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How Social Conservatives should respond to Bostock vs Clayton County

On June 15, 2020 the Supreme Court handed down a very interesting ruling in Bostock v Clayton County. This ruling outlaws employment discrimination against homosexuals and transgender persons nationwide based on interpreting the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s “sex” provision to … Continue reading

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The ‘Big Lie’ that Homosexuality is Morally Equivalent to Race

Responding to this comment under my previous “My Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Ruling Imposing Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Nationwide” post: The idea that race is equivalent to gender or sexual orientation is a “big lie.” A lie told repeatedly and … Continue reading

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My Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Ruling Imposing Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Nationwide

I am very glad I am a heterosexual; that I was born male and am romantically and sexually attracted to women. This is natural. This is healthy. This is the way it should be. It would have been very harmful … Continue reading

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History of the Homophile Movement

Harry Hay was the founder of the homosexual rights political movement. He started the Mattachine Society in 1950; the first gay rights group with staying power. Ever since 1950 gay rights political activism has been continuous and growing.

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A Personal Reflection on the United States vs. Windsor Ruling and the Positive Good of Heterosexuality

I remember the first time I had ever heard of homosexuality or homosexual communities such as San Francisco. It was in my 9th grade health class on the subject of AIDS. There were 10,000 people diagnosed with AIDS at that … Continue reading

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