My Love For and Duty Towards a Woman’s Femininity

I am a man; a masculine man born with masculine strengths and desires. I am not just male, I am a MAN. Thinking back to my high school days what I most liked about women was their femininity; their beautiful warm caring exciting fun femininity. Women were “different,” in particular they were feminine. It was the femininity of women that I really loved, that I really wanted, that I really adored, that made me very very happy to be around.

Of course not all women were equally attractive to me; it was the most physically attractive women who were the most feminine with a positive giggly or friendly mood disposition that I was the most attracted to. I would then in particular focus on the women I was the most attracted to.

Femininity however was the key thing that I was drawn to the most, that I was attracted to the most in women. When I had my dreamy thoughts about the particular women I loved the most what I fixated on was their feminine aura, their feminine moods and facial expressions, the indications of approval they showed to me. It was their feminine core or their feminine soul that drove my fantasies and my swooning and my feeling of being “in love” with them.

When I am “in love” with a woman it is the woman’s femininity, her feminine identity or feminine persona, that I am “in love” with. My emotional focus or emotional arousal towards a woman that “I love” is directed at her femininity specifically; it is her specific feminine characteristics and expressions that trigger inside of me that wonderful feeling of being “in love.”

A woman however is more than her feminine core. A woman is more complicated than her feminine core. In addition to the raw attraction power of a woman’s femininity she also needs to have various skills and abilities that allow her to function well in a relationship context and to serve others.

A woman needs to have good moral values, a focus on serving God rather than herself, an ability to commit to a marriage, an ability to deal with disputes in a way that doesn’t threaten the relationship she is in, she needs to know in what contexts it is right for her to submit and when asserting herself in defense of her feminine identity and feminine purpose is legitimate. A woman also needs to have a drive to serve others, to give her femininity to others, a desire to socially connect with those in need of her strengths and disposition as a woman.

These various skills and abilities a woman needs to have are not the woman’s feminine core itself; instead these are things which support and facilitate and express a woman’s feminine core in interaction with others.

As a man I love the woman’s feminine core while I admire and approve of and am pleased with the various skills and abilities a woman has in support of her feminine core. I do not love a woman for her good moral character, instead I admire the woman’s good moral character, I am reassured by the woman’s good moral character, I feel safe with a woman because of her good moral character. Still I do not LOVE the woman romantically because she has good moral character, my feelings of love for the woman instead are my reaction to her femininity alone. It is femininity which triggers and instills the feeling of being “in love” with a woman.

I can love a feminist woman emotionally, I can be “in love” with a feminist woman. I will not however be in a relationship with a feminist woman because the feminist woman will attack me, steal from me, etc. To actually have a relationship with a woman the woman must both be loved and also admired; your love for the woman coming from her attractive feminine characteristics and your admiration for the woman coming from the woman’s moral values and relationship skills and idealistic orientation.

During my developmental process of how I came to view women and my role in relation to women I realized that very powerfully I loved a woman’s core, a woman’s core femininity. In particular the woman I loved the most in high school; I loved her core as a human being, her feminine core, her feminine identity and expression. I then saw myself as having a kind of sacred duty to her feminine core and by extension to the feminine core of all woman or women in general. I knew deep down that her feminine core or her feminine soul was “good” and that my fundamental purpose as a man was service to her foundational identity and purpose as a woman; that the purpose of my masculinity was her femininity. Patriarchy was then the means by which my masculinity would serve her femininity.

The thing about a woman’s femininity is that it comes from God; it is an expression of God’s purpose for women. The woman’s femininity is born into her, it is her inherited strengths and superiority as a woman, and because the woman’s femininity is put into her by God that makes the woman’s femininity sacred and good. I then as a man have masculinity born into me; masculinity that craves and loves that femininity that I find in the women around me. My masculinity likewise is sacred and good because it was put into me by God as part of my purpose and identity as a man. Because I love women so much it must be that I love women in order to serve women; that my masculinity is meant to serve the feminine core of the woman whose femininity arouses me the most whom I therefore love the most romantically as a woman.

So my love for a woman is my masculinity responding to her femininity. That’s what the love bond between a man and a woman is based on; the woman loving the man in response to the man’s masculinity and the man loving the woman in response to the woman’s femininity.

However just like the woman needs to have skills and abilities and ethics in addition to her core femininity to have a good successful relationship with a man likewise the man also must have good moral character and skills and abilities related to his role and duties as a man.

My fundamental purpose as a man is service to women’s femininity; the empowerment and facilitation of women’s purpose as women. The whole point of patriarchy is men’s masculinity serving women’s femininity; men serving their God given purpose as men in order to enable women to serve their God given purpose as women.

My purpose as a man is not service to women per se; it is service to women as a means of enabling the woman to serve others in her feminine capacity and role as a woman. My duty in other words is towards the woman’s feminine core itself as the woman’s feminine core is an expression of God and created by God and derivative of God so I am to serve the woman’s feminine core as part of serving God.

A woman’s feminine core can be in conflict with a woman’s beliefs and desires and what a woman feels comfortable and safe with; this being exactly what is going on with a feminist woman. A woman wanting to take on the masculine role because it is powerful and feels safe to her is undermining and attacking her own femininity. I cannot be with such a woman no matter how much I love her because she will attack me as I try to place myself in service to her femininity; the femininity within herself that she is at war with because she fears that it makes her weak and vulnerable.

The idea of gender equality is totally bizarre and foreign to me. Why would I want a woman that is “equal” to me? I don’t want an “equal” woman, I want a beautiful caring sensitive woman who is frankly better than me at many of the emotional relationship skills that I am not so good with as a man but that she excels at as a woman. Likewise it makes no sense for a woman to want a man who is “equal” to her in the masculine areas of making money and being calm and rational and a good logical thinker who can strategize and plans things out well; presumably she wants a man who is better at these things than she is herself. Furthermore as the man I should be the one making the money and taking care of things financially. There should definitely not be “equality” in terms of work effort in the marketplace; a woman has better things to do with her time than chasing after the almighty buck making money.

My purpose as a man is to create for the woman a sheltered supported environment where she doesn’t have to bother with the masculine things that I am taking care of as the man; where instead she can devote her time and attention to the feminine things she is meant to be doing as a woman. This is my masculinity in service to her femininity as the expression of my love for her. The way the world is supposed to work. The man doing manly things enabling the soft femininity of the woman caring for her husband, her children, those in her extended family, and the community in general. This is my vision of the ideal life, how God meant for things to be.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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12 Responses to My Love For and Duty Towards a Woman’s Femininity

  1. smurray30 says:

    Thank you for another great post! Only when we fulfill the responsibilities of our genders is God glorified and society is less chaotic. Feminism disgusts me.

  2. Quell says:

    Stop talking about it and do it. All talk, no action. If spent as much time as you do composing these insane, emotional, delusional, pleading and needy articles about a woman who doesn’t exist and hasn’t picked you, and spent that time wooing woman you’d be married by NOW!
    You speak all these ideals, but you don’t show that you have them. You’re VERY beta. You’re very emotional about finding/creating this woman. you’re very illogical by writing 100 articles on the internet, instead of going out and getting it.

    Do you even like woman? Lady doth protest too much. Writing so much, but doing so little.

    Not all men are manly, and not all females bleed feminity. My boyfriend needs me to make the orders.

    I thought you were an atheist?

  3. Mhornbeam says:

    Sort of agree with Quell here – you don’t seem to look at us women as people, but as things that will serve you and that you can lend out to the world like a library book.

  4. Debra says:

    I am a 43 year old women and the truth in this article brought me to tears. I am so upset with myself that I have wasted my youth and much of my adulthood on fighting my feminity. I am not physically strong, I am emotional and I have realized that all I ever wanted in life was to be sheltered and adored by a man. What is wrong with that? Nothing! What is wrong that modern society has really made women feel guilty for not wanting to be strong, not wanting to be “the career” woman, and I am proof of that, I have lived the majority of my life in guilt and denying myself of my true, feminine self. I married a man that was highly emotional, not calm or rational. I ended up making all the decisions within the context of our marriage. And in turn, the marriage turned out to be a disaster and ended in divorce. At the end of our marriage, because of his lack of masculinity and my being unable to tap into my natural, feminine being (because I had to be the man in the relationship). We both lost respect for each other, and I feel you cannot have love without respect. After being totally out of touch with my feminine nature, I met someone ( a masculine to the core, caring and loving man) who opened my eyes and my world by showing me what traditional gender roles can be like, better yet, feel like. I feel, through my relationship with him that I have been returned to my natural state, I feel at peace, happy and loving by just allowing myself to naturally do and feel and be a woman. Femininity is God’s gift to women, it does take a man to open up that gift within her. Thank you for the article, truly beautiful!

  5. Thank you for your comment. In my history I have spent the majority of my adult life fighting for my masculinity against unrelenting societal pressure to “give into” feminism and “accommodate” myself to feminism; abandoning my masculinity and my masculine sense of identity and purpose being the main goal of feminism as it relates to men. Early in my adult life I identified feminism as being wrong and the reason why I was unable to attract a woman to me because I was too weak as a feminist man to be able to offer anything of value to a woman to motivate her to choose me over other men. Since that time I have been in the situation of slowly but steadily building up my power as a man having to fight against the wider feminist culture every step of the way.

    Feminism not only insists on women being strong and masculine, it also insists upon men being weak and feminine as well. In real life a strong woman combined with a weak man doesn’t work; it is highly dysfunctional. Still this is what feminism wants and what feminism produces.

    I am glad that you are in a better position today; that you are with a good strong masculine man who allows you to be the feminine woman you were always meant to be and who you always were in reality, deep down inside.

  6. Mrs. N says:

    Thank you both for the comments. I am so happy to here the success stories of women finding themselves and tuning out all of the lies. Better late then never, that’s for certain. Great for you, Debra! 🙂

  7. Debra says:

    Thank you Mrs. N! I appreciate the support! 🙂

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  10. A lot of the brainwashed feminized men have been taught by their radical feminist mothers and society to shun traditional women by characterizing them as gold diggers or leeches that want a man to support them but not work, as in the feminist model of what they feel women ought to do. A woman that desires only children and a home like many did before the feminists took over is shunned by society and is labeled as brainwashed and oppressed. The idea of young men being taught to provide for women and take charge is now politically incorrect and “misogynist”. Women are taught now to “never depend on a man” and men are taught to only marry women who work if they even get that far, since many are now deciding marriage is “oppressive” and just do hook ups! Men who admire a woman’s traditional femininity is shunned as sexist, and a woman who wants a traditionally masculine man is now thought of as oppressed and brainwashed.

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  12. Lori says:

    I am a woman. Being calm, rational, and a good logical thinker who can strategize and plan things well is part of my birthright as a human being. If you do not see, value, or respect that side of the women in your life, then you do not truly love women as you claim.

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