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Sixth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has now been 6 years since I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. This website has gotten 211,000 views in its history (34,000 the first year, 46,000 the second year, 38,000 the third year, 33,000 the fourth year, 33,000 … Continue reading

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Rollo Tomassi versus Anthony Dream Johnson

Some interesting news hit the manosphere when Rollo Tomassi put up his post “21 Convention Dates Cancellation” on June 2, 2019. Rollo starts out the post saying: “I’ve got some bad news. Due to some unfortunate misunderstandings and internal conflict … Continue reading

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Taking the God Pill

On March 29, 2019 Roosh V started a thread at his Roosh V Forum with the title “The God pill”. In his post starting the thread Roosh V commented: “Many comments from men said how the black pill was a … Continue reading

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The Traditionalist Case for Marriage

I’ve heard it said many times in the Manosphere that marriage is a bad deal for men; the woman will divorce you for “cash and prizes” as soon as she becomes “unhaaaapy”, that the family court system is anti-male, etc. … Continue reading

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History of Family Breakdown in the United States

Family breakdown started around 1850 in the United States I would guess, certainly no later than 1870, family breakdown being visible in social statistics as soon as comprehensive social statistics started to be tabulated. From the source “100 Years of … Continue reading

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The Divorce Crisis in the United States in the Late 1800s

“The Family is beyond all doubt the most important question that has come before the American people since the War.” This is a quote from Elisha Mulford, author of the book “The Nation: the Foundation of Civil Order and Political … Continue reading

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What is healthy masculinity?

Masculinity is what men are better at than women. Femininity is what women are better at than men. Men are superior to women in the masculine realm. Women are superior to men in the feminine realm. The purpose of a … Continue reading

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