The Shortcomings of the Red Pill

What is the “Red Pill” exactly? LeeLee in Babylon put up a post recently titled “Red Pill Doubts” where she expresses her growing doubts about the validity and healthiness of the Red Pill message that earlier she was highly attached to. As she wrote in her article:

“I can’t refuse to see how many of the women around me actually are, how they in no way approximate the dire descriptions of female nature found on Red Pill twitter or the Manosphere. I can’t refuse to see how they sacrifice their bodies, dreams, ambitions for their families. I can’t not see how devoted so many of the women around me are to serving, loving and respecting their husbands, often at great personal cost.”

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A Husband’s Right to Punish his Wife

How do I view my right to authority as a man? As a man I am meant to create order, to provide rules, to impose obedience upon others to the rules that I set. Men collectively impose rules upon the society overall; men collectively setting the rules of government or the practices and teachings of church institutions while I as an individual man impose rules personally upon my immediate sphere of influence such as my wife and children and other roles I may play in life such as being a supervisor at work. Continue reading

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Third Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

Well, it was 3 years ago today that I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. The interest in this website has been maintained pretty well despite the slow rate of new postings; total views so far of 118,000 (34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, and 38,000 this third year). The site hasn’t gotten any big time publicity during the past year from Reddit or FSTDT (Fundies Say The Damndest Things). Interestingly enough there has been a flurry of comments at my website just recently; an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) type has been arguing with the feminist minded women and traditional minded women at my website. Historically I haven’t had that many commenters or that many comments. I wonder if going forward that will change, if for some reason different people will want to “get involved” more and actually comment at my website. Maybe hopefully what I am saying and advocating for is no longer viewed as being so “strange” where people, especially men, get the feeling that they want to “stay away.” Continue reading

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How to be Loved for your True Authentic Self as a Man

Roosh V put an article up on July 18, 2014 (republished on his Return of Kings site on April 19, 2016) with the provocative title “The Death of Male Authenticity.” This article is wrong headed on a number of different levels from my point of view. It is selfishly oriented rather than being idealistically oriented. It pretends that the man is operating from helplessness being trapped by his circumstances rather than the man asserting himself taking on an orientation of strength and purpose. It throws in a distortion of how society worked in the past traditionally to explain or justify why things are worse today. It strangely presents women as the cause of male inauthenticity, that women are forcing men to be inauthentic, rather than acknowledging that men are freely choosing to be inauthentic precisely to “get what they want” from women. It presents women as a consumption item, something to get love and sex from, rather than women being a cause or a purpose or a higher calling that you as the man sacrifice for to enable your desired purpose as a man through her. Continue reading

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Should Women be Treated Equally or are Women of Equal Value?

Women should not be treated equally to men but women definitely are of equal value to men. Actually the whole idea that treating women differently from men implies an insult against women or a suggestion that women are of less value than men is a feminist invention. In traditional society, in a patriarchal context, there was never any idea that women were “less than” men or inferior to men. Continue reading

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Donald Trump Seems to Herald the Third Social Conservative Backlash

May 3, 2016 was an important day in American politics. It was the day that Donald Trump won the Indiana primary against his main competitor Ted Cruz by a 53% to 37% margin causing Cruz to drop out of the race therefore ensuring that Donald Trump would indeed become the Republican nominee for President. This is extraordinary as Donald Trump is not a traditional Republican at all; he flagrantly violated all the rules for how a candidate running for the Republican nomination is supposed to act and his policy positions and persona goes against all three legs of the traditional Reagan coalition stool. Continue reading

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Women Have Value!

I remember, I believe it was in the latter part of 11th grade, a kind of ritual had developed for me; the wonderful excitement of watching my favorite girl enter into the classroom again. I was always happy to see her again, I felt reassured that now I was going to be with her (in the same room as her) for the next hour, and I was always very curious to see what kind of mood she would be in today. I had started to think to myself that maybe I should pursue her, to show her more directly and obviously that I “liked her,” to “let her know” and “make it clear” that I liked her. The idea of being more forward with her was quite intimidating, it was not how I was used to acting and I didn’t really know how she would respond. So I started to put together in my mind a justification for acting, a moral justification for “showing her” that I liked her. Continue reading

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