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Why Chivalry is an Unconditional Male Duty

Support for unconditional Chivalry is a fundamental principle for TFAs (Traditional Family Activists). TFAs have a particular understanding of the term “Chivalry.” Chivalry is not really opening doors or being polite though these things may be symbolic expressions of Chivalry; … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Chivalry Honoring Woman

A Chivalrous man needs a Chivalry honoring woman. A Chivalrous man is Chivalrous as his duty to God to please God and to serve God but the part of a Chivalrous man that is a man most definitely wants to … Continue reading

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Looking Back on The Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan came out in February 1963; 50 years ago.  The purpose of the book was to debunk the idealization of “The Feminine Mystique.”  It is odd that the delegitimization of femininity would be the basis of so called … Continue reading

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Feminism’s Hatred of Femininity

At the same time masculinity is hated by feminist culture, it is also worshipped and fetishized; it is treated as if it is the only source of value and worth that exists to be pursued in this world. Masculinity is … Continue reading

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Masculinity and Man’s Purpose as a Man

Are you a man, are you a woman, or are you a person? Myself, I am a man. Yes, I am also a person, men are a subset of the larger category of “persons,” but I never think of myself … Continue reading

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