The 2010s was the Beginning of the End of Feminism

The past decade has been quite interesting regarding the culture war; culture war stuff of one variety or another seems to be going on all the time. I think that is the most notable thing about the past decade, that the fight against family breakdown and social decay and moral degeneracy has finally begun. Mind you, the fight in favor of family breakdown social decay and moral degeneracy is in full swing and more aggressive than ever but at least a fight back against these things is happening as well. That is the part that is new, the fight back against social liberalism. Before there was peace and not much controversy going on because everyone agreed on greater and greater feminism and social liberalism in general.

Once upon a time there was coverture, the doctrine that a married woman was under the “cover” of her husband. The system of coverture lasted hundreds of years in England and then in early America; it was a stable very good social system with very little family disorder going on; divorce and out-of-wedlock births and married women working only happened at one-twentieth the rate that they happen now. Alas the system of coverture ended in the United States by 1865 with the passing of Married Women Property Acts in the various states.

This system of coverture was the foundation of what I will call the Legacy Culture of the United States; this Legacy Culture being in steady decline ever since the end of coverture ever since 1865 at least.

Marriage itself held up pretty well for awhile; the quality of marriage declined from 1865 to 1955 but marriage rates themselves, how often people got married and how young they married, that did not deteriorate at all until after 1955. The divorce rate went from 3.1% in 1870 to 25.8% in 1960 and white married women working went from 2.2% in 1890 to 29.8% in 1960; this showing a worsening in the quality of marriage; but again during this period marriage rates held steady.

Marriage itself started to decline after 1955; 1960 being when an acceleration in the out-of-wedlock birth ratio got started; 1967 to 1975 being when the divorce rate skyrocketed from 27.1% to 48.1% due to the no-fault divorce revolution. In 1960 71.1% of women of reproductive age (15 to 44 years old) were married, this falling all the way down to 41.5% of women of reproductive age being married in 2017.

The Legacy Culture in America has been declining and deteriorating for a long long time, for more than 150 years, this process continuing during this past decade. This is not new. Gay marriage is new, transgenderism is new, but weakening of gender roles and gender identity has been going on for a long time; the overall trend of trying to deny and minimize natural good inherited differences between men and women is not new at all.

What is new is pushback, fighting against this never ending attack on the family and attack on masculinity and men’s purpose as men and women’s purpose as women.

This past decade now closing of the 2010s is most importantly characterized by the beginning of rebellion against family breakdown, against social decay, against feminism, against social liberalism in general.

The Tea Party movement got started in 2009; a rebellion against the Republican “establishment” that moved the Republican Party further right presaging the later emergence of Donald Trump. This Tea Party movement then led to a big congressional win for Republicans in 2010; the Republicans gaining 6 Senate seats and 63 House seats in the 2010 mid-term elections.

In the Manosphere, the group website The Spearhead launched on September 22, 2009; this being the beginning of “The Red Pill” and efforts to learn how to form relationships with women on men’s terms using “game.”

In 2011 a big spontaneous rebellion against feminist encroachment happened in the atheist community in the form of “Elevatorgate” where feminist activist Rebecca Watson famously said “Guys, Don’t Do That” reprimanding a man who asked Watson if she would like to come back to his room for a cup of coffee in an elevator at an atheist conference. This leading to huge battles in the atheist community between feminist SJWs and their men’s rights minded adversaries.

Also 2011 is when the term SJW or Social Justice Warrior first started to be used as a pejorative showing push back against progressive social liberal activism in general.

In 2014 Gamergate happened where there was a big rebellion against feminists infiltrating the video gaming community trying to push “politically correct” themes into the video games men liked to play.

Then of course there was the election of Donald Trump on November 8, 2016; the biggest push back of them all against the feminist agenda of Hillary Clinton becoming the first female president of the United States.

On October 6, 2018 Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice giving the conservatives on the court a clear 5 to 4 advantage in spite of the vicious MeToo style personal smears used against Kavanaugh during the confirmation process.

Looking in particular at the Manosphere, what I believe to represent the recreation of patriarchy in the secular realm, in the year 2010 there was a very small newly emerging phenomenon that would later be dubbed “The Red Pill”; actually the term “Manosphere” itself only became popularized to describe this “Red Pill” part of the Manosphere; MRAs and MGTOWs not being what “Manosphere” referred to initially; the “Manosphere” specifically referring to “The Red Pill” and associated ideas originally. Now “Manosphere” is a general term encompassing all men’s rights thinking because the Red Pill part of the Manosphere has grown to become the most important biggest part of the Manosphere.

Revisiting 2010; in 2010 the biggest group was the MRAs, the smaller but still major big identity was the MGTOWs, and then super small and tiny and new was the Roissysphere. The Roissysphere could be thought of as the sphere of Roissy, quite literally. Roissy was the author of the Roissy in D.C. blog which started on April 9, 2007 (Roissy then changed his blogging name to Citizen Renegade and finally to Heartiste). There was lively discussion in the Roissy in D.C. comments section; many of Roissy’s commenters then starting their own blogs. This community of bloggers then became what would be known as the Roissysphere. The group blog The Spearhead was launched on September 22, 2009; this being the first organized collection of Roissysphere bloggers and this being what I consider to be the official beginning of “The Red Pill” or Stage 2 of the Manosphere; Stage 1 of the Manosphere being the MRAs and MGTOWs.

The Red Pill is the direct descendant of what was originally called the Roissysphere. The biggest expressions of the Red Pill today are The Red Pill subreddit on Reddit and Rollo Tomassi and his affiliated supporters. Dalrock could be thought of as the Christian expression of The Red Pill. You have to remember however that Dalrock did not start his blog until June 19, 2010 and Rollo Tomassi did not start his blog until August 19, 2011 and The Red Pill forum on Reddit did not get started until October 25, 2012. At the beginning of the decade January 1, 2010 the Roissysphere was just the Roissy in D.C. blog itself, the recently started group blog called The Spearhead, and maybe 10 stray bloggers doing their own thing. The MRAs and MGTOWs being much bigger at that time.

The MRAs are mostly characterized by their demand for “true equality” between the sexes; they mostly complaining about “unfair treatment” against men and undeserved unfair “special privileges” for women. The MGTOWs are mostly characterized by their militant aggressive rejection of women; women are just no good and not worth it because of their unfair treatment against men, because of their feeling entitled to undeserved unearned special privileges, and because feminism has rigged the social system against men. The Roissysphere however is most strongly characterized by the focus on “game.” This meaning The Red Pill likewise is most strongly differentiated from MRAs and MGTOWS by its focus on “game”; “game” being the mechanism to protect oneself from the abuse against men that feminism inflicts. Basically “game” is offered as the solution to what the MRAs and MGTOWs complain about.

This innovation of “game” being the solution to feminist inspired discrimination against men was what started Stage 2 of the Manosphere, The Red Pill, into motion; The Red Pill eventually becoming the biggest part of the Manosphere as it is today.

As the 2010s come to a close there is a new force entering into the Manosphere; something that is relatively small in the classical historical Manosphere right now but something that I believe will grow and grow steadily eventually becoming the defining ideology or orientation of the Manosphere overall; something that will become bigger than The Red Pill just like The Red Pill started out much smaller than the MRAs and the MGTOWs but later grew to overtake them.

This new force or this new idea entering into the Manosphere is patriarchy; people who claim the patriarchy or patriarch label for themselves; people who proclaim their support for patriarchy and see themselves as being part of the patriarchy or the return to patriarchy proudly; this new force and this new idea of “patriarchy” being exemplified by Anthony Dream Johnson and his affiliated 21 Convention and 21 Studios. Also characteristic of this new group emerging within the Manosphere is the focus on family and fatherhood and committed relationships with women; these things not being common to emphasize or talk about in The Red Pill. This new phenomenon of embracing the patriarchy label and concept along with family fatherhood and marriage orientation I believe constitutes Stage 3 of Manosphere development; something that is small now but that will grow relentlessly to take over the Manosphere in general.

Roissy was the pioneer of “game” and was therefore the initiator of the Roissysphere and later The Red Pill. Anthony Johnson likewise is the pioneer of “patriarchy” and associated pro-family emphasis and so is acting as the initiator of Stage 3 of Manosphere development; something that will eventually dominate the Manosphere overall just like The Red Pill grew to become the dominate force in the Manosphere today. Roissy’s vehicle was his blog and his protégé’s were his commenters that later started their own blogs. Anthony Johnson’s vehicle is his 21 Convention and his protégé’s are the speakers who speak at his 21 Convention.

My prediction of what will happen in the Manosphere over the next 10 years? It is that Anthony Johnson influenced patriarchy and family emphasis will become the dominate defining feature of the Manosphere similar to how “The Red Pill” is the dominate and defining feature of the Manosphere today.

As Anthony Johnson proclaimed on September 23, 2019:

“We’ve even done the unthinkable this year: we’re openly celebrating and promoting fatherhood, family, marriage, and a new western patriarchy.”

The other thing that is remarkable about the 2010s now coming to an end is that this is the decade where broad social indicators finally turned in a positive direction after endless deterioration since 1870. The divorce rate increased relentlessly from 1870 to 1975 rising from 3.1% in 1870 to 48.1% in 1975; the divorce rate then hovered around 50% from 1975 to 2010; but from 2010 to 2018 the divorce rate went from 52.6% to 44.1%. Married women working increased relentlessly from 1890 to 1995 going from 2.2% of white married women working in 1890 to 60.7% of white married women working in 1995. Married women working then hovered around 60% from 1995 to 2010. From 2010 to 2018 however married women working went from 61.0% to 58.2%. The out-of-wedlock birth ratio increased relentlessly from 1917 to 2009 going from 2.0% in 1917 to 41.0% in 2009. From 2009 to 2018 however the out-of-wedlock birth ratio declined from 41.0% to 39.6%.

Amazingly enough the broad social indicators of divorce, married women working, and out-of-wedlock births have all been moving in a positive direction during the 2010s; the first time this has happened since good social statistics started to be tabulated in 1870.

During the 2020s I expect this trend of family repair and family healing to continue and accelerate as patriarchy comes to dominate the Manosphere as an aspiration to aspire to under the leadership and direction of Anthony Dream Johnson. This is what I think the 2020s has in store for us.

Source of Statistics and Historical References:
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