What is healthy masculinity?

Masculinity is what men are better at than women. Femininity is what women are better at than men. Men are superior to women in the masculine realm. Women are superior to men in the feminine realm. The purpose of a man’s masculinity is to serve the woman’s femininity. The purpose of a woman’s femininity is to serve the man’s masculinity.

Men are better than women at certain things that fit with the man’s role as a man. A man has a gender role as a man, the man using his masculine strengths to fulfill his gender role. Likewise a woman has a gender role as a woman, the woman using her feminine strengths to fulfill her gender role. The man is better at masculine things because the man has to be better at masculine things to succeed as a man. Likewise the woman is better at feminine things because the woman has to be better at feminine things to succeed as a woman.

As a man I most desire and am attracted to feminine qualities in a woman; similarly a woman is attracted to and desires masculinity, high performing masculinity, in a man.

Healthy masculinity is masculinity that serves the man’s gender role, the man’s purpose, as a man. Healthy masculinity is masculinity in service to others, in service to women and children; a man’s gender role being the man’s obligations and duties towards others. Toxic masculinity or abusive masculinity is masculinity selfishly used by the man to benefit himself. Masculinity itself is simply male ability or male power; what matters morally is how the masculinity is used; is the masculinity used by the man to further the man’s gender role as a man in service to others or is the masculinity used as theft and abuse against others to enable the man to “get what he wants”?

The question of whether or not a man is using his masculinity morally in service to others is based on whether or not the man is serving God or if the man is serving himself, whether a man is acting in support of the gender role God has imposed upon him.

Remember, the reason why men have masculine characteristics in the first place is to enable men to serve their role as men and perform well as men. A man has masculine strengths to serve his masculine role; the man’s masculinity therefore only being good to the extent the man is using those masculine abilities to serve his masculine role.

Where does the masculine role come from? The masculine role comes from God or from the Superior Power; it comes from the evolved differences between men and women. The gender role of the man is imposed upon the man by God, the duties and the obligations of what it means to be a man are determined by God, the strengths and the abilities of the man that the man possesses to enable him to serve his purpose as a man, his God given purpose as a man, was given to him by God through the mechanism of his genetic endowment of masculine characteristics and masculine abilities that was born into him through his DNA.

Feminists don’t like this idea of men having a natural role to play as men determined by the very nature of who men are as men and who women are as women. Feminists like to think that gender roles are a “social construct” arbitrarily imposed by society, that women should be “freed” from the “oppressive” traditional role of women as being keepers of the home. Feminists claim that “patriarchy hurts men to” based on the “rigid” gender role of the man as “provider and protector.” Gender equality is what feminists demand! Men and women should be equal! Men and women are the same!

In real life however one finds that “gender equality” just leads to the destruction of relationships between men and women and children being shortchanged, children always having a weaker ability to form relationships as adults compared to how their parents fared; family relationships deteriorating rapidly when you compare the family stability of your grandparents’ generation to your parents’ generation to your own generation today. For example, the out-of-wedlock birth ratio among whites in the United States was 2.3% in 1960, 14.7% in 1985, and 29.0% in 2010. The idea of “gender equality” first entered into popular culture around 1960 kicking off an acceleration in the rate of deterioration of the American family.

Why is this? Why is “gender equality” such a disaster in relationships between men and women and for the family overall? This is because “gender equality” is really just men abandoning their roles and duties as men, men abandoning their investment in family life, their investment in women. Men shunning their GOD IMPOSED duties as men; their masculine role and purpose as men.

The masculine role of the man is to impose order upon the world, to create the structure and the rules of how life is supposed to be, and to make life work, to provide an environment for women to operate within and for children to grow up within. Men make life predictable, men make life safe, men make life orderly, and men set the rules and enforce the rules to bring all this about. Part of this is men imposing their will upon women, setting the rules and expectations of how family life is supposed to work.

The masculine role is also to provide for one’s family, to make life comfortable and safe in the physical realm, in the material realm, in the modern world this being done through working, through making money, through providing for women and children by means of financial support. In the traditional past, in the patriarchal past, MARRIED WOMEN DID NOT WORK! In 1890 only 2.2% of white married women worked in the United States.

As a man your God given role, your masculine gender role, is to create order, set the rules, enforce the rules, and provide the means of support materially and financially. You are to take care of your woman, provide a good environment for her to operate within both psychologically and materially, enable her to serve you as your wife, enable her to serve your children as their mother, and enable her to serve the other people that are within her sphere of influence according to her desires and her abilities through means that you agree to and support.

This vision of masculinity is the natural role of the man; it is God’s design of who men are supposed to be as men. It is not what feminists want, it is not what the culture teaches, but it is good. It works. It is what healthy masculinity looks like.

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4 Responses to What is healthy masculinity?

  1. Will S. says:

    Still secular yet invoking God, I see. 🙂

    One day, you may surprise yourself to discover you believe, and that you really had, all along. 😉

  2. It’s protecting and providing for women. Being the leader of the home and in society…

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