Chivalry and the God Man Woman Child Hierarchy

What are my responsibilities towards women as a man? Chivalry, of course; to provide for and protect women. This could be expanded to provide for and protect and control women; controlling women or being dominant over women being very important but the goal is to provide for and protect women with controlling women being the means to achieve that goal.

The reason for providing for and protecting women is not to grant women a pampered existence because they are so special and superior to men, the purpose is to allow women to care for and give to those who are dependent upon the woman. Women’s superiority in the feminine realm creates dependency upon the woman regarding what only the woman can provide or regarding what the woman can provide best. Men must provide to women so that women can provide to those depending on the woman; most obviously but not exclusively children.

The source of the natural superiority of women’s interests is due to woman’s role regarding those depending on the woman. The woman’s interests must be elevated above the man’s interests so that the interests of those dependent upon the woman will be protected and fulfilled. The woman cares for those less powerful than her and in turn is taken care of by those more powerful than her (namely men). Men themselves have a dependency on women as well regarding their emotional make up that needs a woman’s touch; that needs the woman’s strengths directed at them for their benefit because the man is not superior and more powerful globally, he is only superior and more powerful in the masculine sphere. His feminine realm derived needs can only be met by a woman. Even more so the man’s higher purpose or idealistic purpose requires the involvement and support of women as the man’s service and obedience to God is based on the man’s support of those dependent upon the woman where the man must use the woman as an intermediary between himself and the wider community he is in service to.

The man is one step away from those the man is ultimately in service to, the woman is in direct contact with those the man is ultimately in service to. The man provides for and protects the woman because that is how he provides for and protects those the woman provides for and protects; the woman is a kind of pass through beneficiary of the man’s effort to help those the woman is in direct contact with but that the man is separated from because the woman is between the man and those the man is ultimately responsible for.

Relationally speaking the woman is between the man and the child; this is why hierarchically the woman is between the man and the child. The man has the most authority, the woman has an intermediate level of authority, the child has the least authority. The man’s interests have the lowest priority, the woman’s interests have an intermediate level of priority, the child’s interests have the highest priority. Men having authority over women and women’s interests being superior to men’s interests both are due to women being relationally in between the man and the child so that hierarchically the woman’s status level is between the man and the child.

The man must control the woman so that there is no resource diversion away from whom the man is ultimately responsible for. The man gives a huge amount of resources involving large personal sacrifice to the woman directly based on the understanding that the woman will then use the resources provided to her to benefit those dependent upon the woman. The duty on the part of the woman to use the benefit the man has provided to her to serve the needs of those dependent upon the woman must be enforced against the woman through the mechanism of male dominance as the woman using what is given to her for her own benefit personally is completely disastrous as feminism has clearly shown to us.

This brings us to the duty of Chivalry or the system of Chivalry. The purpose of Chivalry is imposing upon men male gender roles and responsibilities and imposing upon women female gender roles and responsibilities. God imposes the duty of Chivalry upon men and men in turn impose the benefit of Chivalry upon women all ultimately to serve the needs of the child. Women receiving the benefit of Chivalry then imposes duties upon women to not attack or undermine men through disobedience; to obey men. Through this means Chivalry is the basis of the gender hierarchy between men and women; women obeying men and men serving women.

Chivalry is not a voluntary thing or a choice for either the man or the woman; the man must give Chivalry and the woman must receive Chivalry. A man refusing to give Chivalry has made himself deserving of punishment by other men and a woman refusing to receive Chivalry has made herself deserving of punishment at the hands of men as well. There is both the duty to give Chivalry (for the man) and the duty to receive Chivalry (for the woman) because giving Chivalry is fundamental to being a good man and possessing Chivalry is fundamental to being a good woman. If the woman does not possess Chivalry she cannot serve the needs of those who are dependent upon her, those whose interests rank higher than the woman’s interests whom the woman is obliged to serve. If the man does not give to the woman Chivalry the woman cannot possess Chivalry. Therefore the man is obligated to give Chivalry and the woman is obligated to accept the man’s Chivalry so that she may possess the Chivalry she is obligated to be in possession of when it is available to her. These are moral duties based on the needs of the third party (primarily children) the woman serves directly and the man serves indirectly by serving the woman. The interests of the third party take highest priority so punishment to enforce the Chivalry obligation upon both men and women is definitely in order.

Feminists are opposed to Chivalry because feminists don’t want female obligations imposed upon women, MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) are opposed to Chivalry because MRAs don’t want male obligations imposed upon men. Traditionalists or people in favor of patriarchy such as myself are totally in favor of Chivalry because both men and women are obligated to perform their duties and roles as men and women and Chivalry is how gender roles are enforced upon both parties.

The Chivalry system is dependent upon male assertion and male dominance over women. Chivalry is established by means of the man imposing the Chivalrous obligation upon himself in obedience to God and the man then imposing possession of Chivalry upon the women the man has influence over or is in relationships with. Chivalry can only be manifested and made real through male assertion and male dominance. If the woman resists Chivalry being imposed upon her the woman’s resistance to Chivalry must be overcome as a woman has no right to refuse Chivalry because the woman has no right to disable her capacity to meet the needs of those dependent upon her (primary children). Fortunately a man’s natural power advantages enable men to impose their will upon women so men have the capacity to impose Chivalry upon women even against a woman’s expressed preferences or acts of resistance.

So the question will inevitably come up. This may all sound good in theory but what about the “reality on the ground” as MRAs like to put it, what about the fact that feminists have aggressively and openly flouted their side of the “gender contract” and now demand rights without responsibilities under the guise of “gender equality” and “women’s rights”? Isn’t granting Chivalry to “modern women” completely insane as I’ll just be opening myself up to abuse and manipulation and giving away power to someone who has no intention whatsoever of living up to their obligations as a woman?

To respond to this; first off remember that Chivalry is under my control as a man. It is my project and a part of my purpose and my identity as a man. My Chivalrous duty is not for the purpose of providing to feminists an opportunity for manipulation or to give feminists an advantage over me; the purpose of my Chivalrous duty is to enable the woman I am in relationship with to better be able to perform her functions as a woman and furthermore once I grant the woman Chivalry I then have the right to take steps to impose her responsibilities as a woman upon her. If the woman refuses my efforts to impose her responsibilities upon her as a woman I have every right to downgrade the status of the woman in relation to me; to withdraw from my relationship with the woman. In other words I have the right to lower her hierarchy status as a woman in relation to me. I never have the right to withdraw Chivalry from the woman completely however because even the woman most distant from me still is entitled to my Chivalrous concern for her to some extent.

A man does not have the right to impose upon the woman her duties as a woman until after the man has taken on and accepted his duties as a man on behalf of the woman first. By granting to the woman Chivalry I am at the same time granting to myself the right to dominance over the woman for the purpose of making sure my Chivalrous contribution to the woman is used by the woman for the purpose I intended. A man doesn’t have the right to dominance before Chivalry; he only has the right to dominance after Chivalry, after he has committed himself to Chivalry on the woman’s behalf.

Chivalry is not a reward for the woman; it is a tool for the man to serve his purpose as a man. The woman’s bad behavior or inappropriate power granted to her by men contrary to her role as a woman in no way invalidates Chivalry because Chivalry is a duty independent of such factors. Chivalry is based on what the nature of men is and what the nature of women is and the relationship between men and women that is derived from the nature of the man and the nature of the woman in interaction with each other.

Chivalry is outside of the cultural system, it is outside of the law, it is outside of the woman’s behavior or moral status; Chivalry is something each individual man possesses independently granted to him directly by God that the man then applies to his environment whatever his environment is, that the man applies to the women the man interacts with or is in relationships with in whatever situation the man happens to be living in. The Chivalrous man is carrying out his Chivalrous mission that has been granted to him by God applied to whatever real life circumstances the man finds himself in. Chivalry is something the man imposes upon his environment and upon the women he interacts with as an act of will; whatever hostility or manipulation or resistance the man encounters in his Chivalrous mission simply alters how his Chivalry will be expressed to best meet his environment, it does not at all invalidate or make unworkable the Chivalrous mission itself.

The question is always in what way should my Chivalrous duty be expressed in real life, it is never whether or not Chivalry applies or is workable in this situation. Chivalry always applies and it is always workable because it is brought into effect simply by the man asserting himself as a man and the man can always assert himself as a man. How the man can best apply Chivalry to the situation he is in can be tricky but there is always a way he can find to assert himself as a man in a way that will tend to serve women and the third party beneficiaries the woman is obligated to serve herself using the Chivalry derived resources the man has given to her. This is what the man’s duty to God is; to use the powers God has granted to him in whatever situation he is in to serve women and to control women through Chivalry on behalf of the third parties the woman herself is obligated to serve as a woman.

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