woman. Chivalry is defined by men and enforced by men on behalf of women with men acting in a guardianship capacity in relation to women. The most basic and fundamental duty of Chivalry is that a husband financially support and provide for his wife. Furthermore Chivalry is a duty placed upon men through the will of the Superior Power. Traditional Women’s Rights are then established and justified through the mechanism of Chivalry.

The Superior Power is defined as that which creates the order of life and imposes meaning upon life and determines what the nature of life is. Furthermore the Superior Power is external to human will and above human will and cannot be altered by human choice either individually or collectively. In addition the Superior Power possesses moral authority and therefore is an entity one is obligated to obey.”

Choosing to become a TFA is a serious thing. There are two purposes I see for the TFA community I see arising in the future; one is mutual support and the other is cultural / politically lobbying for the purpose of transforming society overall into a place friendly to traditional men and women. TFAs seek the creation of a wider cultural and legal climate that will support relationships between men and women and will support men and women together in that most fundamental and important task of raising children and perpetuating social harmony and family functioning from one generation to the next. The three requirements I have laid out above are meant to serve this purpose. A TFA man should be prepared to meet his obligations as a TFA man; a TFA woman should be prepared to meet her obligations as a TFA woman; and TFAs both men and women should be prepared to make their case to the world why the traditional family is good, why the patriarchal past was better than the feminist present, and why the restoration of Traditional Women’s Rights is something to be desired rather than something to be feared. Being a TFA is about service to others, not service to oneself. The requirements I have laid out above are meant to drive home that point. Also TFAs mean to change the culture in a positive direction, not accommodate ourselves to how things are now.

The TFA group is meant to be a refuge and a voice for traditional minded secular people. Religious believers are welcome as long as they present their arguments for the TFA cause in a secular style that is persuasive and understandable to all regardless of their religious background or potential lack of religious belief. There are many well established religious communities where traditional family practices are taught and lived in practice day by day. The secular community is sorely lacking in such communities or establishments of our own. The TFAs hope to remedy this situation and provide a voice and community for those seeking positive traditional cultural models to emulate outside of a church or formal religious setting. In addition TFAs are in a particularly good position to reach the wider mainstream culture and influence the law precisely because of our secular orientation and the universal arguments we make on behalf of the traditional family and traditional gender roles.

The last time the English speaking world had a stable high functioning family system was under coverture before the Married Women Property Acts. Male guardianship of women seems to be a very important principle of family relationships; present in societies where families are healthy and maintaining themselves and absent in societies that are in the process of decline or highly disordered. Coverture was the mechanism of male guardianship; specifically as it related to husbands and wives; that was practiced in England and the American colonies and the early United States up until the modern feminist revolution got started around 1850. Coverture was the last time the English speaking world saw stable healthy families; that is a historical fact.

The damage that feminism has done has to be undone both in the law and the culture. The purpose of the TFAs is to do our part in this process. Join us and support the TFAs!


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Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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  6. The culture allowed the women to regain their rights in society, Excellent item, we must ensure the right of all!

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