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Taking the God Pill

On March 29, 2019 Roosh V started a thread at his Roosh V Forum with the title “The God pill”. In his post starting the thread Roosh V commented: “Many comments from men said how the black pill was a … Continue reading

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My Beloved from High School

I first saw her in the later part of 9th grade, probably the first day of second semester. All the different students were introducing themselves to the class, it was English class I believe, and when I first saw her … Continue reading

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Women Have Value!

I remember, I believe it was in the latter part of 11th grade, a kind of ritual had developed for me; the wonderful excitement of watching my favorite girl enter into the classroom again. I was always happy to see … Continue reading

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My Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Ruling Imposing Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Nationwide

I am very glad I am a heterosexual; that I was born male and am romantically and sexually attracted to women. This is natural. This is healthy. This is the way it should be. It would have been very harmful … Continue reading

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Patriarchy and the Search for Identity and the Search for God

For me today patriarchy means the love of women, my duty to God, and the great heroic quest. Of course it wasn’t always this way. First I was a child with no particular thoughts about the wider world; what mattered … Continue reading

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God’s Grace in an Atheist Family

[In the below post I have changed the names of my relatives but otherwise it is true to the best of my knowledge.] I attended Easter Sunday service yesterday with my cousin David at an Acts 29 church near me. … Continue reading

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My Debt to the Women of High School

The origin of how I view women today comes from how I viewed women in high school. High School (in the late 1980s) was the starting point or the foundation for how I felt and thought about “womanhood” and the … Continue reading

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