Fourth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has now been 4 years ago today that I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. That was an exciting time of drama. It was my first independent website ever, earlier I had subsisted on commenting at other people’s websites. This website started as an extension of me promoting the TWRA (Traditional Women’s Rights Activist) cause, me wanting to join myself to the new group (the TWRA group) because it was the first time I had ever seen a group of people advocating for patriarchy from a secular point of view in a way that was not male centric, not just focused on male interests only as the MRAs were inclined to do. True a couple of months later I got into various disputes with the TWRAs so now I am acting independently as a self-proclaimed Traditional Family Activist or TFA but that is the origin of how this website came to be.

The TWRA cause is currently being upheld by B. A. Hunter (The Radical One) at What’s Wrong With Equal Rights? That Stepford Gal is labeling herself a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist and linking to this blog here Secular Patriarchy.

I consider myself right now to be an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), at least part of the wider MRA social phenomenon, and I am part of the Manosphere. I am what I characterize as being a Stage 4 MRA, so far the only Stage 4 MRA to my knowledge.

My role seems to be hectoring other MRAs / Manospherians to “man up” and put as a priority taking care of women and taking on the responsibility as a man to rebuild social and family relationships to make society work again. So far it is a lonely crusade but I believe in time men will become more and more willing to take on their duties and responsibilities as men as they learn that that there is no other way to make gender relations work again and make family life in general work again other than the tried and true way of male authority in service to women; the God given role and purpose of the man.

Right now there are 3 main factions in American society; the Obviously Dysfunctional Legacy Culture, the Elite Liberal Legacy Culture, and the Social Reactionaries or God Revival.

The Obviously Dysfunctional Legacy Culture is the relatively new emerging white underclass, high out-of-wedlock births and single motherhood in some white communities, family disorder that previously was common among blacks but not among whites, now showing up more and more among whites. The very high and growing number of deaths from the opioid epidemic being characteristic of this new white despair, drug addiction, and associated family breakdown. Trump country.

The Elite Liberal Legacy Culture is the mainstream culture according to the mainstream media, promoted by large corporations, taught in colleges and public schools, dominant in relatively well off cities. This is the part of society that is still relatively functional today; the middle class and the upper class. This is where extreme gender ideology is promoted; that there is nothing wrong or inferior or dysfunctional about homosexuality, that there are no intrinsic meaningful differences between men and women, that men and women are interchangeable and that two men together or two women together is just as good in everyway as a man and woman joined together in gender complementarity, that even transgenderism is acceptable and reasonable, that gender is what you decide it is and what you decide to be rather than it being an inherited immutable fact of what biological sex you were born as. Extreme unreality that seeks to totally obliterate the distinctions between male and female and the responsibilities and gender roles that are connected to the realities of biological differences and complementarity between men and women. More extreme and aggressive anti-male feminism attacking so called “toxic masculinity” and such being a part of this. Male bashing and claiming gender doesn’t matter seems to go together as if masculinity itself somehow intrinsically embodies traditional gender roles and duties.

The Social Reactionaries or God Revival is the rebellion against the pathologies of the Legacy Culture. These are the MRAs and the Manosphere on the secular side of things and Christian Complementarianism and Christian Patriarchy and “Benedict Option” advocates on the religious side of things. Also the Alt-Right fits in with this.

Politically speaking Hillary Clinton represented the Elite Liberal Legacy Culture while Donald Trump was supported by the Obviously Dysfunctional Legacy Culture and the Social Reactionaries.

More extreme and aggressive feminism is growing along with the gender erasure ideology of homosexual equality and chose your own gender transgenderism. Also at the same time the white underclass with more extreme family breakdown among whites in certain communities is growing. Also at the same time Social Reactionaries and the God Revival is growing.

In time the Social Reactionaries will dominate and take over; Social Reactionaries or the God Revival being the most powerful force because obeying the natural law or God is what actually works, is what is actually sustainable and leads to a better life for everyone.

In terms of incremental change, which force is increasing in power the fastest, the Social Reactionaries are already in the lead. I say this based on social indicators already showing absolute improvement on a consistent basis now. This is absolutely amazing when you think about it. Social indicators showed never ending deterioration all the way from 1870 to 2009 but since 2009 social indicators have actually improved consistently. The 3 most fundamental indicators of family health are the divorce rate, the illegitimacy ratio or out-of-wedlock birth ratio, and the proportion of married women in the work force. Don’t forget, married women in the work force is a pathology just like divorce and out-of-wedlock births are. Divorce, illegitimacy, and married women working all went up about 20 fold among whites in the United States from 1870 to 1975 for divorce, from 1917 to 2009 for illegitimacy, and from 1890 to 1997 for married women working. What has happened since 2009 however tells a different story. The out-of-wedlock birth ratio went from 41.0% in 2009 to 39.7% in 2016 (preliminary data for 2016). The proportion of married women in the workforce went from 61.4% in 2009 to 57.9% in 2016. The divorce rate went from 52.6% in 2010 to 44.8% in 2015.

At the same time these general society wide social indicators are showing consistent improvement (for the first time in 140 years!) it is also true that the violent crime rate has been rising since 2014 and that the largest ever drug epidemic in the United States is raging (the opioid epidemic).

In my little corner of the world I am still trying to keep alive my little website here though my focus has been on developing my personal life mostly. I still have to increase my performance abilities as a man. Then I hope to get married. I already have a specific woman in mind that I am hoping to marry.

My website so far has gotten 151,000 views in its history (34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, 38,000 the third year, and 33,000 this fourth year just completed).

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About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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8 Responses to Fourth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

  1. Around where I live it is very bad. You mentioned the drug epidemic. I met a guy that looked at me in shock when I said I didn’t do drugs. He said he thought everyone did drugs!

    Around here it’s terrible. Complete MRA and feminist paradise. Courts are corrupt, especially family courts. Fathers are often given custody of children even when they are unwed, unfit, or absent half the time. The women are butch and masculine, half are lesbian or bisexual, even the hetero women talk about how they’d rather be with a woman because a woman “knows how to please them better”

    Most everyone does drugs, not just marijuana but hard drugs, and there are many here that deal them as well. Many babies are even born with drugs in their system to unwed mothers.

    Instead of pushing for marriage to these mothers to the father instead they are looked at as “responsible” if they seek paid employment while the grandparents step in to do the child-rearing on a daily basis. In fact, I can name several cases right off hand where the grandparents have custody while the mother is a drug addict and the father is either absent, dead or himself a drug dealer or addict.

    We are the only ones who have survived without these problems. It was so sad that nobody told me to go home when I did seek employment. Instead, everyone regarded me joining the workforce as an example of “being an adult.”

    I worked with a beautiful woman, obviously independent, who was 21 and already on her second husband.

    But I never worked and my husband is a responsible and hard working man, is even trusted and in a position of power and responsibility by his employer (even if his job isn’t glamorous) and we are still together after all these years.

    I am mature and responsible, even if a bit childlike in some ways because I’ve lived my life dependent on a husband.

    But I have been bonded so badly to him since I was young, a teenager. I never knew any other life other than a truly patriarchal one where I did NOT work and lived under the covering and guardianship of a husband. Call me whatever they want but we’ve had no problems.

    You can’t even find traditionalists anymore or anything about a mans duty to keep his wife out of the workforce, even if you join a taken in hand community or conservative Christians wives have jobs.

    But it’s so bad now especially here I won’t even hardly leave the house anymore.

    Call me what they want. I am financially supported, don’t work and do what he says yet he’s my first and only husband I’ve never had the problems others have had because of my beliefs since I was young.

  2. B. A. Hunter, I am very glad you have managed to separate yourself from the people around you at least culturally, that you have not given into the pressure to become feminist and worse that no doubt is applied against you everyday. Not only that but you have managed to reach out to the wider world through your website to advocate for traditionalism and healthy positive gender roles to the society at large. You have done your part to try to reverse the bad situation you were born into.

    Honestly I am just now learning about how bad things are in many parts of white America; that a real white underclass has apparently established itself here in America with similar family dysfunction of what was seen in black “ghettos” in the 1980s with the “crack epidemic” of that time.

    Regarding the article about the Utah Republican actually saying out loud that maybe women earning less is a good thing as it encourages women to be stay-at-home mothers in their family and then being swiftly attacked by fellow Republicans and being forced to resign in response; in the grand scheme of things this is progress. 5 years ago such “blasphemy” probably would not have been spoken out loud to begin with so the change to it being spoken out loud and then vociferously condemned is an improvement over it never being dared to be said in the first place.

  3. Mrs Smith says:

    Dear Mr Powell,

    My congratulations to you on your fourth anniversary.

    Please keep highlighting and educating about these very important issues. I am a fifty-one year old, married, traditional white woman and am afraid to express in public how I feel about the issues twisting our society into something unrecognisable. White has become black, wrong became right, and I mourn the loss deeply.

    At least there are still places I can visit (albeit online) where I feel safe, because I don’t feel it “out in the world”.

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