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Why Chivalry is an Unconditional Male Duty

Support for unconditional Chivalry is a fundamental principle for TFAs (Traditional Family Activists). TFAs have a particular understanding of the term “Chivalry.” Chivalry is not really opening doors or being polite though these things may be symbolic expressions of Chivalry; … Continue reading

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Why Should a Man in this Day and Age Get Married?

Jawara asks: “Why should a man in this day and age in America (or most western countries) get married? No matter how much a man is supposed to “man-up”, why should he take the risk of getting married when it’s … Continue reading

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Cowards, Chauvinists, and Dalrock

Something very interesting is going on over at Dalrock’s blog. Dalrock is the biggest blogger out there in the Christian MRA category of blogs. Christian MRAs, as the name suggests, are a hybrid between MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) and Christians. … Continue reading

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Why Be a Traditional Man?

Because I love women? Because it feels like a natural and right way to be as a man? To be heroic? These reasons seem to be good enough reasons to me. A traditional man is a man acting like a … Continue reading

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Chivalry Has Always Existed; Response to Common MRA Arguments against Chivalry

When I talk about Chivalry I am referring to all male behaviors directed towards women meant to provide for and protect women that are based on the man reacting to the woman as a woman. Chivalry is an entirely male … Continue reading

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Chivalry Explained

Chivalry is men’s duty under patriarchy. Chivalry is the male side of the patriarchal social order. Patriarchy itself is an overall social system, it provides direction and a role to both men and women and it is meant to benefit … Continue reading

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The Natural Order, Chivalry, and Traditional Women’s Rights

Where do the rights of the Traditional Woman come from? What are they based on? Why should men sacrifice for women? Because it is so, because it is the natural order, because it is God’s will.

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