The Man’s Inherent Power to Dominate Women Romantically

Men are more powerful than women; intrinsically more powerful than women; more powerful than women by design. Men are superior to women in the masculine sphere; women are superior to men in the feminine sphere, power being part of the masculine sphere, therefore men being more powerful than women.

Men were evolved to be more powerful than women because men have to be more powerful than women in order to serve their purpose and function as men. No woman wants to mate and have babies with a weak man, therefore weak men don’t pass on their genes, therefore men have to develop skills and abilities and inclinations genetically in order to be strong men, a strong man a woman will want to have babies with.

What about power in a woman? A man wants a woman who is kind, generous, emotionally sensitive, pretty, playful, doting on children, and who will SUBMIT TO HIM! A man wants a woman to take care of, who is dependent upon him, who needs him, who is grateful and appreciative for all he does for her. A woman who is part of his mission and his purpose as a man, a woman who serves her role as a woman as part of the man’s overall plan and purpose of who he intends to be as a man.

Does a man want to mate with and have babies with a woman he can overpower, a woman he can dominate, a woman who is weaker than him? Hell yes! Of course.

A weak man is a worthless man as he is incapable of providing to the woman what the woman needs from him. A weak woman on the other hand is very valuable to a man as she will do what she is told and in that way fulfill the man’s purpose for her.

From an evolutionary point of view strong men pass on their genes as they perform well as men and weak subordinate obedient women pass on their genes as they perform well as women. This is why men are better at skills related to the attainment and exercise of power and have aggressive inclinations to seize and hold onto power while women excel in other areas related to positive relationship behaviors but are weak as it relates to power.

What about modern day feminist gender equality where “women’s empowerment” is glorified and celebrated and “toxic masculinity” is reviled and condemned. Does this current social environment invalidate the rule that men are more powerful than women? No because men are intrinsically more powerful than women, women are intrinsically dependent upon men.

There is a campaign underway known as feminism to disempower men and empower women, a campaign that has been going on for a long time. So yes the culture is hostile to men’s natural authority over women. This doesn’t mean however that men’s natural authority over women no longer exists or is no longer operative. You have to go against the culture to assert your natural right as a man to dominance over women but your fundamental power resources as a man are still within your grasp.

Looking specifically at the sphere of romantic relationships, the general rule from a societal point of view and from a legal point of view is mutual consent; a man and a woman can enter into any type of relationship they want as long as the man and the woman agree upon wanting to be in such a relationship together. There are then various laws governing how a couple can treat each other, certain behaviors being considered abusive and strongly not acceptable and therefore illegal and punishable, but beyond that a wide range of different pressure tactics and expectations and rules for the relationship are legally acceptable and to a certain extent even culturally acceptable.

What you have to keep in mind here is that a romantic relationship not only has to be consented to by the woman, it also has to be consented to by the man as well. The woman can consent to surrender her power to the man if she wants to, if she chooses to, if she consents to be in a male dominated relationship. The man on the other hand can punish the woman for refusing to give up her power to him by withdrawing his consent from the relationship, by dumping her, by rejecting her, or to a less extreme degree by withdrawing from the ordinary positive behaviors he would ordinarily contribute to the woman assuming there was no conflict going on in the relationship. Because the relationship between the man and the woman requires mutual consent the man can simply say to the woman obey me or I will reject you.

This is where the man’s natural dominance over the woman becomes relevant again. You can say both the man and the woman can make power plays against each other, both can threaten to dump the other if the other doesn’t submit to them, therefore the man and the woman are still equal to each other. From a mechanical point of view this is true but because men are naturally dominant over women the man in reality has a built in power advantage over the woman the man is involved in a power struggle against.

The natural power advantage that a man has over a woman is that a dominant man is a high value man while a dominant woman is a low value woman. If the man sets for himself a rule that he will only consider a woman romantically if the woman submits to him then all the feminist ball busting women will immediately reject him; this being what the man wants as these are low value women the man doesn’t want to become entangled with anyways. In other words if the man insists upon dominance he is rewarded by driving away all the contentious women who will just fight against him anyways.

Looking at the reverse situation, what if the woman sets a rule for herself that she will only consider a man romantically if the man submits to her? Then she will be stuck with a bunch of low quality weak beta men with no better options than her to choose from.

The man who insists upon dominance gets rewarded by driving away the undesirable women. The woman who insists upon dominance gets punished by driving away the most desirable men. In this way men are rewarded for being dominant while women are rewarded for being submissive.

There is something you have to keep in mind here. An obedient woman is a higher value woman and she knows it. An obedient woman can get a higher quality man and so therefore an obedient woman will demand a higher quality man, a man who performs particularly well in areas of masculine competence such as taking charge, maintaining good self-control, keeping the bigger picture and the long-term in mind, and of course making money. It is harder to get an obedient traditional woman than it is to get a feminist woman because the obedient traditional woman will demand more from you, but of course she is worth it.

For me the way I keep myself focused on the goal of becoming a high value dominant traditional man an obedient traditional woman will want is by dedicating myself to serve and obey God’s mission and purpose for me. Service to women is obedience to God, dominance over women is obedience to God, God gave me power over women to enable me to serve women better. My duty to God is to develop myself into the kind of man a traditional obedient woman wants me to be. Once I develop myself into such a man then the woman of my dreams will be mine to possess.

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Anti-Feminist, MRA, Pro-Traditional Women's Rights Traditional Family Activist (TFA)
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1 Response to The Man’s Inherent Power to Dominate Women Romantically

  1. Men and women have different aptitudes, natures and abilities. Insane how radical feminists can deny this and demand compete equality through them being identical when we clearly evolved different roles. Some species are matriarchal some are patriarchal. We just happen to be patriarchal…

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