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Chivalry, Courtly Love, Romantic Love, and Marriage

Dalrock has lately been doing several posts attacking chivalry and courtly love as being anti-biblical and the beginning of wife worship and feminism. Quoting from Dalrock’s post “Chivalry and biblical marriage can’t coexist.” Dalrock states: “What Lewis is saying is … Continue reading

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Dalrock Hurting Women

Dalrock has a lot of chutzpah. His recent post “Hurting Women” opines “Men are failing women terribly by refusing to speak the truth about bad behavior of women. Calling out bad behavior of women is difficult and feels uncomfortable, and … Continue reading

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Marriage is what Legitimizes Romantic Love and Sex

Dalrock, whom I’d characterize as a Christian MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), has made the observation that: From Dalrock’s post “Lovestruck” (April 15, 2013): “There is a new sexual morality which modern Christians and non Christians alike have embraced in the … Continue reading

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Cowards, Chauvinists, and Dalrock

Something very interesting is going on over at Dalrock’s blog. Dalrock is the biggest blogger out there in the Christian MRA category of blogs. Christian MRAs, as the name suggests, are a hybrid between MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) and Christians. … Continue reading

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