Make Women Great Again!

I want to take some time to reflect. Did I ever think in my life that I would hear another man say, in public, that he was going to “make women great again” and that he wanted to “make women great again”? How wonderful, how beautiful, how caring. For years and years, for decades, I have longed for such a sentiment to be expressed, for such a desire to be spoken out loud; and now it has finally come, it has finally been spoken, that yes, we as men can indeed and will indeed MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN!

It is like a thunderclap. New, exciting, thrilling. We as men don’t have to cower or be afraid anymore, we can say what we want, what we feel, what we desire, we can reclaim and assert what it means to be a man and in that way enable for women what it means to be a woman and in that way really and truly MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN!

The radicalness, the revolutionary spirit implicit in the assertion, the absolute disobedience to feminism involved, this is why I think the announcement of the upcoming 22 Convention from May 1 to May 3, 2020 put on by Anthony Dream Johnson has gone viral, the feminist establishment and feminist cultural sensibilities is shocked at the brazen disobedience of men in an organized way asserting for themselves on their own behalf that yes we as men will defy the stranglehold of feminism dictating what it means to be a woman and MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN!

When Anthony Johnson announced his first Patriarch Edition of the 21 Convention for Spring 2019 nobody cared. Well, not nobody, the wider culture didn’t care, the mainstream media didn’t care, the “general public” didn’t care. Rollo Tomassi cared and he didn’t like it one bit because it signaled traditionalism and Rollo Tomassi is stridently anti-traditionalist. From what I can gather Anthony Johnson putting on the Patriarch Edition of the 21 Convention is what started the great split between Anthony Johnson and Rollo Tomassi into motion. Anthony Johnson then kicked Rollo Tomassi out of the 21 Convetion on June 2, 2019 so we didn’t have to worry about Rollo Tomassi’s negative influence on things anymore.

However, there was no wider hoopla or feminist hysteria induced by the Patriarch convention of Spring 2019 even though the word “Patriarch” was in the title. Shouldn’t the word “Patriarch” be very very triggering to feminists and get them all riled up? Yet not a peep was heard.

An insider in the manosphere like Rollo Tomassi could recognize that the “Patriarch Edition” was traditionalist minded, that “Patriarch” implied family orientation and traditional gender roles, but the wider public just thought that this was men beating their chest about how manly they were focused on self-improvement about how to be better men, how to be better husbands and fathers. Maybe this was slightly offensive but not a big deal really. Let the men have their fun.

Then the follow up to the Patriarch Edition, the 22 Convention to “Make Women Great Again” hit and the reaction was totally different. The reason why the reaction to “Make Women Great Again” was totally different was because this time the traditionalist orientation was visible for all to see, even the uninitiated could tell that there was a gender hierarchy dynamic going on with the man “mansplaining” to the woman what the man wanted from the woman. This was outrageously unacceptable because it flipped the gender dynamic on its head. Under feminism the man is to serve the woman and seek to gain the approval of the woman. Instead the 22 Convention was based on men telling women how to be better women and how to appeal to them as a man.

You see, it is ok and socially acceptable (relatively speaking) for a man to seek to be a “Patriarch” if the man is thinking to himself that this is how he can be a better man and this is a way he can better appeal to women. This is what the public assumed the “Patriarch Edition” of the 21 Convention was about; men seeking to improve themselves and seeking to make themselves more attractive to a certain kind of woman. In this way being a “Patriarch” is not necessarily contrary to feminism. It is ok for a man to be a “Patriarch” on the assumption that the intention of the man is to better serve and please the woman.

What is not socially acceptable is to “Make Women Great Again” as this implies the woman changing herself to serve and please the man according to what the man wants from her.

Remember, patriarchy is totally acceptable as long as it is controlled by women to serve women; as long as it is what the woman wants; then it is just another feminist choice; another option available to women as a kind of relationship a woman might want from a man.

Again and again when feminists attacked the 22 Convention what they highlighted was that all male speakers were to “mansplain” to an all female audience how they as women should act as women in order to be better women more desirable and attractive to men; this rather clearly and explicitly seeking to communicate a gender hierarchy of the man telling the woman what to do. Since the cultural presumption that men are to seek the approval of women is very strong Anthony Johnson had to be very blatant and direct to communicate that actually this conference was meant to be male dominate. That is why the all male speakers and the all female attendees was crucial to the format of the conference, otherwise the intention of the man being dominant over the woman would not have been understood.

This is what made the theme and intention of the conference “shocking;” that it was explicitly and clearly male dominant in a way all the world could see. This then leading to the explosion of media coverage.

All the media coverage led to a high profile interview for Anthony Dream Johnson on Good Morning Britain by Piers Morgan on January 20, 2020. It is interesting right out of the gate the interview started off by Piers Morgan proclaiming that he (Piers Morgan) is a feminist who believes in gender equality and he pressed Anthony Johnson on the question of whether Anthony Johnson agrees with gender equality; clearly trying to force Anthony Johnson to submit to the principle of gender equality himself. Anthony Johnson responded by saying that he is in favor of men and women being treated equally before the law but that “feminism does not mean equality anymore and it has not in a long time.”

You see, so called “gender equality” is the holy grail of modern feminism, the sacrosanct principle that MUST NOT be questioned. But of course the entire reason the 22 Convention got so much media coverage was precisely because it attacked the presumption of gender equality directly. Piers Morgan acting on behalf of the feminist establishment then decided that his first priority in his interview with Anthony Johnson was to make sure that Anthony Johnson capitulated to the “gender equality” principle so that the “gender equality” shibboleth of feminism was no longer being attacked or challenged by him.

I will add in here; the “gender equality” idea was not popularized as a sacred principle by feminism until the 1960s. So called “gender equality” is a modern feminist idea or a Second Wave feminist idea. The earliest feminist activism was the effort to repeal coverture with the Married Women Property Acts from 1839 to 1865. Then there was the women’s suffrage movement leading to women being granted the right to vote in 1920. Then modern feminism got started in the 1960s; “gender equality” being part of modern feminism. People did not have the idea of women being “equal” to men before 1960; “gender equality” is a modern invention. Also, people advocating for and believing in “gender equality” led immediately to the breakdown of the family in earnest; marriage rates declining and out-of-wedlock births exploding.

Relationships between men and women cannot be healed or fixed until gender equality is broken; gender equality is the problem, male dominance over women is the solution. To “make women great again” women must be subordinated to men first. Of course, it must be kept in mind that the man must act on behalf of the woman through his dominance over the woman; that the man must obey God or the natural order of things first; then the man will be in a position to assert his rightful dominance over the woman.

The 22 Convention is the first time men have claimed dominance over women publicly and openly outside of a religious setting in the secular sphere. This makes the 22 Convention historic really, a notable event in the cultural history of the United States. The feminists can see this, the feminists sense this, hence their hysterical hyperbolic reaction. It is a beautiful awe-inspiring thing to behold. MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN!

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5 Responses to Make Women Great Again!

  1. Sad the lady of elegance and grace has been replaced by the “Nasty woman”….

  2. Congratulations, A Lady of Reason, Anthony Dream Johnson has tweeted out your website to his followers on twitter! 🙂

  3. Georgia Peach says:

    As in the “make america great again” slogan… I don’t think “again” applies to the woman category either.

  4. There’s one thing I like about this;It proves freedom of speech still exists. I don’t agree with these ideas,but still,people must be free to pubically spread impopular opinions if we want a democracy. With that being said,I think I personally would have far better things to do with my time and money than spending them in listening to some “macho men” to teach me how to be a woman,which I innately am. Wity that amount of money,I would travel or invest it in my education rather,but that doesn’t take away their right to organise this and other people’s right to attend

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