Taking the God Pill Expands

I see myself as a Traditionalist, someone who believes in and follows Natural Law, someone who is to obey God or the Superior Power, but I don’t believe in God in a literal sense and I am not a Christian; I am an atheist.  I see evolution as the creation mechanism or the source of order in the world; what defines the nature of man and the nature of woman and what leads to how men and women should relate to each other; patriarchy, traditional patriarchy, being how men and women should relate to each other.

In my theory of things the Manosphere is the expression or the manifestation of patriarchy in the secular sphere, it is where patriarchy is reemerging or recreating itself outside of the religious sphere instead in the mainstream secular sphere where most people live as a practical matter.  In other words the manosphere is not a religion based patriarchy sub-culture, it is not patriarchy being taught in a religious community in a religious context, it instead is outside of a religious setting in the secular sphere.

Since I am an atheist in the secular sphere advocating for and teaching patriarchy, in particular traditional patriarchy that has a history of working and being successful in the real world in the past, I am therefore according to my understanding and definition of things part of the Manosphere; the Manosphere being defined as and understood as the reemergence of patriarchy in the secular sphere.

Well, something interesting is happening in the manosphere that Rollo Tomassi has taken note of and recently did a video on, the title of the video being “Why Masculinity Gurus pivot to Religion.”  Rollo pointed out a pretty significant list of manosphere or manosphere adjacent figures who have recently expressed an interest in religion or a conversion to religion or a conversion to more traditional values and traditional ways of thinking.  Roosh V was the biggest name to start the trend but in addition there is Goldmund Unleashed, Alexander Cortes, Jack Murphy, Zac Small (previously Hunter Drew), Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos, and The Talisman.  These are people Rollo Tomassi pointed out and listed.   

Anthony Johnson is the main Manosphere leader who is traditionalist friendly and religious friendly; Rollo Tomassi being the one who is hostile to religion and mocks religion and is hostile to anything traditionalist oriented.  You have to remember, before the great split between Rollo Tomassi and Anthony Johnson that became known to the world on June 2, 2019 there was no traditionalist wing of the Manosphere or any friendly territory a traditionalist minded person could go to.  Now 2 1/2 years later there are a whole raft of big name manosphere personalities who are moving in a traditionalist or religious direction; Rollo Tomassi being the one pointing this out.

I would say this is part of a wider move towards traditionalism and religion; traditionalism and religion being related to each other because religion is historically the vehicle or the organizing thought structure that traditional moral values and beliefs are embedded within.  Traditional values and beliefs are true because God said so or because God made it so.  I would say that traditional values and beliefs are true because evolution made it so.  You end up at the same destination that traditional values and beliefs are moral and true.

This is part of a skill building process or a learning process, this move towards traditionalism.  Traditionalism is higher functioning, it enables success with women, in particular marriage or committed relationships with women.  Being a Pick Up Artist (PUA) can get you laid but being traditionalist will enable you to get married and have children.  Once you are burned out with the meaningless sex of the PUA the development towards traditionalism or religious conversion makes perfect sense as that raises you to the next level of development of family life and real success with women.

At the wider societal level being sexually promiscuous or a PUA serves no positive social function and it does not promote better relationships between men and women; in fact just the opposite.  It is well established that women with a higher number of lifetime sexual partners are less likely to be able to maintain a lifetime commitment with a man.  Traditionalism on the other hand, which condemns sexual promiscuity, is good not only for the individual man and for the future family a man wants to create but is also good for society overall as traditionalism keeps the number of sexual relationships not leading to marriage to a minimum enabling the marital bonds between the couples who do ultimately marry to be stronger and more durable and more likely to lead to lifetime marriage.

What this move towards traditionalism and religious conversion in the manosphere means for the future is interesting to contemplate.  The manosphere how I conceptualize it is secular by definition, that is a key defining feature of it, the whole point is that the manosphere is supposed to be promoting a truth that is universal and independent of a specific religious dogma or teaching.  So the question becomes, does religious conversion remove someone from the manosphere so that they move from being part of the manosphere previously into simply being a part of the new religious community they have joined?  Can someone who is clearly primarily religious first such as Michael Foster be part of the manosphere since he speaks at the 21 Convention and tries to impart his religious based wisdom to the manospherian 21 Convention attendees?  Is there a kind of hybrid identity of being half secular manospherian and half traditionalist religious?

These questions weren’t so important when traditionalism within the manosphere was forbidden and driven out and the manopshere was more clearly secular only but now that there is a turning towards religion and traditionalism within the manosphere the question of how secular is the manosphere really is interesting.

Of course, previous to this current episode of manospherians showing a new interest in religion there was the Christian Manosphere most prominently exemplified by Dalrock.  These were Christian bloggers, they were Christian first and Christian as their primary identity, who took an interest in manosphere concepts and often viewed things from a kind of manosphere lens.  They were Christians who were kind of part way converted to the Manosphere.

What is happening now is something new, manospherians who are converting to Christianity.  This might indicate a widespread Christian revival in the future where first a man is mainstream feminist, then he finds the “Red Pill” and joins the Manosphere, then he finds God and becomes a Christian.  A traditionalist Christian or a hard core Christian I might add; men from the manosphere who show an interest in Christianity are not looking towards feminized mainstream Christianity to join, they are looking to serious patriarchal religion to join.

I see obedience to God as the ultimate destination and purpose of the manosphere whether that obedience to God comes in a secular or religious form; I promote obedience to God in a secular form because that is what I know and that is what I understand but to me obedience to God is what matters regardless of the means by which someone reaches that objective.

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3 Responses to Taking the God Pill Expands

  1. This is a shrewd write-up. Good stuff.

  2. Michael Foster, I am pleased that you have found my website, that you are aware of my website. I also see it as very good that you have been able to pair up with Anthony Johnson; that you are able to speak to Anthony Johnson’s audience and that Anthony Johnson’s audience is able to hear from you. I am impressed with the work that you are doing.

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