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The Origin of Patriarchy

When did patriarchy among humans first arise in a form that would be recognizable to the modern man of 100 years ago? According to Richard Wrangham with the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University it was about 1.9 … Continue reading

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Response to “What If Something Happens To Your Husband?” at Simple Southern Spirit

Jojo at Simple Southern Spirit has written an article at her website titled “What If Something Happens To Your Husband?” that I wish to respond to. The below essay is written in the style of a response to Jojo’s article: … Continue reading

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The Right Way and the Wrong Way for a Woman to Plan her Large Quiverfull Family

Jojo at Simple Southern Spirit is 19 years old, lives in North Carolina, wants to have lots of children, and intends to take care of her children full-time with her husband making the money for the family. This is a … Continue reading

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Status versus Power in Women’s Relationships with Men

Women are very powerful in men’s lives, or at least they should be very powerful in a man’s life, particularly regarding their romantic capacity or romantic role. A man’s life can center around a woman, a man’s life should center … Continue reading

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