The Disappearing Deaths from Coronavirus

Coronavirus isn’t a new epidemic anymore, it has been around for 6 plus months in the United States, I would say March 1, 2020 is when the epidemic “got started” in terms of the public reaction to it. So where are we now?

The first major cluster of deaths in the United States happened at the Life Care Center of Kirkland; a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington. Kirkland has a population 93,010 (2019 estimate from Wikipedia) and Kirkland has had a total number of 62 deaths from the coronavirus as of September 24, 2020. That is 1 death per 1,500 residents or 667 deaths per million population. The interesting thing is that the last death seen in Kirkland from coronavirus was on August 21, 2020; it has been more than a month since Kirkland has seen even a single coronavirus death. Herd immunity? Does Kirkland already have herd immunity against the coronavirus? Is that why Kirkland has so few deaths in recent months? Continue reading

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The 100 Year Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote

In traditional societies men are the guardians of women; men being the guardians of women being pretty much universal say 200 years ago and prior. Men being the “guardian” of women means men take care of women, men protect women, men provide for women materially or financially, and men control women, are dominant over women, tell women what to do, set the terms and define what the relationship of the woman to the man is. This guardianship over women was pretty much universal among traditional cultures though there were different versions in different places; the particular version of guardianship that was practiced in England and later in early America was called Coverture, the married woman being under the “cover”, the protective cover or shielding, of her husband. You can date the particular form of guardianship called Coverture as starting in 1188 with the Tractatus of Glanvill in England and ending in England in 1870 with the Married Women’s Property Act of 1870. The early United States, being founded as an English colony originally, also had Coverture as its form of guardianship over women; Coverture in the United States being ended by state level Married Women Property Acts mostly from 1839 to 1865. Continue reading

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Seventh Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has now been 7 years since I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy.

In terms of views, this website has gotten 235,000 views in its history; 34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, 38,000 the third year, 33,000 the fourth year, 33,000 the fifth year, 27,000 the sixth year, and 24,000 this seventh year just ended.

I guess I view the purpose of this website as primarily teaching traditional patriarchy moral values in particular as it relates to family life and gender relations to a secular audience. I hope I am promoting a kind of traditionalist sub-culture among secular people, in particular the formation of traditionalist minded romantic relationships. I also hope I am moving the manosphere in a more traditionalist direction, real traditionalism that emphasizes both male responsibility and male power. Continue reading

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How Social Conservatives should respond to Bostock vs Clayton County

On June 15, 2020 the Supreme Court handed down a very interesting ruling in Bostock v Clayton County. This ruling outlaws employment discrimination against homosexuals and transgender persons nationwide based on interpreting the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s “sex” provision to include implicitly homosexual and transgender people. Continue reading

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The Legacy of Tong Sheng

In the traditional understanding of love men are supposed to take care of women; men as a group are to collectively take care of women as a group and in addition a man as an individual is to take care of a woman as an individual. The individual man takes care of an individual woman in the context of a romantic couple while men collectively create social rules and laws intended to take care of women as a social class in general. Continue reading

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The Democratic versus Republican Split over the Coronavirus

This Coronavirus thing is the biggest crisis to befall the United States since World War II I would say. It is an economic crisis at the scale of the Great Depression; it is a threat to physical safety to a potential of millions of lives and a severe illness episode to tens of millions; it is a psychological stress worrying about your job, worrying about your money, worrying if the “system” will be able to hold itself together, worrying if you might get sick yourself next, worrying if your loved ones will get sick or die. And of course this is not just happening in the United States, it is happening all over the world at the same time. Continue reading

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Looking at the Coronavirus Crisis

We are living through history here my friends; we are living in interesting times. Nothing like this has happened since the 1918 Spanish Flu; 100 years of good luck now broken. World War I happened from July 28, 1914 to November 11, 1918. The worst month of the Spanish Flu was October 1918; the Spanish Flu overall happening from January 1918 to December 1920. Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Love a Woman?

Men are born to love women and women are born to love men. This is an obvious biological fact, isn’t it? It’s called hormones, it’s called puberty. I remember, starting in 7th grade at age 12 all of a sudden women became this huge thing in my mind and in my emotional world. Women, more specifically the girls at school, were beautiful and very interesting. Certain women would pop out as particularly attractive and particularly interesting and if a girl I found naturally attractive showed interest in me in return then my feelings towards her would really skyrocket and she would come to dominate my thoughts. Continue reading

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Make Women Great Again!

I want to take some time to reflect. Did I ever think in my life that I would hear another man say, in public, that he was going to “make women great again” and that he wanted to “make women great again”? How wonderful, how beautiful, how caring. For years and years, for decades, I have longed for such a sentiment to be expressed, for such a desire to be spoken out loud; and now it has finally come, it has finally been spoken, that yes, we as men can indeed and will indeed MAKE WOMEN GREAT AGAIN! Continue reading

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The 2010s was the Beginning of the End of Feminism

The past decade has been quite interesting regarding the culture war; culture war stuff of one variety or another seems to be going on all the time. I think that is the most notable thing about the past decade, that the fight against family breakdown and social decay and moral degeneracy has finally begun. Mind you, the fight in favor of family breakdown social decay and moral degeneracy is in full swing and more aggressive than ever but at least a fight back against these things is happening as well. That is the part that is new, the fight back against social liberalism. Before there was peace and not much controversy going on because everyone agreed on greater and greater feminism and social liberalism in general. Continue reading

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