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Elliot Rodger’s Twisted World

Transcript of Elliot Rodger’s “Balcony Vlog, reminiscing about childhood” video: “Hey, Elliot Rodger here. Today it’s April 7th, 2014, just admiring the view from my father’s house right now, and boy, what a lovely day it is. Not a cloud … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Patriarch First

This post is a response of sorts to Libby Anne’s piece “Why I’m a Feminist First” at Love, Joy, Feminism. I am a patriarch, a supporter of patriarchy, first and an atheist second. I do very much identify with being … Continue reading

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Censorship at Libby Anne’s Love, Joy, Feminism Blog

Well, I have some news to report. I have been censored at Libby Anne’s blog Love, Joy, Feminism. Perhaps this is not news at all; it is simply what is to be expected. It is the first time however I … Continue reading

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How a Traditional Woman can best Assert Herself with Men in Today’s Hostile Feminist Climate

Men have a duty to be Chivalrous to women unconditionally; women have a duty to obey men conditional upon the man demonstrating a commitment to Chivalry first. Women’s duty to obey men is not unconditional regardless of the man’s behavior … Continue reading

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