New Activist Group Western Foundations launches “We Believe in Family” Campaign

I am pleased to report a new group has been started; based or launched in the United Kingdom; that is calling itself “Western Foundations” whose purpose is, as its website states: “[T]he fight for the preservation of traditional marriage and the sacredness of natural family as core values for the good of Western society.”

Even more encouraging the group’s Introductory Statement declares:

“We Believe in FAMILY” does not in itself constitute a mere philosophical movement but is actually committed to confronting, challenging AND DEFEATING the “Gender equality” agenda, which it positively identifies as an assault on marriage and family, and an agent of destruction of the Western World by overturning its very foundations.

That there is encouraging stuff. Indeed it is so called “gender equality” itself that constitutes the fundamental assault against marriage and family and the very foundations of Western civilization. That said the primary purpose of the “We Believe in Family” campaign appears to be specifically against the newly invented idea of “gay marriage” and not so much against feminist style “gender equality” in general.

Speaking for myself here it should be said that true traditional marriage is not only based on marriage being necessarily by definition between a man and a woman but that furthermore the husband is to have authority over the wife and that the husband is obligated to fully financially support his wife; that married women should not work.

This new Western Foundations group appears to have been launched on September 13, 2015. The group is seeking people who:

Positively identify as Western citizens by virtue of blood, nationality, emotional/spiritual attachment or all of those components together.

Endorse traditional marriage and the natural family for reasons of religion or conscience.

Are willing to actively promote a return to our core Western values at Western Europe and North American level.

So Western Foundations is aimed at both Western Europe and the United States / North America and it is seeking supporters based on “religion or conscience” meaning secular people or atheists are welcome as well as the religious. This is noteworthy because here in the United States a similar anti-“gay marriage” group would likely be heavily religious in its membership and style of presentation. Judging from the Western Foundations website however there are hardly any religious references being used at all. Social conservatism in Western Europe and the UK is a lot more secular than it is here in the United States where social conservatism is very strongly associated with religion.

For those interested in this new group here is their website:

Western Foundations at WordPress dot com.

About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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1 Response to New Activist Group Western Foundations launches “We Believe in Family” Campaign

  1. infowarrior1 says:

    Gender Equality is anti-family. No reason why its put in quotes.

    Egalitarianism is antithetical to Patriarchy after all.

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