Patriarchy and Collectivism

Anthony Johnson said on August 21, 2021 on twitter:

“The attack on ‘individualism’ from the right today is stupid and misguided. Tradcon collectivism, a false dichotomy. You are playing into the hands of your enemies. The entire basis of individual rights is individualism > collectivism. USA was founded on individualism 100%.”

Patriarchy is collectivist by nature I would say.  Historically, traditionally certainly actual patriarchal cultures that worked and functioned well in the past were collectivist in terms of their social organization and their social rules, they were collectivist in regards to family life at least.

You might think of life as divided into three spheres; family life, economic life, and politics.  Regarding family life individualism leads to feminism and collectivism leads to patriarchy; regarding economic life individualism leads to capitalism and collectivism leads to socialism or communism; regarding politics all governments are collectivist, individualism would be anarchy or chaos.

There is no reason to think that just because collectivism might be bad in economic matters that therefore collectivism must also be bad in family life or in political life.  The family sphere is different from the economic sphere which is different from the political sphere; all are different kinds of societal functions which best operate under different rules with different underlying assumptions.

Focusing on family life; patriarchy versus feminism; patriarchy is collectivist while feminism is individualistic.  Feminism is about freedom and equality at the individual level where two equals, the man and the woman, come together to form a relationship with each other on their own terms, terms the couple decides upon as a couple.  Patriarchy is about male dominance over the woman under God; there is a particular hierarchy in place, the man being dominant over the woman, and there is a particular role that the man is to fulfill in service to the woman and a particular role the woman is to fulfill in service to the man in return; these gender roles not being chosen by the man or the woman but instead being imposed upon the man and the woman by God; both the man and the woman are to obey God in service to each other.

I am saying that feminism is individualistic because feminism is based on the premise that each person, the male person and the female person, is acting as an individual in pursuit of their own interests and goals and then the male and the female spontaneously come together to form a relationship of mutual benefit that promotes each person’s self-chosen interests and goals.

On the other hand patriarchy is collectivist because patriarchy is based on the premise that the man is to fulfill a particular social role the collective has decided it is good for men to fulfill and that the woman is to fulfill a particular social role the collective has decided it is good for women to fulfill and then the man and woman together form a socially approved of traditional relationship that is the best objectively for society and for the well being of children.  The children then being taught what it means to be a man or a woman so that the children can fulfill their appropriate gender roles as adults when they grow up.

Objective truth is collectivist because objective truth is the same for everybody; objective truth is something that the individual observes and tries to interpret and understand and different people will disagree about what objective truth actually is but the objective truth is still the objective truth that is true for everybody and applies to everybody.  God then is objective truth or objective morality; when I say that the man and the woman are to obey God what I mean is that both the man and the woman are to obey objective truth and objective morality.  God therefore is a collectivist concept; obedience to God is a collectivist moral principle because God’s rules are the same for everybody and applicable to everybody.  What objective truth is doesn’t change regardless of your beliefs or your preferences.

Patriarchy is based on obedience to God and since God is a collectivist concept obedience to God is therefore a collectivist concept and so patriarchy is collectivist since patriarchy is based on obedience to God.

Feminism on the other hand rejects God, rejects the premise that there are universal roles that men and women are supposed to follow, according to feminism what each individual man or woman does should be decided upon by the individual man or woman themselves, and so therefore feminism is individualistic.

Anthony Johnson is claiming to be in favor of patriarchy and against collectivism at the same time; in favor of patriarchy and personal choice and personal libertry at the same time.  I wonder how that is supposed to work, exactly.  Does Anthony Johnson believe that women should be obedient to men?  Yes, it seems so.  He claims that women being obedient to men is good for women, that it is consistent with women’s self-interest.  So I suppose what Anthony Johnson is thinking is that the man being free and independent and acting according to his own self-chosen priorities and goals and sense of purpose for himself as a man is a good man that will be desirable to a woman who will rationally choose for herself to be obedient to such a man out of her own self-interest because obedience naturally fits with a woman’s desires and the role in life that women prefer.

So in Anthony Johnson’s version of patriarchy the man is free and independent and does what he wants and the woman obeys him because such a man is a good and desirable man that a woman wants to be with and the woman then will be naturally obedient as obedience serves the woman when the woman is with a good man.

This is very different from the traditionalist religion based version of patriarchy where the man is to fulfill his duties as a man prescribed to him by God or the natural order of things and then when the man rises to and achieves the duties that he owes to a woman then he will be able to marry.

A man is not a good and desirable man simply because he does what he wants and he is free, instead he is a good and desirable man because he is taking on his role and duty as a man as God designed and intended him to be.

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