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Join the Traditional Family Activists!

Hello everyone. I’d like to announce I’ve just started a new group, the Traditional Family Activists or TFAs. Launch day was October 30, 2013. I changed various things on this site yesterday and put in a new “About” page consistent … Continue reading

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How Patriarchy Works and Why Feminism Undermines Social Order

What does “masculine authority” mean in American society today? You almost never hear the term “masculine authority” spoken in polite society, surely it would turn people’s stomachs, it sounds very sexist and chauvinistic, only someone very much out of the … Continue reading

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The Chivalry Hierarchy and Women’s Corresponding Feminine Duties to Men

Jojo asked in a comment: “If men owe all women chivalry because of the advantages they were born with, why do I not owe all men my womb since I was born with that advantage over them?” Yes, you having … Continue reading

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Woman Hating and the Bad Economy

Body Crimes, a feminist, wrote an interesting article titled “Is economic distress leading to a sharp rise in women hating?” that promotes a hypothesis I don’t think I’ve heard advocated before; that it is the bad economy (presumably especially since … Continue reading

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Why Chivalry is an Unconditional Male Duty

Support for unconditional Chivalry is a fundamental principle for TFAs (Traditional Family Activists). TFAs have a particular understanding of the term “Chivalry.” Chivalry is not really opening doors or being polite though these things may be symbolic expressions of Chivalry; … Continue reading

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The Rationale of Father Custody under Coverture

Body Crimes said in the comments section of the “Gynocentrism, Fairness, and Morality” post at this site: “Judithann, are you aware that it wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that women were able to get custody of their children? In … Continue reading

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Gynocentrism, Fairness, and Morality

MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) often say that feminism and traditionalism (patriarchy) are the two gynocentrisms of our time. The implication seeming to imply that gynocentrism is a bad thing and that traditionalists are “just like feminists” because they both are … Continue reading

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Why I Support Patriarchy – Guest Post by me at Adventures in Keeping House

Why I Support Patriarchy

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The Threat of Rising Cohabitation

First off, I’d like to visit what Mark Driscoll had to say about cohabitation and “sleeping together” in a question and answer period at the end of his sermon Men and Marriage in his Real Marriage series:

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