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Advice for Secular Men Seeking a Traditional Woman

On this Valentine’s Day I wish to offer some advice to all the men out there who like me are secular themselves and who also like me are seeking a Traditional Woman. First of all it should go without saying … Continue reading

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The Legacy and Achievement of Mark Driscoll

Mars Hill Church as an entity and ongoing concern is no more. On January 1, 2015 they closed up shop leaving all of their many locations to their own devices to continue as independent churches or join with other congregations … Continue reading

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After my Conversion to Patriarchy to become more Powerful and Important in Women’s Lives so that Women would Love Me

In response to my previous post “Why I am not a Men’s Rights Activist” Body Crimes made the observation: “You leave out the rest of the story – how did you[r] relationships with women change after you embraced patriarchy? Did … Continue reading

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