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The Traditionalist Challenge to Modernity in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, or at least Catholics, have a reputation for being liberals; it is Evangelical Christians who are known as being conservatives or at least tied to the Republican Party and more recently specifically being supporters of Donald Trump.  … Continue reading

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Patriarchy and Collectivism

Anthony Johnson said on August 21, 2021 on twitter: “The attack on ‘individualism’ from the right today is stupid and misguided. Tradcon collectivism, a false dichotomy. You are playing into the hands of your enemies. The entire basis of individual … Continue reading

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Eighth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

Today is the 8 year anniversary of this website here, Secular Patriarchy. The biggest news I would say in this neck of the woods, in the part of the manosphere that I am closest to, is that Anthony Dream Johnson … Continue reading

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The Clay and Buck Show

Rush Limbaugh was born in January 1951 and launched his spectacularly successful conservative talk show radio program in July 1988 on WABC in New York City.  Rush met nationwide success very quickly after this; him being 37 years old at … Continue reading

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Further thoughts on my prior post: Women Have Value!

Lori, responding to my “Women Have Value!” post, said: “It seems that your sexism and inclination towards patriarchy was present in you even before you consciously adopted your patriarchal philosophy. This is clear from the fact that it was a … Continue reading

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Idealism leads to Patriarchy and Selfishness leads to Feminism

Lori recently said in a comment at this website: “Feminism is not at all predicated on the notion that men are bad. It is predicated on that notion that power by men over women is bad. Feminists do not want … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Candace Owens Making Her Husband a Sandwich

I am in favor of patriarchy and I am in favor of traditional gender roles, I am in favor of the 1950s family model of the wife staying at home with the kids while the man goes off to work … Continue reading

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My Reflections on Rush Limbaugh

I first listened to Rush Limbaugh in 1992 or 1993 I would say.  There was some hype and excitement about a new rising star and personality, a controversial figure, on the radio, and I intentionally sought him out to see … Continue reading

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The Disaster of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is finally out of office after vigorously contesting the 2020 Presidential Election that gave Joe Biden 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 232 electoral votes; coincidentally the exact same margin of victory that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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What Women are Entitled To

Anthony Dream Johnson tweeted this out on December 20, 2020: “We must abolish divorce rape in America. Women are entitled to NOTHING” It is quite the declaration, that women are entitled to “NOTHING”; NOTHING being in all caps in Anthony … Continue reading

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