Men’s Rights Activist Views Going Mainstream on the Right

Something extraordinary happened in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation battle; that being the mainstreaming of MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) talk and concern about men being unfairly attacked for their sexual behavior towards women or outright being falsely accused by a woman over some kind of sexual offense. This is something that MRAs have been complaining loudly about for years and years but all of a sudden after Brett Kavanaugh was attacked for supposed sexual crimes decades in the past many mainstream voices on the right started sounding exactly like MRAs seeking to defend men from unfair sexual accusations made against them by women. Continue reading

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Does Morality Work as a Romantic Strategy?

Are girls attracted to good men because they are good? Are women’s romantic choices “rational” in some way?

I was watching a Red Man Group youtube video titled Red Pill 101 (Episode 31) with Rollo, Donovan, Rian, and Carl and what struck me the most was how little moral purpose or moral standards or moral rules to follow the men seemed to have in their attitudes or their relationships with women. What is the moral purpose of entering into a relationship with a woman anyways? Continue reading

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The Duties of the Red Pill Man to the Red Pill Woman

I consider myself to be a traditional man. A traditional man seeks to claim for himself the gender role and the gender identity that men took on in the past traditionally; the 1950s breadwinner man ideal or how men behaved 100 years ago before feminism. A traditional man is strong, he is the leader and the authority of his family, and he provides for and protects, he takes care of, he financially supports 100%, his woman. Continue reading

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Fifth Year Anniversary for Secular Patriarchy!

It has been 5 years now since I launched this website here Secular Patriarchy. A milestone, 5 years is a long time.

A lot of things have happened during these past 5 years; the big things, the important things, I didn’t expect. What I did expect on the other hand largely didn’t happen. Continue reading

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What’s the most confusing thing about being a man today?

From the introduction to the “Manhood, Now” podcast produced by Anna Sale for WNYC Studios:

“We’re in a moment where what it means to be a man is shifting—and to some men, it feels like there are a lot of mixed messages floating around. As one man put it to us, “there’s a very unclear set of expectations as far as how a man should behave.” But while we’ve heard a lot of talk about men in this moment, we’ve heard fewer conversations with men. So we asked you: what’s the most confusing thing about being a man today?”

For me right now I wouldn’t say that it is “confusing” how to be a man today, instead it is difficult, very very difficult, to be a man today. It is difficult because society and culture and even law actively works to undermine and attack and disempower men; to prevent men from becoming the men that men should be. Continue reading

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Whose Fault is Feminism?

Feminism got started around 1850 with the introduction of Married Women Property Acts to repeal the prior existing Coverture system; Coverture being the last time the United States and England had a stable family system; ever since the end of Coverture family life has been steadily deteriorating (at least until 2009; there being evidence that family life has actually been improving since 2009). Continue reading

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Chivalry, Courtly Love, Romantic Love, and Marriage

Dalrock has lately been doing several posts attacking chivalry and courtly love as being anti-biblical and the beginning of wife worship and feminism.

Quoting from Dalrock’s post “Chivalry and biblical marriage can’t coexist.” Dalrock states:

“What Lewis is saying is that when we elevate romantic love to something moral, then marriage can no longer be moral. At that point marriage must bend to romantic love, not the other way around. This is you will notice our current view. It isn’t just about arranged marriage. If a woman marries someone she doesn’t love because she wants something else out of the transaction (power, money, etc), then she must be allowed to exit the marriage at will. And if she marries for love but later falls out of love, she must be allowed to exit the marriage at will. If marriage is seen as something moral, a real, binding commitment, then in order to glorify romantic love you have to glorify adultery. Chivalry and courtly love are the antithesis of biblical marriage. You can’t get around this by trying to bring chivalry/courtly love into marriage, because the logic remains the same. Either marriage has moral meaning, or romantic love has moral meaning; both cannot be the case.”

Continue reading

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