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What the Superior Power means to me as an Atheist

VNV Nation – Foreword (words) “This is your world. These are your people. You can live for yourself today or help build tomorrow for everyone.” These words have great meaning for me. I hope to live up to their spirit. … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Being a Traditional Family Activist

I am a Traditional Family Activist or TFA. This means I support Traditional Women’s Rights, the rights women had before feminism. The rights of women I am talking about that feminism took away both through legal changes to make men … Continue reading

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Chivalry Has Always Existed; Response to Common MRA Arguments against Chivalry

When I talk about Chivalry I am referring to all male behaviors directed towards women meant to provide for and protect women that are based on the man reacting to the woman as a woman. Chivalry is an entirely male … Continue reading

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