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The Value and Feasibility of Patriarchy Today and in the Future

Homer Edward Price left a comment at my early The Atheist Case for Patriarchy post where he makes the argument that a return to patriarchy is neither possible nor desirable. My position is completely the opposite; that a return to … Continue reading

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The Contribution of Traditional Wives to Society

Sanne at Adventures in Keeping House has a good article up titled “Homemakers Should Not Be Made Feeling Guilty For Enjoying Life At Home!” Certainly, one should hope that ones wife is enjoying her time at home, is enjoying her … Continue reading

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Lost Love and the Importance of Marrying an Early Romantic Partner

Jojo has written a journal entry at her website Simple Southern Spirit titled “Journal 7 – Lost Love” that I wish to respond to. The below essay is written in the style of a response to Jojo’s journal entry: Jojo, … Continue reading

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