The Divorce Crisis in the United States in the Late 1800s

“The Family is beyond all doubt the most important question that has come before the American people since the War.”

This is a quote from Elisha Mulford, author of the book “The Nation: the Foundation of Civil Order and Political life in the United States.” When he refers to “the War” in the above quote he is referring to the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. This quote being given shortly after the Civil War ended no later than 1885.

I think it is pretty clear and obvious that The Family is the most serious problem affecting the United States and the Western World in general at this time. I find it quite shocking that this sentiment, that the problem of the family is the most important problem facing the nation, was also being thought and discussed right after the Civil War in the 1880s. Continue reading

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What is healthy masculinity?

Masculinity is what men are better at than women. Femininity is what women are better at than men. Men are superior to women in the masculine realm. Women are superior to men in the feminine realm. The purpose of a man’s masculinity is to serve the woman’s femininity. The purpose of a woman’s femininity is to serve the man’s masculinity. Continue reading

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The Man’s Inherent Power to Dominate Women Romantically

Men are more powerful than women; intrinsically more powerful than women; more powerful than women by design. Men are superior to women in the masculine sphere; women are superior to men in the feminine sphere, power being part of the masculine sphere, therefore men being more powerful than women. Continue reading

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Advice Regarding Premarital Intimacy in a Traditional Relationship

A traditional relationship is based on how relationships used to be between men and women before feminism. In a traditional relationship the man is dominant over the woman and the woman is subordinate to the man; the man takes care of the woman by financially supporting the woman and in other ways. A traditional relationship is consistent with conservative religious teachings. Continue reading

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Men’s Rights Activist Views Going Mainstream on the Right

Something extraordinary happened in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation battle; that being the mainstreaming of MRA (Men’s Rights Activist) talk and concern about men being unfairly attacked for their sexual behavior towards women or outright being falsely accused by a woman over some kind of sexual offense. This is something that MRAs have been complaining loudly about for years and years but all of a sudden after Brett Kavanaugh was attacked for supposed sexual crimes decades in the past many mainstream voices on the right started sounding exactly like MRAs seeking to defend men from unfair sexual accusations made against them by women. Continue reading

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Does Morality Work as a Romantic Strategy?

Are girls attracted to good men because they are good? Are women’s romantic choices “rational” in some way?

I was watching a Red Man Group youtube video titled Red Pill 101 (Episode 31) with Rollo, Donovan, Rian, and Carl and what struck me the most was how little moral purpose or moral standards or moral rules to follow the men seemed to have in their attitudes or their relationships with women. What is the moral purpose of entering into a relationship with a woman anyways? Continue reading

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The Duties of the Red Pill Man to the Red Pill Woman

I consider myself to be a traditional man. A traditional man seeks to claim for himself the gender role and the gender identity that men took on in the past traditionally; the 1950s breadwinner man ideal or how men behaved 100 years ago before feminism. A traditional man is strong, he is the leader and the authority of his family, and he provides for and protects, he takes care of, he financially supports 100%, his woman. Continue reading

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