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A Man’s Masculine Identity in a Romantic Relationship

I want to serve a woman; I want to take care of a woman. A woman I am in love with, ideally the woman I love the most. This is a simple desire it seems. A noble desire. A heroic … Continue reading

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Why Chivalry is an Unconditional Male Duty

Support for unconditional Chivalry is a fundamental principle for TFAs (Traditional Family Activists). TFAs have a particular understanding of the term “Chivalry.” Chivalry is not really opening doors or being polite though these things may be symbolic expressions of Chivalry; … Continue reading

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Why Be a Traditional Man?

Because I love women? Because it feels like a natural and right way to be as a man? To be heroic? These reasons seem to be good enough reasons to me. A traditional man is a man acting like a … Continue reading

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Marriage is Masculinity and Coverture

Robert P. George, law professor at PrincetonUniversity, has recently released a new book titled Conscience and Its Enemies: Confronting the Dogmas of Liberal Secularism.  In this book he discusses the meaning of marriage; in particular why so called “homosexual marriage” … Continue reading

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To be Good is what Matters and the Virtue of Micro Aggressions

This is part two of my critique of Rebecca Goldstein’s talk “The Mattering Map: Religion, Humanism, and Moral Progress” at the Women in Secularism 2 conference. I am starting things off with a quote from the lecture where Rebecca Goldstein … Continue reading

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Feminism’s Hatred of Femininity

At the same time masculinity is hated by feminist culture, it is also worshipped and fetishized; it is treated as if it is the only source of value and worth that exists to be pursued in this world. Masculinity is … Continue reading

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Masculinity and Man’s Purpose as a Man

Are you a man, are you a woman, or are you a person? Myself, I am a man. Yes, I am also a person, men are a subset of the larger category of “persons,” but I never think of myself … Continue reading

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Chivalry Explained

Chivalry is men’s duty under patriarchy. Chivalry is the male side of the patriarchal social order. Patriarchy itself is an overall social system, it provides direction and a role to both men and women and it is meant to benefit … Continue reading

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Why I Am a TWRA

I am a TWRA, a Traditional Women’s Rights Activist, because I strongly believe that women should be granted the rights and privileges of the Traditional Woman; the rights and privileges that women were commonly granted traditionally, before feminism came on … Continue reading

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