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Rollo Tomassi’s Mistake in Shunning the Idealism and Women of His Youth

Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male has a post up titled “That was then” with a sad wistful accompanying picture of a young teenage girl in a white dress holding the hand of the faded vanishing teenaged boy; the young … Continue reading

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The ‘Big Lie’ that Homosexuality is Morally Equivalent to Race

Responding to this comment under my previous “My Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Ruling Imposing Homosexual Pseudo-Marriage Nationwide” post: The idea that race is equivalent to gender or sexual orientation is a “big lie.” A lie told repeatedly and … Continue reading

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Second Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

Well, this is the second anniversary of my blog, Secular Patriarchy! Comparing my second year blogging to my first year the biggest differences are that it is a lot quieter in these parts; not so many comments, not so much … Continue reading

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