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The Difference between Feminist Women’s Rights and Traditional Women’s Rights

I am opposed to feminist so called “women’s rights” but I am in favor of Traditional Women’s Rights. I resent a woman arrogantly talking about what “rights” she is entitled to as a feminist but I admire and approve of … Continue reading

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In Defense Of Coverture – Guest Post by me at Adventures in Keeping House

In Defense Of Coverture

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The Advantage of Chivalry over Courtesy

Tarnished Sophia has written an article titled “Chivalry Is Dead, Long Live Courtesy” which contrasts Chivalry with courtesy pointing out that courtesy is for everyone and poses no thorny ethical or moral dilemmas while Chivalry is for women only whether … Continue reading

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Zarehalization and Lolenjoy on Chivalry

Chivalry is about respecting and honoring women. A woman has something a man doesn’t have; she has qualities and abilities a man needs but a man doesn’t possess himself, things the man only has access to through interaction and relationship … Continue reading

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Gender Hierarchy in the Context of Hierarchy in General

Man and woman are in a hierarchy in relation to each other, they are not equals and they are not peers. The man is dominant and the woman is subordinate. The relationship between man and woman is part of the … Continue reading

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The Mutual Subordination Model of Male / Female Relations versus the Egalitarian Mutual Benefit Model

According to what mainstream culture promotes and what feminism promotes the relationship between husband and wife is supposed to be egalitarian based on mutual benefit; the relationship is not supposed to be based on hierarchy with the man dominant and … Continue reading

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The Source of the Rules of Gender Hierarchy

In the previous post I spelled out what the rules of gender hierarchy are as a guide for deciding “who should dominate” in any particular conflict between a man and a woman. The two basic rules are; first the man … Continue reading

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The Rules of Gender Hierarchy; When and Why Women should Obey Men

This post is in response to the article at What’s Wrong With Equal Rights written by The Radical One, leader of the TWRAs, titled “Women, Stop Obeying Men.” I think I have found a true conflict between what I believe … Continue reading

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