The Red Pill urging men to Build Power

The Red Pill subreddit on Reddit was founded on October 25, 2012 by pk_atheist. On April 25, 2017 the Daily Beast uncovered the true identity of pk_atheist as being Robert Fisher, a now 31 year old man who was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2014 and re-elected in 2016. Robert Fisher then resigned his position on May 17, 2017 due to the controversy of him being uncovered as the founder of The Red Pill on Reddit.

On May 6, 2017, shortly after the outing of Robert Fisher, RedPillSchool, the current head moderator of The Red Pill subreddit, made a post titled “Building Power – 200,000+ Subscribers, A New Direction” where RedPillSchool laid out his decision to broaden the focus of The Red Pill a bit by proclaiming:

“So today we are introducing two new flairs, encouraging and embracing discussion to complete the circuit of the new man. The new man doesn’t simply find belonging and happiness in sex. His identity exists all hours of the day. In his career, his hobbies, his friends, and his sexual partners. His success is a summation of his entire life, and it is this that we can now focus on.
• Culture – Discussion of men’s place in world cultures, and discussion of male interests that are our culture.
• Building Power – Discussion and cooperation of creating your own power in your life, or building tools, networks, and tribes to engender growth of power and community.”

Earlier in the post RedPillSchool asserted:

“The future is going to be built by those who embrace and build power. The new man is a tribesman who builds his strength by joining with his brothers. It is a network of men who establish a fortified ground on which to build their lives, men who defend that stability from the chaos around them. It is men who know their own interests are best served by the success of the group.

In the past we have had the luxury of going it alone. The economy was strong, women were gettable, and men could mostly be men. Now financial independence is a receding glimmer on the horizon, long term relationships are sparse and low quality, and men can be cut down at any moment for offending an abstract morality biased against them. While some still succeed in this environment, it is only a matter of time until most do not.

The answer to this is to band together. Small geographically centralized groups of friends and family cooperating together in the way they used to. There is no point in trying to change the larger culture to accept us. That is how women handle their problems. Instead we will build ourselves up so that we are not dependent on the good graces of this culture. We will form our own cultures and steady ourselves against the slow descent into a fully feminized world.”

What is most interesting to me in all of this is that The Red Pill on Reddit is moving from being an amoral strictly PUA (Pick Up Artist) advice / self-help forum to seeking to support the “whole man” as part of a mutually supportive community; in particular the effort to form “tribes” of mutual support in real life. The idea seems to be to go from lone men giving each other advice and sharing experiences on how to pick up women to men forming together in groups, maybe in real life, to support each others’ goals and purpose as men overall; support and advice in all areas of a man’s life, not just on the subject of picking up girls and sex.

Is this a move towards idealism, of men trying to create a social structure for themselves and those in their sphere of influence? I certainly hope so.

My theory is that MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) and the Manosphere overall represent emerging patriarchy in the secular realm; that there are or will be 4 different stages of development in the process of the growth of patriarchy in the secular realm:

Stage 1 is the focus on “true gender equality” where the goal is to protect men from the abusive behaviors of feminism; the aspects of feminism that are discriminatory and “unfair” against men. Stage 1 MRAs tend to be rejectionist towards women, that women are too dangerous and not worth it. Self-identified MRAs and MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) are Stage 1 MRAs.

Stage 2 is where the man rejects the claim of gender equality as being a fraud or simply a mask for female supremacy and gender equality itself is rejected as being a worthwhile goal or concept. The man is aware that women are sexually attracted to dominant men and the focus is on manipulating female psychology to “pump and dump” women. The Stage 2 MRA seeks surface level or shallow relationships with women; specifically sex without commitment; and the Stage 2 MRA is hostile towards any idea of owing duties or obligations to women, instead he seeks knowledge of female psychology to enable himself to form relationships with women, often weak and shallow relationships, on his own terms. He is in control of his relationships with women according to his self-directed purpose and goals not connected to and hostile to any wider community obligations others seek to impose upon him. PUAs, Red Pill men, and the Manosphere overall are Stage 2 MRAs.

Stage 3 is where the man accepts that he has obligations towards women and the support and maintenance of society overall; that he is a defender of “civilization” in a broad sense. This man will openly and directly state that he supports patriarchy and will advocate for various anti-feminist traditional positions politically. This man will often advocate finding women overseas from more traditional cultures. This man however often still rejects many aspects of traditional moral values, he “does his own thing” and is not tied to the moral values and rules of the past or conservative religious teachings, he still asserts and claims his own independence, his “right” to claim his own self-chosen path as a man. Roosh V with his “Neo-Masculinity” idea and his goal of being an “Alpha Provider” fits with being a Stage 3 MRA; also Roosh V’s website Return of Kings is a mix of Stage 2 MRA and Stage 3 MRA material.

Stage 4, the final stage of MRA development, is where the man recognizes that he has a fixed identity and purpose imposed upon him as a man by God or the Superior Power or the nature of objective truth and reality. Here there is a strong sense of duty and obligation towards women and a strong sense of one’s role in the society overall, of the man’s duty to organize and lead society overall under God, according to God’s will. Here the focus is God and ones duty to women, children, and ones wider social network as a part of or as an expression of ones duty to God; that the man is not to focus on his own goals for himself but is instead to submit himself to what his role is and what his obligations are as a man as determined by God. The Stage 4 MRA recognizes that he is under God; that he is not “independent” or “free to do his own thing,” that duties override rights. The goal is to emulate traditional moral values and rules of the past as much as possible; that one should try to recreate the functionality and family health of the past meaning one has to accept the responsibilities and expectations that were placed upon men in the past. The other main reference point of good moral values to emulate is traditional conservative patriarchal religion as religion was the source of the moral values of the past that made society and family life work well in the past. Also the financial support of wives, the moral duty to keep wives in particular and women in general out of the workforce is fundamental to a well functioning and healthy traditional society. I consider myself and this website here Secular Patriarchy to be an example of what I am calling a Stage 4 MRA.

So what is going on with RedPillSchool broadening the discussion at The Red Pill to include what he dubs “culture” and “building power?” It seems he is moving in the direction of trying to support men functioning effectively as men overall, as part of the wider social community. That he sees men going beyond the mere pursuit of “pussy” towards more lofty and ambitious goals. Does this imply that men have actual DUTIES towards others, even towards women perhaps?

I am hoping that RedPillSchool is moving The Red Pill forum on Reddit towards Stage 3 MRA status, towards a sense of duty and obligation towards women and society overall. Yes based on men’s self-assertion and self-defined individual goals as men; but cooperation with others implies shared goal and purpose and developing a “culture” as men implies men taking on responsibility for a community of people beyond just men themselves.

Also this paragraph from RedPillSchool:

“The answer to this is to band together. Small geographically centralized groups of friends and family cooperating together in the way they used to. There is no point in trying to change the larger culture to accept us. That is how women handle their problems. Instead we will build ourselves up so that we are not dependent on the good graces of this culture. We will form our own cultures and steady ourselves against the slow descent into a fully feminized world.”

This sounds exactly like what Rod Dreher is advocating for in his Benedict Option idea for orthodox conservative Christians; that to resist “secularized modernity” for orthodox Christians or the “fully feminized world” for anti-feminist Red Pill men requires not being dependent upon the “good graces of this culture” and a readiness to stand against the pressures of conformity from the wider feminist / atheist liberal social order.

In my theory of things there will be a general tendency among MRAs to move up the hierarchy to more advanced and more functional levels of MRA development; that a Stage 1 MRA will move towards becoming a Stage 2 MRA, then a Stage 3 MRA, and then finally a Stage 4 MRA; a Stage 4 MRA being functionally equivalent to traditional conservative patriarchal religion; in this way secular patriarchy merging with religious patriarchy.

As part of this process I am hopeful that The Red Pill forum on Reddit is showing signs of moving from Stage 2 MRA status to Stage 3 MRA status. That would be a very good development for the culture.

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