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The Meaning of Being a Traditional Family Activist

I am a Traditional Family Activist or TFA. This means I support Traditional Women’s Rights, the rights women had before feminism. The rights of women I am talking about that feminism took away both through legal changes to make men … Continue reading

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Why Should a Man in this Day and Age Get Married?

Jawara asks: “Why should a man in this day and age in America (or most western countries) get married? No matter how much a man is supposed to “man-up”, why should he take the risk of getting married when it’s … Continue reading

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Is Chivalry Fair?

Chivalry is good, to me that is justification enough, but many people have been bringing up the question of whether Chivalry is fair. So, is Chivalry fair?

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Guys, don’t do that.

These famous words were spoken by Rebecca Watson on June 20, 2011 thus igniting Elevatorgate and the epic split within the atheist community that is the basis of the current political configuration of different blogger networks and forums.

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The Unearned Gift of Chivalry

Men are bigger and stronger and more powerful than women. Why is this? Because women made it so, because women wished it. I am approaching this subject from the point of view of evolution.

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Chivalry Explained

Chivalry is men’s duty under patriarchy. Chivalry is the male side of the patriarchal social order. Patriarchy itself is an overall social system, it provides direction and a role to both men and women and it is meant to benefit … Continue reading

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