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God’s Grace in an Atheist Family

[In the below post I have changed the names of my relatives but otherwise it is true to the best of my knowledge.] I attended Easter Sunday service yesterday with my cousin David at an Acts 29 church near me. … Continue reading

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My Debt to the Women of High School

The origin of how I view women today comes from how I viewed women in high school. High School (in the late 1980s) was the starting point or the foundation for how I felt and thought about “womanhood” and the … Continue reading

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My Escape from the Prison of Feminism

When I look over the history of my life I tend to divide my history into two parts; my feminist days from birth to mid 20s and then my pro-patriarchy identity from mid 20s up to today. My feminist days … Continue reading

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Worshipping Women on their Pedestal

I have been “accused” of worshipping women and being overly eager to place women on pedestals and it has been claimed that such behavior towards women turns women off. I have loudly and repeatedly advocated for Chivalry (the male duty … Continue reading

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The Natural Order of Relations between Men and Women at the Personal and Political Level

I am a man, I support patriarchy, I love women, and I serve God. I am a traditional man. My greatest fear when interacting with a woman who appears to support me or claims to support me is whether she … Continue reading

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First Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

Well, this is the one year anniversary of the launching of my site Secular Patriarchy. It has been a very eventful year for me both politically and personally. I was expecting and hoping for advancement of myself politically, that being … Continue reading

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