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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism represents Atheism Invading and Taking Over Christianity

What is the purpose of religion? Talking from an atheist or sociological perspective here, what is the purpose of religion? Is it to feel good about oneself? Is it to be good, to be moral? Is it a tool that … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option as a Sign of Christian Revival in the United States

Rod Dreher had these words to say in a recent interview he did with Albert Mohler on the show Thinking in Public on February 13, 2017: “DREHER: I believe that we are on the edge of and in fact within … Continue reading

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Romantic Love and Moral Values in Marriage

My introduction to women romantically was in 7th grade; that was when all of a sudden women, the other girls at my school, became really “cute,” some really emotionally powerful, girls I would think about a lot and become really … Continue reading

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The Value and Purpose of Oneitis

What is the meaning of love, of romantic love? It feels wonderful, of course, but it is also moral. It directs a man to serve and to perform, to care about another human being, in particular the kind of human … Continue reading

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Masculinity’s Purpose in a Man’s Life

Masculinity is what men are better at than women. Femininity is what women are better at than men. I am talking about inherited skill sets and personality traits here. Those born male are biologically based on their genes on average … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and the End of the Growth of Social Liberalism in the Political Realm

Well, it really happened, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States bringing an end I believe to ever increasing social liberalism regarding public policy and what the dominant culture officially believes in. This … Continue reading

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Does the Traditional Man Objectify the Traditional Woman?

In response to my previous post titled “Roosh V has Reduced Women to Sexual Commodities” Bj made the comment: “Your ‘traditional woman’ is as much a commodity to you as Roosh’s ‘modern woman’. She’s still an object to you, if … Continue reading

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