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Christian Complementarianism is Female Controlled Patriarchy

What is Christian Complementarianism? I remember fondly listening to Mark Driscoll youtube videos (Mark Driscoll the former big name leader of Mars Hill Church and the Acts 29 Network and Christian Complementarianism) and I very much liked what he had … Continue reading

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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism represents Atheism Invading and Taking Over Christianity

What is the purpose of religion? Talking from an atheist or sociological perspective here, what is the purpose of religion? Is it to feel good about oneself? Is it to be good, to be moral? Is it a tool that … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option as a Sign of Christian Revival in the United States

Rod Dreher had these words to say in a recent interview he did with Albert Mohler on the show Thinking in Public on February 13, 2017: “DREHER: I believe that we are on the edge of and in fact within … Continue reading

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The Legacy and Achievement of Mark Driscoll

Mars Hill Church as an entity and ongoing concern is no more. On January 1, 2015 they closed up shop leaving all of their many locations to their own devices to continue as independent churches or join with other congregations … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Pays Homage to Atheists

The Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church was held from October 11, 1962 to December 8, 1965 producing what is commonly referred to as “Vatican II” or the Vatican II reforms. Vatican II represented a liberalizing of the Catholic … Continue reading

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Women Leaving Religion Leaving Moral Values Behind?

I just got done watching the “Women Leaving Religion” panel at the Women in Secularism 2 conference. The theme of the panel was the experience of various women who grew up in religious contexts or who were prominent figures in … Continue reading

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