Does Morality Work as a Romantic Strategy?

Are girls attracted to good men because they are good? Are women’s romantic choices “rational” in some way?

I was watching a Red Man Group youtube video titled Red Pill 101 (Episode 31) with Rollo, Donovan, Rian, and Carl and what struck me the most was how little moral purpose or moral standards or moral rules to follow the men seemed to have in their attitudes or their relationships with women. What is the moral purpose of entering into a relationship with a woman anyways?

The most obvious moral purpose of entering into a relationship with a woman is to have children with her and give to those children a good home to grow up in and in this way to maintain the health of society and continue the human race. At a more general level the moral purpose of a relationship with a woman is to give to her the benefits of your masculinity in exchange for her giving to you the benefits of her femininity; you thereby enabling her feminine purpose as a woman in exchange for her enabling your masculine purpose as a man. The number one way the man gives to the woman is by financially supporting the woman; the number one way the woman gives to the man is by obeying the man.

In the Red Man Group discussion there didn’t seem to be any particular direction or purpose relationships with women were supposed to serve. There was a basic idea of wanting to have sex, that having options as a man is good, that a man should get married later in life so that he can have his pick of high quality women to choose from, that he should “spin plates” (not be exclusive to a single woman) in order to avoid developing “oneitis” for a single girl, that he should know how to defend himself from a woman’s potential abuse against him. No particular moral purpose or moral role for the man was put forward however.

There seems to be this bias in Red Pill thinking that sex is Alpha and love is Beta; if you have sex with a woman then you are Alpha and strong but if you love a woman then you are Beta and weak and ultimately unattractive to the woman because of your weakness and your “need” for her; that she will just use you and cheat on you and get rid of you if you make the fatal mistake of allowing yourself to succumb to “oneitis” for a girl.

There is also the Alpha Fux Beta Bux dichotomy; if you are Alpha then she will give you enthusiastic validational sex for free, if you are Beta she will only give you grudging transactional sex on the condition of your continuing support of her.

In order to be Alpha and not Beta you need “Game.” Game is the solution to the misery of the despised and abused Beta male. The Beta male is enslaved to the Feminine Imperative. Take the Red Pill to develop Game and therefore become Alpha and to understand “the true nature of women” and their Hypergamous ways.

All these different Red Pill machinations seem to be focused on developing power for the man through means that exclude moral purpose a masculine moral identity or obedience to God. Being a man has a purpose and there are rules to follow and there is a role in society and within family life to fulfill. God gave men their masculine characteristics for a reason.

Another thing, the “Red Pill” seems to be directed at forming relationships with women in general or your average modern feminist woman; there doesn’t seem to be any effort to find a “good woman” or a traditional woman or a Red Pill woman for that matter; disdain and dismissiveness towards self-proclaimed Red Pill women being quite blatantly put forward. It is almost a mantra that all women are the same; AWALT (All Women Are Like That). Women are taken to be genetically programmed through evolution to be a particular way thus there are no exceptions regarding “the true nature of women.”

There is another way to approach forming a relationship with a woman, that being God’s way or the traditional way; to take the approach of developing yourself into a traditional man who is seeking a traditional woman.

Traditional “Game” is based on morality and ethics and duty; you are who you are as a man because it is the right thing to do and the right way to be. You strive to fulfill your role and your purpose as a man because it is who God created you to be. You serve the woman as your duty to God.

If you are a traditional man love does not make you weak because you are not selfishly oriented towards the woman anyways; in other words your behavior towards the woman is not based on personal gain in the first place. The idea that a man loving a woman makes the man weak is based on the man being motivated by fear of losing the woman if he doesn’t do what the woman wants; the more the man loves the woman the more he will fear losing the woman therefore the more power the woman will have. This is based on the premise that the man will rationally pursue his own self-interest, that he will be selfishly oriented in his relationship with the woman.

If however the man is obedient to God then he will maintain his dominance in the relationship simply because it is his role and his duty as a man to be dominant over the woman. In other words the man will sacrifice the relationship if need be, if the woman refuses her subordinate status in relation to the man, regardless of how strongly the man loves the woman because God comes first, because the man’s role and duty as a man comes first.

What this means is that the traditional man is free to love strongly and deeply and to marry his oneitis girl without fear that his love for the woman will make him weak or pandering or desperate or unattractive or set him up to be abused; all the different things the Red Pill men fear will happen when they value one woman over another woman too strongly. When God comes first you can impose standards upon the woman according to what the woman’s duties are towards you.

What about attraction? Will a woman be attracted to a good man because he is good?

Women are attracted to masculine competence, a man who is “good at” being a man, a man with strong masculine characteristics. This is different from morality, from high moral standards and such, but it is related to morality, it is a form of morality.

In order for a man to have value to a woman the man has to be powerful and good. If the man is powerful but not good he is simply abusive. If the man is good but not powerful then he means well but he is worthless. Only the man who is both powerful and good counts as a high quality desirable man.

Women are attracted to power, to competency in the masculine realm, and women are reassured by and comforted by goodness. The powerful and good man is attractive due to his power and he is safe due to his goodness.

The thing is a man has a moral duty to become powerful so that he can then use the power he has developed to put his goodness into effect; to make his goodness matter. Goodness without power serves no purpose; power is needed to project ones goodness out into the world and towards the benefit of a woman.

So it is the duty of the traditional man to build and develop his power as a man and therefore at the same time develop his attractiveness to women; the purpose however of the traditional man developing his power as a man is to better enable himself to serve God; this then enabling him to become more attractive to women as a side benefit.

Focusing on ones duty to God and developing yourself into the man God wants you to be is sufficient to enable you to form a good relationship with a traditional woman. It is not a romantic strategy that will work for women in general or for feminist women but it will work with a traditional woman, a woman who is God oriented and idealistic and obedient to God herself, and that is the kind of woman that you want anyways.

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2 Responses to Does Morality Work as a Romantic Strategy?

  1. A woman who shares your values is one that will lead to a happy marriage together. Marrying a woman not content to take on the traditional role, like the radical feminist, well not want to stay married, and probably will end in bitter divorce. It’s a shame though so many women have been raised brainwashed to feel their worth lies in being like a man, rather than the traditional woman! So it is rarer and rarer to find women content to be wives and mothers!

  2. no identity crisis says:

    “what struck me the most was how little moral purpose or moral standards or moral rules to follow the men seemed to have in their attitudes or their relationships with women.”

    How are you even surprised by that? Red pillers are the sewerage of the male gender. They’ve never had women’s best interests at heart and choose to see all women as out to get them, because AWALT apparently. This is well-known about RPs. As a result, they develop an antagonistic relationship with females and then wonder why their relationships (if they ever get into one) mysteriously fail.

    I’m surprised that you chose to call yourself red pill, because the fundamentals that the vast majority of red pillers stand for don’t even remotely resemble the values that you put forth. Maybe a very small faction has the same views as you, but it’s not the original one, nor is this faction representative of this “movement” if it’s even worth being called one, so I don’t think that tiny percentage who have their hearts in the right place is enough to affiliate yourself with the red pill, but that’s my opinion.

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