Taking the God Pill

On March 29, 2019 Roosh V started a thread at his Roosh V Forum with the title “The God pill”. In his post starting the thread Roosh V commented:

“Many comments from men said how the black pill was a gateway to the God pill. There seems to be a progression:

Blue pill: Ignorance, denial of nature
Red pill: Truth through materialism (muscles, women, money, status)
Black pill: Acceptance of one’s powerlessness, withdrawal from materialist society
God pill: Submission to God’s will

I believe that remaining black pilled is unsustainable because of the high degree of despair, meaninglessness, and hopelessless it requires, which goes beyond the human ability to handle. Some men who are black pilled may just revert back to the red pill, and seek renewed material gains from their masculine efforts and labor.

The God pill does feel like the final destination, where life becomes about asking Him for help and performing His will in a way that embraces good. My mind is currently buzzing with this new perspective, and I wouldn’t be surprised if much of my new work will be framed around it.”

On April 18, 2019 Blonde in the Belly of the Beast put up a video titled “Notre Dame & Spiritual Warfare” where she said (from 10:26 to 11:14):

“I am not by any means chastising people for turning away from Christianity. I myself am guilty of this, I’ve been on some half-assed atheist to agnostic journey for like a decade. Spiritually listless drifting purposeless through life with a fair amount of resentment toward God on the days that I even believe. But as this culture war reveals itself to really be a spiritual war, an epic war between good and evil, it has really made me reevaluate. I’m starting to feel in my bones not only the desire but a burning necessity to find a spiritual path; to return to Christianity, to fight for what’s been lost and what has gone up in flames right before our eyes.”

On April 29, 2019 Critical Condition put up a video titled “The God Pill” where she said (from 1:11 to 2:08):

“True speech for me has led me to God. That’s what has happened. I was looking for a way to reestablish my faith when I found Jordan Peterson and when I found his lectures, but I didn’t know how in a real way in my life to solidify my faith, to have my faith and my trust in God be something that was real; not something that just sounds nice or something that I would like it to be so; but something that made the process of my moving towards God real was speaking the truth.”

I like talking about God or the Superior Power a lot on this atheist website; I am totally in favor of and believe in a “God concept” as an atheist. It is hard for me to imagine a sensible way to organize ones life or to pursue the good except by means of obeying God; without God everything falls into selfish and chaos.

Traditionalism is based on God; patriarchy is based on God. God is truth, God is morality, God works.

It appears this idea of “taking the God pill” is starting to lift off; and I am very happy to see it because God is truth; God works. The only thing that is more powerful than Satan in this world is God.

It is a bit hard for me to fathom what a world without God would look like or even what it would mean. I suppose a world without God would be a world where human beings can do anything they want; where any social system would work just because it sounds good or just because it “seems right.”

The idea of “gender equality” is based on the assumption that there is no God, that human beings can simply declare men and women to be “equal” just because they wish it to be so. Just act as if and proclaim that men and women are “really the same” and by fiat it becomes true!

The idea of communism is based on the assumption that there is no God, that people have no intrinsic selfishness or need to be motivated to perform well, that people will be able to determine what is economically productive even with no market signals of profit and loss to go by.

To deny God is to live in a kind of make believe fantasy land where there are no consequences for your actions, where nobody is hurt by your sins, where morality is simply what you proclaim it to be.

How did I develop this “God concept” as I call it especially as an atheist? First off I have always been in the position of having to develop my own moral code and my own moral rules; I was never connected to a moral order that was given to me or imposed upon me either by my family or by the wider culture, I was never given any rules to follow or a path to pursue that made any sense to me or that I was able to connect to a rewarding sense of self; my moral rules and moral purpose has always been self-created from the start.

Very early on, like since age 13, I at least had an idea that there was such a thing as objective reality and objective truth, that “the truth” was external to me and there was such a thing as right and wrong and better or worse objectively speaking even if I didn’t necessarily know what “the correct answer” was.

At age 13, say age 13 to age 17, I did believe that I could do whatever I wanted as a matter of will and as a matter of choice, I didn’t see myself as having a human nature that I couldn’t override or suppress. Also in regards to the society at large I assumed that society could organize itself in whatever way it wanted as long as it followed logical rules; that there were no natural constraints regarding how a social system could be successfully put together.

These beliefs led to big trouble for me but alas I wasn’t able to predict that that would be the case at the time.

Age 17 is when a God concept or the recognition that there were external constraints and external direction that I had to follow and that I should follow entered into my thinking. When I speak of “external constraints” and “external direction” I mean “external” to myself and my own will and furthermore “external” to what society declares or what the culture declares; coming from the nature of things or the natural order, not coming from human choice or human will.

This “sense of the presence of God” if you will hit me when I looked at the woman I loved the most in high school walking into class one day and thought to myself “You have value!” It was an electrifying and exciting moment because I knew immediately that this was a new source of purpose opening up for me, that I could become good by directing myself towards her, that she represented a natural purpose for me not based on will or choice but based on the natural order of things.

I think truthfully speaking that I understood immediately that this “value” that I recognized her as having came from God or the natural order of things or the Superior Power; though the concept of “God” wasn’t really available to me when thinking about things or describing things at that time I knew that her “value” came from what was born into her as a woman so even though the word “God” wasn’t available to me yet I knew that God or the “God concept” was what I was dealing with here when looking at her thinking to myself “You have value!”

This is the thing, I loved her not because I chose to love her as an intellectual decision, not because I decided that it would be morally right to love her for some reason, not because the teachers or some external cultural message told me I should love her; I just loved her because she was cute and pretty and had a fascinating personality and had a history of approving of and “liking” me. It was just hormones and puberty. However, where do hormones and puberty come from? They come from the evolved need to want to get with a woman and reproduce. Puberty was not based on human choice and human will, it is just inherited because SOMETHING wants me to love women and have sex with women and reproduce to pass on my genes to the next generation.

When I looked at the woman I loved the most in high school, man I loved her, she was so cute and so pretty, I could feel that she was good, that she had something of value to offer this world as a woman, that her being a woman gave to her those positive qualities that I loved so much, that I was responding to, that it was her inherited attributes as a woman that prepared her to contribute to this world as a woman. This then is what led me to think to myself “You have value!” directed towards her.

Because of puberty I loved her, because she was born as a woman she had value as a woman; both of these things being inherited; both of these things being “external” to human choice and human will. WHO or WHAT made this so? God of course.

So that was it. God wants me to love women and God wants me to serve women. The source of my love for the woman was God; my love for the woman being there to motivate me to serve her because me serving her was me serving her God created purpose and in that way me serving my own God created purpose as a man; my purpose as a man being to serve her purpose as a woman.

That’s what the thought “You have value!” as a woman meant.

That was me “taking the God pill” so to speak.

That was my entry point into the romantic world. Me then romantically pursuing this woman at long last during the later part of 11th grade and the first part of 12th grade was something that I felt proud of doing because I felt like I was acting out and communicating my God given mission and purpose of loving her and trying to contribute to her; I wanted her to know that I believed in her “goodness” as a woman.

Apparently this is not typical, taking the “God pill” as the first step or as the entry point into the romantic world, but it is at least my story, my history. Of course this does not mean that I had it all figured out from the very beginning, far from it. Then the task was to figure out concretely what exactly was my God given purpose as a man, how exactly do I fulfill “God’s will” in a practical realistic sense, and then I ran up against feminism which directly attacked the masculine purpose that I had developed for myself so that then I was in the position of fighting against the culture in order to maintain my identity as a moral man of value to women; fighting against feminism then becoming my primary moral identity rather than seeking a relationship with a woman.

I am glad to see Roosh V, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, and Critical Condition taking the “God pill” in recent times. It is what I expected in a certain way but it is reassuring and comforting to see it happening in real life today rather than it just being a prediction of what I think will happen in the future. The thing is, God has a kind of gravitational pull because God is true and because God works. There is a reward and a logic to pursuing God and obeying God. Doing your own thing is a mess and will only lead to failure and disaster, obedience to God being the way you get yourself out of that mess and being the way you create value and success not only for yourself but for your family and the wider community around you.

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3 Responses to Taking the God Pill

  1. Will S. says:

    So close…

    Praying you will make that last step. You can believe, if you truly want to. Ask God to reveal Himself to you.

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