Sixth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has now been 6 years since I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy.

This website has gotten 211,000 views in its history (34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, 38,000 the third year, 33,000 the fourth year, 33,000 the fifth year, and 27,000 this sixth year just completed).

I see myself as part of the Manosphere and as a traditionalist; a “traditionalist” in the sense that I want a return to what is “traditional,” how the family and gender relations worked in the past. The past worked in regards to the family, the present does not work in regards to the family and relations between men and women. I support what works, not what doesn’t work. The past was based on patriarchy, the present is based on feminism; patriarchy works, feminism doesn’t work, therefore I support patriarchy, it is as simple as that really.

I see myself as part of the Manosphere but I have never been accepted as part of the Manosphere by other parts of the Manosphere. I see the Manosphere as being the emergence of patriarchy in the secular realm. I am part of the secular realm and I wish to bring back patriarchy, therefore from a sociological point of view I count as being part of the Manosphere. The thing is the Manosphere doesn’t see itself as representing a return to patriarchy, not at least a return to patriarchy as patriarchy was in the past as a historical real social system. Therefore the Manosphere doesn’t see me as being part of the Manosphere since I do emphatically and clearly represent a return to patriarchy as patriarchy was practiced in the past TRADITIONALLY. I on the other hand view the Manosphere as representing the return to patriarchy, traditional patriarchy, in the secular realm; that the current manifestation of the Manosphere is a transitional stage on the way to traditional patriarchy but not there yet. This is my theory of the Manosphere sociologically; what the Manosphere is expressing and signaling culturally.

Something radically new however happened in regards to my relationship with the Manosphere on July 2, 2019; that is that Anthony Dream Johnson, founder of the 21 Convention and a leader in the Manosphere, publicly signaled approval and acceptance of me by tweeting to all his followers the last post I wrote “Rollo Tomassi versus Anthony Dream Johnson.” In that article I did not hide who I was, I was clear about my traditionalist orientation, and I did criticize Anthony Johnson and the 21 Convention to some extent, though mostly the article praised him and in particular publicly “took his side” in his battle against Rollo Tomassi; and given all that Anthony Johnson still decided to publicize that post and the favorable things I said about him to his entire twitter following.

Never never never have I gotten such favorable treatment from anyone in the Manosphere; much less from a big name Manosphere leader like Anthony Dream Johnson. Finally someone in the Manosphere is signaling that I am welcome in the Manosphere, that they view me and accept me as part of the Manosphere, even more so that they approve of me and are willing to publicize me as an ally.

This strikes me as something important symbolically; that an actual real traditionalist is no longer “persona non grata” in the Manosphere universe, that at least in Anthony Johnson’s 21 Studios sphere traditionalists are now welcome as allies and participants.

This fits with my theory that the Manosphere will become more traditionalist over time; that after 6 years of blogging the Manosphere has now moved towards traditionalism enough to “let me in” as “one of them.”

On this theme of the Manosphere becoming more traditional; Roosh V, one of the major Pick Up Artist Manosphere founders, publicly announced that he had taken the “God pill” on March 25, 2019. Roosh V now condemns casual sex even though his entire rise to fame and prominence in the Manosphere was based on his books and teachings regarding “game.”

In the wider world during the past year I am most impressed with the series of anti-abortion laws that have been passed in several states; most particularly in Alabama on May 15, 2019 which outlaws all abortions with exceptions only for the life of the mother or if the fetus cannot survive. Never in my life have I seen anti-abortion laws being passed that are this aggressive; laws clearly seeking to challenge the current Roe vs. Wade doctrine now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court thereby forming a clear conservative 5 to 4 majority that might overturn Roe vs. Wade to some extent. This is giving me the feeling that I am witnessing a turning point in history towards a more culturally conservative patriarchal future; that for the rest of my life I am likely to see one move towards traditionalism and patriarchy after another as part of a mega-trend of ever increasing conservatism.

Why so optimistic? You might ask. It is because basic social statistics have already turned in a positive direction; the basic fundamental social indicators of divorce, out-of-wedlock births, and married women working having all been improving since 2010; this being a radical and unprecedented development; this not happening at any other time in American history since 1870. Starting around 1850, certainly no later than 1870, a mega-trend towards social liberalism and feminism and loss of religion and family breakdown got started. In 1867 the divorce rate was 2.8%; this rising to about 50% in 1975. In 1917 the out-of-wedlock birth ratio was 1.3% among whites, this rising to 29.3% in 2013. In 1890 2.2% of white married women worked; this rising to about 60% in 1995. The divorce rate hovered around 50% from 1975 to 2010. The out-of-wedlock birth ratio, all races, saw its peak in 2009 at 41.0% and has since declined to 39.8% in 2017. Married women working hovered around 60% from 1995 to 2010.

Then something amazing happened; indicators of the quality of marriage started to improve. The Unmarried Woman Fertility Ratio (the birth rate of unmarried women divided by the birth rate of married women) went from 59.6% in 2008 down to 46.9% in 2017. The proportion of married women in the workforce went from 61.4% in 2009 down to 58.2% in 2017. And lastly the divorce rate went from 52.6% in 2010 down to 42.4% in 2017. All 3 of these basic family indicators moving in a positive direction simultaneously since 2010!

This I believe represents the beginning of a mega-trend towards social conservatism, patriarchy, revival of religion, and restoration of the family.

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Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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  1. Thanks! 🙂 Also, I see you’re doing a good job keeping up your own website! I appreciate your consistent moral support for what I write.

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