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Should Women be Treated Equally or are Women of Equal Value?

Women should not be treated equally to men but women definitely are of equal value to men. Actually the whole idea that treating women differently from men implies an insult against women or a suggestion that women are of less … Continue reading

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Performance Standards in a Romantic Relationship

In order to get a woman you need to earn a woman, you have to live up to the performance standard the woman has set regarding what she requires in a man. The same is also true in reverse of … Continue reading

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Intimacy, Submission, and Service to Others

What do I want romantically from a woman? I want her intimacy, I want her submission, and I want her to be in service to others. A romantic relationship from the man’s point of view is idealistic and emotional; it … Continue reading

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Chivalry and the God Man Woman Child Hierarchy

What are my responsibilities towards women as a man? Chivalry, of course; to provide for and protect women. This could be expanded to provide for and protect and control women; controlling women or being dominant over women being very important … Continue reading

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The Difference between Feminist Women’s Rights and Traditional Women’s Rights

I am opposed to feminist so called “women’s rights” but I am in favor of Traditional Women’s Rights. I resent a woman arrogantly talking about what “rights” she is entitled to as a feminist but I admire and approve of … Continue reading

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The Rules of Gender Hierarchy; When and Why Women should Obey Men

This post is in response to the article at What’s Wrong With Equal Rights written by The Radical One, leader of the TWRAs, titled “Women, Stop Obeying Men.” I think I have found a true conflict between what I believe … Continue reading

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The Chivalry Hierarchy and Women’s Corresponding Feminine Duties to Men

Jojo asked in a comment: “If men owe all women chivalry because of the advantages they were born with, why do I not owe all men my womb since I was born with that advantage over them?” Yes, you having … Continue reading

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