Fundamental TFA Principles

TFAs (Traditional Family Activists) wish to restore to women the traditional rights and privileges women held prior to the beginnings of feminism in both the culture and the law. Before feminism the role of the woman was honored and protected and supported. Women were able to give their feminine strengths and their feminine virtues to their husband, to their children, to the society at large. Tremendous damage has been done to society through the destruction of femininity, through the destruction of the feminine contribution to family life and to community life more broadly. Feminism is the source of this destruction of the feminine. Feminism has removed from women the protection and support women need to flourish and contribute as women; to contribute to the family and to society in the way only women can. Society does not need women usurping male authority to displace and shove aside the man; this can only lead to harm. What society needs instead is for men to assert themselves as men and return to their roles as the guardians, protectors, and foundation of support for women so that women will be once again freed from the concerns and burdens of the man and instead be enabled to focus on giving to others of their femininity and their unique and particular strengths as women. The feminine contribution to the family and to society must be resurrected, must be revitalized, must be held up as a fundamental priority and concern of men once again.

Under coverture women’s role as women was upheld in both culture and law. The beginning of the feminist revolution can be dated back to the initial reforms that worked to undo the principles of coverture; namely the Custody of Infants Act of 1839 and the Married Women’s Property Act of 1870. TFAs wish to repeal the feminist revolution in its entirety and return to a period of stable and healthy relations between the sexes such as existed in the era of coverture.

TFAs respect the practice of coverture as it was practiced in England and in early American history in the later part of the 18th Century.

TFAs respect the moral teachings of the modern Christian Patriarchy Movement.

TFAs respect natural law as it applies to the nature of men’s duty to women and women’s duty to men and parents’ duties to their children.

There are three basic requirements to being a TFA:

1. Support for Traditional Women’s Rights.
2. Support for unconditional Chivalry by men on behalf of women.
3. Obedience to the Superior Power.

Chivalry is defined as the duty of a man to provide for and protect women. The man’s duty to assert leadership within his family and in society overall is a part of Chivalry as masculine leadership is a part of protecting women. The Chivalrous duty is owed to all women by all men due to the gender status of being a man or a woman. Chivalry is defined by men and enforced by men on behalf of women with men acting in a guardianship capacity in relation to women. The most basic and fundamental duty of Chivalry is that a husband financially support and provide for his wife. Furthermore Chivalry is a duty placed upon men through the will of the Superior Power. Traditional Women’s Rights are then established and justified through the mechanism of Chivalry.

The Superior Power is defined as that which creates the order of life and imposes meaning upon life and determines what the nature of life is. Furthermore the Superior Power is external to human will and above human will and cannot be altered by human choice either individually or collectively. In addition the Superior Power possesses moral authority and therefore is an entity one is obligated to obey.

In addition to these basic values of the Traditional Family Activist the moral order of life is based on a hierarchical structure:

1. First is belief in and obedience to the Superior Power.
2. The Superior Power then decrees the unconditional Chivalrous duty upon men.
3. Men then enact the legal structure and cultural values that are dictated by the men’s Chivalrous duty.
4. Finally women’s duties consistent with women’s traditional role is imposed upon women.

There are two things I’d like to point out about this hierarchy or chain of events that create the moral structure of life. The first is the man’s Chivalrous duty is at the top of the hierarchy directly under the first principle which is obedience to the Superior Power. This is why the Chivalrous duty is unconditional; because there are no prior conditions that need to be met or established before the Chivalrous duty comes into effect. The second point of interest is that the woman’s duty of obedience comes at the bottom of the hierarchy only after the prior elements of the hierarchy have been established. This means that the woman’s duty of obedience is not unconditional; it is instead only established after the prior conditions of effective Chivalry are met. In other words the man’s duty of Chivalry is unconditional regardless of the woman’s behavior but the woman’s duty of obedience to the man is only operative under the condition of the man’s well established and demonstrated Chivalrous ethic. The reason for this inequality is because men’s Chivalry is at the top of the moral hierarchy of duties while women’s obedience is at the bottom of the moral hierarchy of duties.

So there are three basic elements of the TFA identity:

First is support for Traditional Women’s Rights; Traditional Women’s Rights being a part of patriarchy.

Second is support for unconditional Chivalry by men on behalf of women. The Chivalrous male duty is unconditional; not dependent upon the woman’s behavior; as Chivalry is based on the man’s duty to God, not based on the man’s duty to woman. Furthermore Chivalry is based on men as a community imposing the Chivalrous duty upon each male as an individual; the community understanding of Chivalry being based on obedience to the will of God to the best of the male governing structure’s ability.

The third element of the TFA identity is perhaps the most important element; the element that holds everything together and provides the overall structure of the TFA identity; that is the duty to obey the Superior Power or God. Not only does each individual have the duty to obey the Superior Power but the culture and laws of society as a whole should be made to be in alignment with the will of the Superior Power as society itself can only be healthy when society as a whole is in harmony with the natural order and is obedient to the will of the Superior Power.


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10 Responses to TFAs

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  6. I don’t know if you received my earlier reply but I liked the term you used “Traditional Family Activist” and have created a hashtag on twitter — #traditionalfamilyactivist to move the discussion further. Thanks for putting this up and just know that you’ve got one more supporter in me.

  7. Thank you very much for your interest and your support! It will be interesting to see if other comments get added to the #traditionalfamilyactivist hashtag. Maybe you could start a website where you talk about cultural issues and family issues and relations between men and women. That would be a nice thing to see.

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  10. kristinauk says:

    Reading about Chivalry I feel so moved, so touched because of the love and respect for women I see in your writing. If anything – your beautiful writing on Chivalry is what makes me feel in my heart, more than anything else I’ve read, how right it would be for me as a wife to obey my husband. How much I want this in my life. Hopefully I will meet a man who feels the same way. Hopefully there are many men out there with the same belief.

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