Fifth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has been 5 years now since I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. A milestone, 5 years is a long time.

A lot of things have happened during these past 5 years; the big things, the important things, I didn’t expect. What I did expect on the other hand largely didn’t happen.

I am still here. I am happy that the traffic to this website is largely holding steady even though I have only been writing one new article a month for a long time now. This website has gotten 184,000 views in its history (34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, 38,000 the third year, 33,000 the fourth year, and 33,000 this fifth year just completed).

I would have hoped that and expected that within 5 years a cluster of similar websites would have developed similar to this website. Alas, that has not happened, or at least similar websites that I am aware of have not grown in number significantly during these past 5 years.

Another thing that I would have expected after 5 years but that I haven’t seen is growth in Christian Patriarchy or Christian cultural conservatism. It is possible this has been happening apace and that I am just not aware of it but it hasn’t been “obvious” or “clear” that it has been happening these past 5 years.

Doug Phillips, probably the biggest name in Christian Patriarchy at the time, resigned in disgrace from Vision Forum on October 30, 2013 due to a sex scandal. Vision Forum itself then discontinued operations on November 11, 2013. Doug Phillips finally was excommunicated from Boerne Christian Assembly, the church that he himself founded, on November 17, 2014. My source being the Doug Phillips Wikipedia entry.

Mark Driscoll, a former very big name in Christian Complementarianism, blew up with the collapse of his Mars Hill Church on January 1, 2015. I tell the story of the rise and fall of Mark Driscoll in my post The Legacy and Achievement of Mark Driscoll.

Now just recently Paige Patterson was fired from the Presidency of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on May 23, 2018. Paige Patterson was a legendary figure in the Southern Baptist Convention and the Christian Complementarian movement, a leader of the Conservative Resurgence that started in the Southern Baptist Convention in 1979 and a founder and a leader in the Christian Complementarian movement that started with the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) in 1987. For a good description of the political background of the firing of Paige Patterson I recommend Dalrock’s post “Hysteria grips Man-Up Headquarters.

So is patriarchy and traditional gender roles actually in retreat in Christianity right now?

On the secular side of things the big news of the past 5 years has been the emergence and growth of “The Red Pill.” Rollo Tomassi seems to be the biggest single name in The Red Pill community but there are a number of other prominent Red Pillers; it is not just Rollo Tomassi alone.

The Red Pill on Reddit went from 11,121 subscribers on July 21, 2013 to 275,794 subscribers right now (today July 9, 2018). For comparison purposes the Men’s Rights forum on Reddit had 75,614 subscribers on July 24, 2013 and has 182,888 subscribers right now (today July 9, 2018).

Rollo Tomassi’s first book titled “The Rational Male” came out on October 1, 2013; his second book “Preventive Medicine” being published on March 9, 2015 and his third book “Positive Masculinity” being published on July 25, 2017.

In addition to Rollo Tomassi’s blog The Rational Male and his 3 books so far Rollo Tomassi also does a number of Youtube videos with other Red Pillers and speaks at the 21 Convention.

21 Studios is perhaps the most interesting development of all. 21 Studios seems to represent the largest real life infrastructure I have ever seen developed in the men’s rights world. 21 Studios seeming to be a part of the overall Red Pill movement.

On the political side the biggest news of course over the last 5 years was the election of Donald Trump to the White House on November 8, 2016. Donald Trump has many manosphere characteristics; him being a quintessential sexually promiscuous “alpha male,” being married to an Eastern European non-American woman, being politically aligned with the religious right while at the same time being secular personally and not following moral religious rules personally.

After the 2008 Presidential election the House of Representatives was 257 Democrat and 178 Republican, the Senate was 57 Democrat and 41 Republican, and Barack Obama a Democrat won the White House. After the 2016 Presidential election the House of Representatives was 194 Democrat and 241 Republican, the Senate was 46 Democrat and 52 Republican, and Donald Trump a Republican won the White House.

The Democrats have done terribly politically since the Tea Party emerged in 2009; 2009 also being the beginning of the manosphere and The Red Pill; 2009 also being when the out-of-wedlock birth ratio peaked and when married women working started to go into steep decline. The divorce rate also decreasing after 2010.

Today in politics of course there is also big news; Donald Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy setting up the Supreme Court to have a solid 5 to 4 conservative majority for a long time to come possibly even leading to the overturning of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision.

So these past 5 years my little corner of the internet has not seen a growth in websites similar to my own. I am still “out there” on the fringes of secular based traditional values and patriarchy. In the Christian world patriarchy and traditional gender roles seems to have suffered some setbacks and has not clearly grown these past 5 years. On the other hand in the wider secular world The Red Pill has seen major gains and in the political world conservatism surprisingly similar to what you see in the manosphere has taken over the White House and the Republican Party more generally in the personality of Donald Trump; this Republican dominance now getting ready to assert itself on the Supreme Court as well.

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About Jesse Powell TFA

Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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6 Responses to Fifth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congrats Jesse! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the years. Mine is hitting 5 yrs in October, too 😀

  2. Thanks, Stephanie. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, to. 🙂

    I think it is good, having a variety of blogs like yours and mine out there so that people who are interested in traditional gender roles can get different opinions and different perspectives of how best traditional gender roles can work in the modern feminist world we all live in.

    Also, if I may say so, you strike me as a sincere and trustworthy woman. There are a lot of women who present themselves as submissive and traditional out there who seem good at first but after having more experience with them over time you see a more rebellious and feminist nature to them.

    It is nice knowing not all women are like that; that some women do indeed seem to take their Godly role and place as women seriously.

    As a man it is nice to know that there are some women I can trust.

  3. Keep speaking out and sharing your views! They may be very unpopular with the mainstream views, but you’re not alone as there’s a silent majority who feels the same. Someone has to push back against radical feminism and liberalism and show there’s two sides to everything!

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