Fourth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has now been 4 years ago today that I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. That was an exciting time of drama. It was my first independent website ever, earlier I had subsisted on commenting at other people’s websites. This website started as an extension of me promoting the TWRA (Traditional Women’s Rights Activist) cause, me wanting to join myself to the new group (the TWRA group) because it was the first time I had ever seen a group of people advocating for patriarchy from a secular point of view in a way that was not male centric, not just focused on male interests only as the MRAs were inclined to do. True a couple of months later I got into various disputes with the TWRAs so now I am acting independently as a self-proclaimed Traditional Family Activist or TFA but that is the origin of how this website came to be. Continue reading

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The Deserved Downfall of the Modern Man

“The modern man was good hearted, cared about others, expected good things out of the world and believed in equality for all. He believed in the golden rule, and believed that the rule of law would enforce it if push came to shove. He tried his best to make the world a better place for everyone. He expected his efforts to have an effect, and that society would reward him in kind. He believed that happiness was the result of good intentions. Sadly this man can no longer survive in the world.”

So says RedPillSchool at The Red Pill on Reddit in his post “Building Power – 200,000+ Subscribers, A New Direction”. Continue reading

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The Red Pill urging men to Build Power

The Red Pill subreddit on Reddit was founded on October 25, 2012 by pk_atheist. On April 25, 2017 the Daily Beast uncovered the true identity of pk_atheist as being Robert Fisher, a now 31 year old man who was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2014 and re-elected in 2016. Robert Fisher then resigned his position on May 17, 2017 due to the controversy of him being uncovered as the founder of The Red Pill on Reddit. Continue reading

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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism represents Atheism Invading and Taking Over Christianity

What is the purpose of religion? Talking from an atheist or sociological perspective here, what is the purpose of religion? Is it to feel good about oneself? Is it to be good, to be moral? Is it a tool that helps people to live together, a way for a group to share common values and moral beliefs to facilitate community purpose and social interaction within the group? Is it about shared rituals and socialization, feeling a part of something greater than oneself? Continue reading

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The Benedict Option as a Sign of Christian Revival in the United States

Rod Dreher had these words to say in a recent interview he did with Albert Mohler on the show Thinking in Public on February 13, 2017:

“DREHER: I believe that we are on the edge of and in fact within the collapse of Western civilization. It’s a very comfortable collapse because we’re rich; but it is collapsing, nonetheless, in the same way that the Roman civilization collapsed in the West in the 5th century. I believe that Christians now have got to realize that we’re living in a post-Christian civilization and take measures to build a kind of ark for ourselves with which to ride out the dark ages, to hold onto our faith, and tender the faith for such a time as light returns and civilization wants to hear the gospel again.”

Continue reading

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Romantic Love and Moral Values in Marriage

My introduction to women romantically was in 7th grade; that was when all of a sudden women, the other girls at my school, became really “cute,” some really emotionally powerful, girls I would think about a lot and become really excited by the prospect of when I might see them again or run into them again. How would I react, what would I say? Continue reading

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The Value and Purpose of Oneitis

What is the meaning of love, of romantic love? It feels wonderful, of course, but it is also moral. It directs a man to serve and to perform, to care about another human being, in particular the kind of human being his masculinity is directed towards by God, the beautiful feminine woman the man has fallen in love with. Love is idealistic and sacrificial by nature; the focus of love being to give to another person even at a cost to oneself. Love is beneficial but it is not selfish. Continue reading

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