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Does the Traditional Man Objectify the Traditional Woman?

In response to my previous post titled “Roosh V has Reduced Women to Sexual Commodities” Bj made the comment: “Your ‘traditional woman’ is as much a commodity to you as Roosh’s ‘modern woman’. She’s still an object to you, if … Continue reading

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My Love For and Duty Towards a Woman’s Femininity

I am a man; a masculine man born with masculine strengths and desires. I am not just male, I am a MAN. Thinking back to my high school days what I most liked about women was their femininity; their beautiful … Continue reading

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God as the Center of the Romantic Bond

Why do I as a man love women? Why am I inclined to fall in love with women? Because God made it so. Because God or evolution or whatever you want to call it put inside of me a kind … Continue reading

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Marriage is what Legitimizes Romantic Love and Sex

Dalrock, whom I’d characterize as a Christian MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), has made the observation that: From Dalrock’s post “Lovestruck” (April 15, 2013): “There is a new sexual morality which modern Christians and non Christians alike have embraced in the … Continue reading

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My Debt to the Women of High School

The origin of how I view women today comes from how I viewed women in high school. High School (in the late 1980s) was the starting point or the foundation for how I felt and thought about “womanhood” and the … Continue reading

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Why I’m a Patriarch First

This post is a response of sorts to Libby Anne’s piece “Why I’m a Feminist First” at Love, Joy, Feminism. I am a patriarch, a supporter of patriarchy, first and an atheist second. I do very much identify with being … Continue reading

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How Patriarchy Works and Why Feminism Undermines Social Order

What does “masculine authority” mean in American society today? You almost never hear the term “masculine authority” spoken in polite society, surely it would turn people’s stomachs, it sounds very sexist and chauvinistic, only someone very much out of the … Continue reading

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