The Moral Outlook of Traditionalism

I see myself as a traditionalist first and foremost because family life worked well in the past, much better in the past compared to today, this being provable by statistics.  What made the past work, what are the key characteristics of the past that made it work so well regarding family life and relations between men and women?  I think I would identify three main characteristics or principles that were in place in the past but not today; these being male dominance over women, women not working or more specifically not working for money, and religion or obedience to God as the central moral principle or organizing force.

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Is Patriarchy in Peril?

This is in response to the video at the 21 Studios youtube channel “Patriarchy In Peril.” 

The culture is in peril, fatherhood is in peril, respect for male authority is in peril, but that doesn’t quite mean that patriarchy is in peril; I suppose that depends on what one’s definition of patriarchy is.  You might draw a distinction between practiced male dominance or asserted male dominance and actual male dominance or fundamental underlying male dominance; the difference between men exercising authority on a routine day to day basis to keep family life and society going and the question of whether how society is operating is how men want society to be operating.  Male authority in day to day ordinary life is weak but that is how men want it to be; it is men’s choice to withdraw from the responsibilities connected to day to day practical authority assertion and that is why practiced male authority is so weak today.  This absence of asserted male authority is then why family life and relationships between men and women are so weak and continuing to decline.

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The Newly Emerging United States Fertility Crisis

The 2020 Final Birth Data report for the United States has been released.  What I was hoping for was to be able to confirm that the proportion of women of reproductive age (15 to 44 years old) who were married was finally starting to rise again, that the decline of marriage had finally ended.  If marriage had increased or stayed the same over a 3 year time span then I felt like that was enough to say that the trend of declining marriage had finally ended.  The proportion of women 15 to 44 who were married was 41.5% in 2017 and 41.6% in 2019 (down from 71.1% in 1960).  So I was eager to see what the ratio was in 2020; if it was 41.5% or higher; if so that would have meant that marriage had stopped declining in the United States after continuously falling since 1955.  Well, no such luck, the ratio fell to 41.2% in 2020.

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Feminism as the Erasure of God

Did I chose to be a feminist in my younger years, say from birth to my mid-20s?  I certainly was a feminist, or at least would consider myself to be feminist from my current point of view.  The funny thing is, I never made a conscious choice between patriarchy and feminism.  I didn’t think to myself, is patriarchy better or is feminism better?  Feminism was simply common sense or basic fairness.  Patriarchy was not even an available world view.  Maybe patriarchy meant men being in charge or men being dominant, men telling women what to do, and that was ugly and selfish; that was about as far as it went in my thinking, in my understanding of things.

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Masculine and Feminine Pride versus Patriarchy

On November 1, 2021 Scott Yenor gave an impressive speech at the National Conservatism Conference, the same venue Josh Hawley spoke at the prior day (October 31, 2021), titled “The Family Form That Nations Need.”

This speech was better than the one Josh Hawley gave, it spoke more directly against the harms of feminism and was more clear in the moral prescriptions and goals necessary to reverse the harms of feminism.  It actually advocated for women’s feminine purpose in the family and directly attacked the career woman ethos.  Pretty radical stuff.  It was hard for me to believe that a venue as mainstream as the National Conservatism Conference had invited him to speak at their event.

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Masculine Pride versus Patriarchy

Josh Hawley delivered a keynote address to the National Conservatism Conference on October 31, 2021 with the title “The Future of the American Man.”  Josh Hawley was elected Senator from Missouri in the November 2018 election beating the incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill 51% to 46%; Donald Trump won Missouri 57% to 41% in the 2020 election.

This speech is quite interesting, inspiring I would say, but there is something missing from it.  What is missing from it is not obvious, it would certainly not be obvious from the mainstream culture point of view, but it is noticeable to me.

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Taking the God Pill Expands

I see myself as a Traditionalist, someone who believes in and follows Natural Law, someone who is to obey God or the Superior Power, but I don’t believe in God in a literal sense and I am not a Christian; I am an atheist.  I see evolution as the creation mechanism or the source of order in the world; what defines the nature of man and the nature of woman and what leads to how men and women should relate to each other; patriarchy, traditional patriarchy, being how men and women should relate to each other.

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The Traditionalist Challenge to Modernity in the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, or at least Catholics, have a reputation for being liberals; it is Evangelical Christians who are known as being conservatives or at least tied to the Republican Party and more recently specifically being supporters of Donald Trump.  In the lead up to the 2020 election, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in October 2020, 78% of White Evangelical Protestants intended to vote for Trump, 53% of White non-Evangelical Protestants intended to vote for Trump, and 52% of White Catholics intended to vote for Trump (Who won the Christian vote in the 2020 U.S. election? It’s complicated).  So Mainline Protestants and Catholics are about the same politically while Evangelical Protestants stand out as being particularly conservative.  Now, you could divide the White Catholic vote between those who attend mass regularly and those who do not, Catholics in Name Only, you might say, and you will find that those who attended mass regularly voted for Trump much more than those who do not attend mass regularly.

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Patriarchy and Collectivism

Anthony Johnson said on August 21, 2021 on twitter:

“The attack on ‘individualism’ from the right today is stupid and misguided. Tradcon collectivism, a false dichotomy. You are playing into the hands of your enemies. The entire basis of individual rights is individualism > collectivism. USA was founded on individualism 100%.”

Patriarchy is collectivist by nature I would say.  Historically, traditionally certainly actual patriarchal cultures that worked and functioned well in the past were collectivist in terms of their social organization and their social rules, they were collectivist in regards to family life at least.

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Eighth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

Today is the 8 year anniversary of this website here, Secular Patriarchy.

The biggest news I would say in this neck of the woods, in the part of the manosphere that I am closest to, is that Anthony Dream Johnson has made another significant move towards traditionalism, a move I highly approve of of course, and that is that Anthony Johnson has recently started to emphasize that women shouldn’t work, that women should place marriage and having children as their first priority when they are young, and an emphasis that mothers should stay at home and raise their children, not place their children in daycare.

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