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The Difference between Feminist Women’s Rights and Traditional Women’s Rights

I am opposed to feminist so called “women’s rights” but I am in favor of Traditional Women’s Rights. I resent a woman arrogantly talking about what “rights” she is entitled to as a feminist but I admire and approve of … Continue reading

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Zarehalization and Lolenjoy on Chivalry

Chivalry is about respecting and honoring women. A woman has something a man doesn’t have; she has qualities and abilities a man needs but a man doesn’t possess himself, things the man only has access to through interaction and relationship … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Being a Traditional Family Activist

I am a Traditional Family Activist or TFA. This means I support Traditional Women’s Rights, the rights women had before feminism. The rights of women I am talking about that feminism took away both through legal changes to make men … Continue reading

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Is Chivalry Fair?

Chivalry is good, to me that is justification enough, but many people have been bringing up the question of whether Chivalry is fair. So, is Chivalry fair?

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Why the Chivalrous Male Duty Extends to the Sinking Ship

Men owe women Chivalry unconditionally because society works better under that principle. I tend to phrase things saying Chivalry is “God’s will” or a “God imposed duty upon men on behalf of women” but what this really boils down to … Continue reading

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Chivalry Has Always Existed; Response to Common MRA Arguments against Chivalry

When I talk about Chivalry I am referring to all male behaviors directed towards women meant to provide for and protect women that are based on the man reacting to the woman as a woman. Chivalry is an entirely male … Continue reading

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Masculinity and Man’s Purpose as a Man

Are you a man, are you a woman, or are you a person? Myself, I am a man. Yes, I am also a person, men are a subset of the larger category of “persons,” but I never think of myself … Continue reading

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Why I Am a TWRA

I am a TWRA, a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist, because I strongly believe that women should be granted the rights and privileges of the Traditional Woman; the rights and privileges that women were commonly granted traditionally, before feminism came on … Continue reading

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