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Why I am not a Men’s Rights Activist

My initiation into anti-feminism was when I decided intellectually that I was in favor of patriarchy around 1995. The logic of my anti-feminism was that I should contribute to the lives of women more. I developed this 1950s style domestic … Continue reading

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Gynocentrism, Fairness, and Morality

MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) often say that feminism and traditionalism (patriarchy) are the two gynocentrisms of our time. The implication seeming to imply that gynocentrism is a bad thing and that traditionalists are “just like feminists” because they both are … Continue reading

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Cowards, Chauvinists, and Dalrock

Something very interesting is going on over at Dalrock’s blog. Dalrock is the biggest blogger out there in the Christian MRA category of blogs. Christian MRAs, as the name suggests, are a hybrid between MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) and Christians. … Continue reading

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Why Be a Traditional Man?

Because I love women? Because it feels like a natural and right way to be as a man? To be heroic? These reasons seem to be good enough reasons to me. A traditional man is a man acting like a … Continue reading

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Uncle Tims and White Knights Protecting Women from MRAs

In Dr. Helen Smith’s newly released book Men on Strike she offers some advice to men on “what is to be done.”  I will focus on her section “Tip 1.  Stop letting women run the agenda by controlling the dialogue … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Dr. Helen Smith and the Shortcomings of MRAs

I wish to offer some general impressions of Dr. Helen Smith with her newly released book Men on Strike. Smith seems to be presenting herself as an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) even using the term coined by MRAs “White Knight” … Continue reading

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Chivalry Has Always Existed; Response to Common MRA Arguments against Chivalry

When I talk about Chivalry I am referring to all male behaviors directed towards women meant to provide for and protect women that are based on the man reacting to the woman as a woman. Chivalry is an entirely male … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Selfishness

When I think of feminism I usually think of female selfishness or female narcissism, that the point of feminism is to elevate women above men; that only women matter. The theme of the Traditional Women’s Rights Activists is “Give us … Continue reading

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Masculinity and Man’s Purpose as a Man

Are you a man, are you a woman, or are you a person? Myself, I am a man. Yes, I am also a person, men are a subset of the larger category of “persons,” but I never think of myself … Continue reading

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