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The Romantic Power of Women under Patriarchy

Women are enormously powerful under patriarchy; enormously powerful and enormously important. I am speaking here based on my own feelings and perceptions and motivations and also based on what I see in the Christian Patriarchy subculture at large, a subculture … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Right to a Man’s Money

MonkeyWerks has written an interesting article at his website The Reinvention of Man that I would like to respond to. MonkeyWerks seems to be a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA) particularly fond of Dalrock, The Rational Male, and Chateau Heartiste (judging … Continue reading

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Why Patriarchy Protects Women better than Feminism

Under patriarchy men protect women from other men, under feminism women protect themselves unilaterally. To be more precise under patriarchy there are multiple levels of guardianship of women; first the husband is the guardian of his wife, then the community … Continue reading

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The Man’s Higher Purpose in a Romantic Relationship

Recalling the history of my romantic development, the story of how I turned against feminism and came to support patriarchy in the first place way back around 1995, the fundamental lesson I drew from my failures with women at that … Continue reading

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